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Gerard and Olivia make a deal

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Gerard's heart was still pumping from the show as he walked onto the bus. They were staying at a hotel that night and he couldn't wait to sleep on a big bed! Olivia and Jade had missed the show. Jade was cranky and wasn't in the mood to be back stage so Olivia had taken her to the bus. He saw Olivia at the table reading and smiled.

"Hey" He said and leaned to kiss her lips.

"Hey. You beat everyone back to the bus! How was the show" She asked as he took off his jacket and sat across from her.

"Good, the crowd was great. Hows Jade?" he asked hoping his little girls mood had improved.

"She's asleep. She said her tummy ached and she needed cookies. I think she was just bored" She laughed.

"Well we get a hotel room tonight so she should be happy. I got a suit so she had her own little room and a huge bed to stretch out on" He wished he could be stretching out on his bed with Olivia.

"Am I sleeping in her room?" Olivia asked.

"Yeah there are two queen sized beds. My beds in the living area" He knew that she was thinking the same thing about sleeping in the same bed.

"Three days and we will be back to New York" He said hpoing she caught what he was getting at.

"I know, I love touring but I am ready to be back for a little while" She looked behind him and he heard the voices of his friends.

"I am so glad we get to stay off the bus tonight" ALicia said and sat next to Olivia.

"Me too, I could use a break from this loud ass bus" Jamia said as she took a seat next to Frank on the couch. Ray sat next to Jesse and they started discussing a new video game. Krista had to get back home so Ray was all alone.

"So how was your night" Alicia asked her.

"Good, Jade fell asleep early so I sent out some emails and read. It was all terribly exciting" SHe laughed.

"Sounds like it. Man I am gonna soak in the tub for hours tonight" Alicia said as she stretched.

"I could use a hot bath" Mikey said as he winked at his wife.

"Sounds like a date husband" She smiled and then looked over at Olivia who was looking at Gerard.

"So you have any plans Gerard" SHe asked. He unlocked his gaze from Olivias and looked at Alicia.

"Yeah, sleep" he laughed.

They pulled up to the hotel twenty minutes later and everyone was excited. They all split up into their separate rooms. Olivia unlocked their room since Gerard's arms were full with Jade. The room was nice. It had a living area with a huge bed next to the window, a bathroom, then a door leading into her and Jades room.

"I'm gonna go lay her down" He whispered then walked into the room. He walked back out a few minutes later and slowly shut the door. "She's still sound asleep" He said and walked over to the couch where Olivia was sitting.

"So we are alone, but Jades in the other room so were not really alone" She smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Let's just do this. Relax" He said and pulled her closer.

"Sounds perfect" She said as she yawned.

"So Ryan, how long did you date him" He asked. It caught her off guard a bit. She looked up at him.

"A year or so. Why" She asked.

"Just curious. Date anyone else since you moved here" he wanted to know.

"Yes, I came here with my boyfriend at the time. I was eighteen, he was twenty one. His name was Zack" She smiled remembering.

"Your smiling, was he a good boyfriend" He asked.

"Yeah he was. Wanted to be an artist. He has a little gallery down in SoHo. I see him from time to time" She sat up and looked at him. She wanted to see his reaction.

"So you two broke up and still talk" He asked baffled.

"Yep, we grew up together in the home so we were friends first. He was a struggeling artist and I was an aspiring dancer. We started drifting apart. We ended it before it got bad" She shrugged and grabbed his hand.

"Are you jealous" She asked.

"No" He laughed and shook his head.

"Good" She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"Any other boyfriends?" he was just curious. He hoped she didn't care. "Yep, Ron. He was a dancer. Never date dancers" She laughed remembering how feminin he had been.

"I didn't know that your a dancer".

"Was... I was a dancer. Broke my ankle a year after I got here. Couldn't dance the same after that" She said sadly. There was alot he didn't know.

"I'm sorry" He said and she saw that he meant it.

"It's okay. I love kids so when I fell into being a nanny I was happy" She loved her job but she did miss dancing. It was quiet for a few minutes.

"I have been in one serious relationship" He said earning a shocked look from her.

"I was with her for eight years. I mean I slept with people just didn't officially date" He looked at her to see how she would take that.

"You loved her alot" she asked.

"I did, then we bothed changed. It was done before we ended it. We unfortunatly no longer speak" He said with regret.

"Then there was Krystal" She said.

"Yep, she would have been a regret accept for she gave me the best thing in the world" he smiled thinking about Jade.

"God you should have seen me before her" he said leaning back on the couch.

"You said you were into drugs and drinking. It was really bad"? She asked not being able to picture him drugged out.

"Yep, I have video to prove it" He would show her some day if they got serious.

"So Jade was a life saver. I am glad she came along" Olivia moved closer to him and touched his face. He looked into her eyes and knew there was so much more to her than anyone thought. He wanted to know her completely.

"So you were in the home since you were five. Was it horrible" He asked throwing her off.

"It wasn't great. I made some friends but they would leave. Some got adopted, others went to foster homes" She didn't want to talk about this.

"You ever get adopted" he asked.

"Once, they were an older couple. They were nice enough but couldn't handle me" She wanted to end this conversation.

"I thought we were gonna relax" She said leaning against him again.

"Okay, we don't have to talk about it now but Olivia. I want to know" He said knowing she had secrets. Her body went still. He noticed and kissed her head. Then felt her relax again. A few moments later she heard his breathing even out and knew he had fallen asleep. She knew he had to be exhausted. She stood up and took the blanket fromt he bed and covered him. She walked into her room and crawled into bed. Of course he wanted to know about her. SHe was serious about him. But could she tell him everything?

Gerard walked down to continental breakfast that morning with Jade and Olivia in tow. They were the firsts to breakfast. Jade woke up early and wasn't going to let anyone else sleep. He was used to it. Olivia was really quiet. Had been all morning. He wondered if he had asked to much last night. He wondered what in her past she was afraid to tell him.

"You seem down today" he said as they ate. Jade was to engrossed in her food to care about what they were saying.

"I'm fine. Just didn't sleep much" She said honestly.

"Sorry I fell asleep. I didn't realize how tired I was" He said and sipped some coffee. Olivia smiled at him. She didn't want him to know she was upset. She had gotten a text from an old friend and on top of the converstation she and Gerard had, had she was on edge.

"Why are we up" She heard Alicia say as she took a seat next to her.

"It's to early" Alicia laid her head on the table.

"Here sit up and take this" Mikey said sitting a plate in front of her.

"Thanks sexy" She said and grabbed her husbands butt as he past. He smiled and took a seat across from her.

Jamia and Frank trailed in and Ray showed up saying Jesse was still asleep. Later when they got to the venue Alicia took off with her niece leaving Olivia alone. She walked over to a picnic table out side. She wanted to be alone, she guessed that ALicia sinced that. She heard foot steps and knew her serenity would be over soon. She looked up and saw Jamia.

"Hey" the women said and sat next to her.

"Hey. Frank off with the boys" she asked.

"Yeah, they had an interview. You okay" She asked. So she was that transparent?

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just have a lot on my mind" Olivia said. She liked Jamia alot but just hadn't had much of a chancce to talk to her.

"How are things with Gerard" She asked. Olivia looked surprised.

"Look you two are the worst at hiding how you feel about each other" Jamia had a feeling they were trying to hide their relationship but no one was buying it.

"I didn't know we were so obvious" Olivia laughed.

"Yep. Everyone assumes your together, or at least tip toing around the subject. I think it's cute. Your great and he deserves that" She smiled and nudged Olivia.

"Thanks Jamia. That means alot to me. He wants to keep it between us. He doesn't want Jade to know yet" She hoped that they got serious enough to tell Jade. She was sick of hiding what she felt for him.

"He's trying to protect her. He will come around. Speak of the devil. Look who's walking this way" Jamia said and Olivia turned to see Gerard walking their way.

"Hey ladies. Where is my child" He said to Olivia.

"With Alicia. She stole her from me" She smiled.

"I am off to find Frank. Bye" She winked at Olivia then walked off.

"Enjoying the quiet" he asked as he sat next to her.

"Everyone knows" She said out of the blue.

"About" He asked.

"Us" She said then looked at him.

"Oh. What makes you think that" he asked looking over at her.

"Alicia told me and Jamia has to. Evidentally we are talked about. They like us together" She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Wow, I didn't know that. But guys don't talk like girls do I guess" He kissed her forehead and they sat in silence for a bit.

"Look I am serious about us. I haven't felt like this in... well never. I don't want to hide how I feel about you" She wanted to be honest with him.

"I feel the same way. I have just never dated with Jade around ya know. I just want to go about it the right way" He hoped she understood.

"I understand. Look we don't have to tell her anything. We can just act the way we want and I doubt she will notice but if she does then we can talk to her.

"Deal" She hoped he agreed.

He sighed and turned to cup her chin "Deal".
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