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Time Will Tell

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Day 4 on the road and Olivia was loving it. She was even getting used to sleeping on the bus! She saw Gerard but not alot. He was so busy and when he was around he was spending time with Jade. She was getting along with everyone, they were such an awesome group of people. They were like a little family, since she had never had a family it was nice to be in that environment. She was reading and watching the scenery go by. Jade was taking a nap so it gave her a little time for herself.

"What are you reading" She looked up and saw Alicia.

"Nora Robert, and don't laugh" Olivia smiled as Alicia took a seat across from her.

"I didn't laugh. I have read a book or two of hers" She smiled.

"Gives me a little get away. So are all the guys sleeping still" Olivia asked. They had all been napping, worn out from the shows.

"Mikey is awake but he's in the bunk reading. So how are you liking the tour so far" She noticed that Gerard and Olivia had been staring at each other more and often lately.

"I love it. They are so amazing, I mean I don't even listen to that kind of music but they made me love it. And Gerard.... he is so different from the guy I met. I love it" She beamed when she talked about him. Alicia wondered if he realized that.

"So how are the two of you" Alicia asked quietly.

Olivia smiled "Were fine". Alicia saw there was more to it than that but she wouldn't push the subject.

"What did Krystal look like" Olivia asked out of the blue. Alicia was a little thrown off about the question.

"She was the same height as Gerard, dark hair, blue eyes... Why do you ask" Alicia wanted to know.

"Just wandering" Olivia look out the window in deep thought. Alicia dropped it and looked up as her husband walk up.

"Decide to come up for air" Alicia asked with a smile.

"Yeah I finished the book so I decided I wanted to come and find you" He smiled and leaned down to kiss her lips.

"I'm glad you did" She laughed and pulled him down for another kiss. Olivia smiled, but she was also really envious. She wished she could kiss Gerard so freely.

She got up while they weren't paying attention and walked to Gerard's bunk. She pushed the curtain back and smiled. He was dead asleep. He looked so cute with his mouth and softly snoring. She looked to see if anyone was looking when she saw no one was she slipped in with him.

Gerard opened his eyes when he felt something warm press against him. He smelled her before he saw her. "Hey" He whispered as he felt her arms go around his waist.

"Hey. You look so cute when you sleep" she said and kissed his chin.

"Thanks" he laughed and pulled her close. She sighed and felt so content just laying here with him. She felt safe, something she rarely felt.

"I like laying here with you like this" She said against his chest.

"I like it to. We should do it more often" He laughed and ran his hand up and down her side. Growing up she had barely ever been hugged, she had no physical contact with people unless it was sex. She shook her thoughts away. That was so long ago now, she was a different person. She didn't want to ruin a moment like this with thoughts of her old life.

"You okay, you feel tense" He asked feeling her body go rigid.

"I'm fine just got lost in thought" She looked up wanting a change of subject.

She smiled as he scooted her under his body and held himself over her. He leaned down and kissed her lightly. She pulled him closer. She needed his warmth right now. Chase the bad thoughts away. She opened her mouth to him to deepen the kiss and felt him moan against her lips. She felt his body rubbing slowly against hers and it made her want to scream. Why were they in a bus full of people?!

"Open your legs" He whispered against her ear.

She did as he asked and felt him shift his body in between her thighs. He moved his body harder against her as the kiss grew more intense. He looked down and saw her face was flushed and her eyes were closed. He wanted nothing more than to strip her and have her. He couldn't, he knew that but he had to have some body contact or he would die.
He was dry humping her in their tour bus with everyone on the other side of the curtain, including Jade. He was to horny to care! She started thrusting up to meet his thrusts. He moaned and hoped no on heard him. He heard her laugh a bit and smiled against her lips.

"If we don't stop I am going to cum and we have no way to explain that" He said breathing heavily and pressing his forehead against hers. She was breathing heavily as well.

"Good call. I slipt in here and no one saw, they are going to wonder where I am soon" She sat up as he scooted off of her. She looked down and saw how hard he was.

"You might want to head to the bathroom" She smiled and pointed.

"Yeah, I will slip out then you head out in a sec" He said as he slid from the bunk.

She laid back after he left and felt so flustered and hot. She had to calm her body down. She had been close before he interrupted. She didn't have the heart to tell him not to stop. She wanted him so bad but she was beginning to think it was never going to happen. A few minutes later once she felt calmer she slipped out of his bunk unnoticed, or so she thought.

Alicia turned just in time to see Olivia slip from Gerard's bunk. Her hair was a mess and she was flushed. Hmm she wondered what they were up to. She would let Olivia and Gerard think they were doing a good job at hiding their relationship for a while. But she wanted details from Olivia at some point. Gerard really liked her, everyone noticed. She just wanted them both to be happy.

Olivia played barbies with Jade back stage. The two of them were lost in another world filled with princesses and fairies! "I am the bestest pwincess" Jade said as her dark haired Barbie walked to her throne.

"You are, and the most beautiful princess too" Olivia smiled. The guys were doing sound check and the girls went shopping. She turned down the outing because she knew Jade would much rather play barbies.

"Daddy thinks your pwitty" Jade said as she played. Olivia looked up at the little girl surprised.

"Really" She said.

"Yeps, he told me so. I fink your pwetty too" Jade smiled then leaned forward and kissed her cheek. She hugged the little girl to her and wanted to cry. This was why Ryan wasn't for her. He never wanted kids and she wanted them terribly. She inhaled the little girls scent. She always seemed to smell like cotton candy and crayons. She wanted her and her father for herself. Jade pulled away anxious to began playing again.

Gerard walked in just to see Olivia holding Jade. It tugged at his heart. He didn't want to get to attached to Olivia, but it was hard. She was nothing like the other women he had dated but he was beginning to think that was a good thing. The other relationships had failed miserably. Maybe this would work out. She loved Jade there was no doubt about that. Could she ever love him? He hoped so. He saw her look up and her smiled took his breath away. He was falling in love with her! Dammit. He didn't know if that was good or bad. Women always seemed to hurt him. Would Olivia? Time would tell.

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