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Hello Kitty

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The band heads home for a short break!

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Gerard laid in his bunk with a smile on his face. The show had been good! Jade had stayed up and watched with Olivia. It felt good looking over at the side of the stage and seeing them. He had kissed Olivia right on the lips as he left the stage and like Olivia said, Jade didn't notice. Frank and Ray had though. They had just smiled and given him a thumps up. Now they were on their way back home and he would have a few weeks to not be on the road and to get to know Olivia even better. He didn't know what it would be like having her live there with them. She was still the nanny but she was also dating him. He had to work threw that but not tonight. Tonight he'd think happy thoughts.

Olivia sat on the couch watching a movie. Gerard had went to sleep early and she was wide awake. She heard a noise behind her and looked and saw Jesse. He was in a pair of pj bottoms and that was it. His blond hair was ruffled and he looked half asleep. He looked up at her and gave her a sleepy smile.

"Hey your still up" He said and yawned.

"Yep, couldn't sleep. Getting a midnight snack" She laughed.

"Yep, cookies at..." he looked at his watch.

"2am are always a good idea".

"Can I get one of those" She asked holding out her hand. He handed her a few oreos and sat next to her.

"You like the tour" He asked setting back against the seat. He was a very attractive man, but he knew it.

"Yep, but I am ready to be home, well back at Gerard's" she hadn't meant to say home. It wasn't really her home.

"Yeah I have a loft in Soho and I love it! I am ready to be in one place for a few weeks" He stretched. Did he just wink at her?

"Well I am heading back to bed. Night" He said then headed to his bunk. They called him Romeo, it fit him perfectly. She couldn't help but laugh.

"Home sweet home" Gerard said as he walked into his house and grabbed the girls bags.

"Yay" Jade screamed and began to run threw the house.

"She seems excited to be home" Olivia laughed and walked towards Gerard.

"You happy to be here" He asked as he put his arms around her.

"Very happy" She smiled and kissed his cheek.

"I need to go un pack her clothes. You should do the same" SHe smiled and headed after Jade. He walked up to his own room to take a long shower. By the time he showered and up packed he smelt garlic and marinara. He followed the scent to the kitchen. Jade was sitting on the counter watching Olivia stir noodles. They were chatting and laughing. His stomach growled.

"Hungry" Olivia laughed and turned to him.

"Just a little bit. You get a bath little girl" he asked hugging Jade. She smelt like baby lotion.

"Yeps, now im cwean" She giggled when Gerard started giving her kisses all over her face. "Save me Livy" She laughed and reached for Olivia. Olivia laughed and grabbed for Jade forgetting the noodles. She took her and ran knowing Gerard was following.

"She's mine" Olivia laughed as she dodged Gerard. Jade was laughing and kicking her legs. She loved games! Gerard finally grabbed Jade and tossed her on the couch and tickled her until she was out of breath. Olivia fell back on the couch laughing.

"I'm tired now" Jade said happily.

"The noodles" Olivia screamed as she heard sizzling coming from the kitchen. She ran to the stove and turned down the burner.

"Well we almost lost our dinner" She laughed as she began to stir the noodles again.

"Smells good" Gerard said coming up behind her. Jade stayed on the couch playing with a doll. He slipped his arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder. How long had he wanted to do that?

"Good, it's almost done. Set the table will ya" She asked with a laugh.

"Okay, I guess since you made dinner" He pretended to be annoyed.

They had a nice dinner laughing and chatting about the tour. Jade fell asleep right after dinner. The little girl was exhausted! Olivia cleaned up the kitchen while Gerard tucked her in. She heard him come in to the room a few minutes later.

"Hey you cooked you shouldn't clean up" He said grabbing a dish out of her hand.

"Shut up. I have a few more dishes to load then I will be done" She said shooing him.

"Alright" he gave up and watched her. She had changed into a pair of dark washed jeans and a white tank top. She had threw her long blond hair up while she cooked. She looked so beautiful. He could get used to watching her. He could get used to more evenings like this. They felt like a family. It scared him to think like that but he couldn't help it. She looked up at him and they locked eyes. Was she thinking the same thing?

"What" She asked blushing.

"Nothing, you just look beautiful" He said walking up to her. He tucked a stray hair behind her ear and rested his hand on her cheek. She leaned into him and kissed him lightly.

"I like you in my kitchen" He said as he kissed her back.

"I like being in your kitchen" She said breathlessly as he began to kiss her neck. She ran her hands up his back and brushed her hands up threw his hair. She felt him grip her waist and pull her closer. He kissed down to her chest. He kissed the tops of her breast and she urged him on. He stepped back and pulled her tank over her head. She had a light pink bra on with lace. He just looked at her for a few seconds before leaning down and kissing her again. He felt her grip the bottom of his shirt and pulled away a bit so she could slip it over his head. Once he was free of his shirt he pulled her close again.

"I want to take you to your bed and make love to you" He whispered against her ear. He was running his hands down her back and over her hips. She wanted it to, but Jade was home. She couldn't with Jade home.

"When Jade isn't home" She said as he kissed down her stomach. She felt his tongue dip lower and she grabbed a fist full of his hair.

"God I want this" She said with a moan. She felt her pants slide down her legs. It was as if he hadn't heard her comment about Jade. She had on Hello kitty boy shorts and she heard his laugh.

"What" She looked down and smiled.

"It's just so fitting that these would be the underwear you were wearing" He smiled and kissed over her hello kittys. She bit her lip.

"Let me just touch you some more sugar. I know Jades home and we don't have to make love to night but God I have to touch you" He said and slid her underwear down. She gasped as she felt him kissing her thighs. She couldn't tell him no now even if she wanted to. Gerard didn't know how much more he could take without throwing her down and ravishing her. He was pushing himself to the limit and knew he needed to stop. But she tasted like heaven and he wasn't thinking straight. He lifted one of her legs and put it over his shoulder. He looked up and saw her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back. He leaned in, hungry for her then it hit him. Jade could walk down at any moment. He was being so irresponsible right now. He felt Olivia's hands in his hair and felt the heat coming off of her. He looked at her, she was open for him and ready to be taken but he couldn't do it. He pulled back.

"We can't" he said placing her leg back to the ground. He looked at her and saw how flushed she was. Her eyes were smoldering and her breathing was heavy. He looked the same as she did.

"Believe me it is taking every thing in me to stop. I want you so fucking bad it's physically aching, but your right. Jades here and...." He trailed off.

"Were being foolish" She said trying to clear her head. She was aching and only he could stop the ache but it wasn't happening.

"Look some time this week I will see if she can stay at my moms. Then it will be just you and me" He said placing his forehead against hers.

"Pull your underwear up before I loose it" He growled. She obeyed, her legs wobbled as she pulled them up. He wasn't in good shape himself. He had a friggen hard on and he was sick of taking care of it himself. He watched her lean back against the stove in her underwear and knew he should leave.

"Fuck it" he said and before she could blink she felt his hand down the front of her underwear. She moaned and grabbed his shoulders. He was rubbing hard and quick causing everything to build up so fast. She felt a finger then another thrust inside her. She tried not to cry out. She leaned forward and buried her face in his shoulder. She thrust her hips to meet his frantic fingers. She didn't know how much more she could take before.... God, she bit down hard on his shoulder as she climaxed. Bit so hard she knew it would make a mark. He continued to rub gently and slowly till she was spent. She stood there face buried in his neck for what seemed like an eternity. She felt his arms hug her close. His heart was beating as quickly as hers.

"Wow" She said against his neck.

"Sorry, I went a little crazy" he said and pulled back to look at her.

"Don't apologize" she smiled and kissed his chin.

"Look I want to tell you something" He said sounding serious.

"Okay. Tell me" She said giving him her full attention.

"I haven't slept with someone since a little before Jade was born" He looked at her to see her reaction.

She smiled "That's sweet. Why" She asked grabbing his hand.

"Didn't want anything to get in the way of my life as her father. So I want you to know that when we make love it's gonna mean a lot to me. Your important" He said hoping she understood. She hugged him to her.

"Your important to me to. It's a little scary" She said leaning back to look at him.

"Yeah it is" He kissed her nose and pulled back.

"We should head to bed. I know your tired and I am too" He said smiling.

"I am. But I feel bad. You touched me and I didn't touch you" She said with passion in her eyes.

"It's okay. We will have time together soon" He said turning to head up the stairs.

"Goodnight" She smiled.


Gerard laid in his bed and couldn't fall asleep. He was thinking about Olvia and how much he wanted to be with her right now. Touching her tonight was better than he could have ever imagined. He had never wanted a women this much. He was startled when his phone vibrated on the night stand. He looked to see who was calling.

"Fuck" he said out loud. It was Krystal. He was not on the mood to talk to her.

"Hello" he said angrily.

"Hey, you don't seem happy to here from me" She said with a laugh.

"Am I ever happy to talk to you. What do you want" He asked hoping it would be a quick conversation.

"I'm gonna be in town this weekend" She said and he wanted to punch something.

"Really" he said threw gritted teeth.

"Yes and I want Jade for a few days" She told him sounding very happy with herself.

"No. You don't get to see her this time. Last time you upset her and it will not happen again" The bitch just thought she could come in and out of Jades life but that was not gonna happen. It left Jade confused and un happy.

"Yes, she's my daughter too" She said angrily.

"Really I hadn't noticed since you never see her and you left her when she was a damn baby" He knew he was yelling but he was to angry to care.

"Get over it! I will see my daughter. Goodbye" She yelled as she hung up.

He sat back against the head bored. He was shaking. He grabbed a cigarette and inhaled deeply. How could she keep doing this to Jade? He didn't know but he knew that she would show up for her this weekend and if he didn't let her see Jade she would cause a scene.

"What a horrible ending to a good night" He said before he tried to fall asleep. This weekend was going to be bad.
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