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Soon Enough

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Olivia woke up extra early and took a shower. Jade was still sleeping, which she was happy about. She wanted a long hot shower. She hadn't been able to sleep after her encounter with Gerard the night before. She hadn't meant for it to get that far, but she can't say she was upset that it had. It was amazing! She wanted him even more now. She coudln't wait until they had a night alone.

She slipt out of the shower and walked into her room and saw Jade sitting on her bed in her Little Mermaid pj's.

"Hey your up" She smiled at the little girl.

"Yeps, dads not" She said then stood up and began to jump on the bed. Olivia shook her head and laughed.

"I am gonna go get dressed" She slipt into the bathroom and changed. When she was ready she got Jade ready. It was ten and Gerard was still sleeping.

"I am gonna go check on your dad. Just keep coloring okay" She smiled and walked up the steps. Gerard didn't want to make her go to pre school since they just got back. She started up again the next day.

She knocked soflty and when he didn't answer she walked in. It was dark and cold. She saw him under a pile of covers. She walked up and looked down at him. He had a frown on his face and his eyes tightly shut. She bent down and kissed his cheek then stood up and left. He must be really tired so she thought she would get Jade and go to the park. She had to remember to leave a note so Gerard knew where they were this time.

"Hey daddy is still asleep. Why don't we go to the park and get hot dogs for lunch" SHe asked holding her hand out to the little girl.

"Otay" Jade smiled and grabbed her hand.

Twenty minutes later she was watching Jade play on the slides with other little kids. She would turn and wave to Olivia from time to time to make sure she was still there. It was a beautiful day and she was in a great mood. She watched Jade smiled. The little girl had so much energy and was so happy. Right now she looked so much like Gerard. Did he want more kids? She shook her head, they were just starting out she didn't need to be thinking about kids! She saw Jade run up to her and she stood up.

"I hurted my hand" She said with tears streaming. Olivia bent down and took the little girls hand. It was scratched up with some blood.

"Oh baby, what happened" She asked grabbing for her bag.

"I twipped and feyl" She said sniffeling. Olivia grabbed some baby wiped that she kept in her purse.

"Here I am gonna wipe it off then when we get home we will put some neosporin on it" She said and picked Jade up.

"Otay" She said and laid her head on Olivia's shoulder. They got home around one. She took Jade to the bathroom and cleaned out her cuts.

"I wants daddy" Jade said.

"I am right here, whats wrong baby" She heard Gerard ask as he walked in and picked up his daughter.

"I hurt" Jade said hoolding up her hand. She had a Dora the Explorer band aid on.

"Let me kiss it" He said and bent and gaver her kisses all over her hand. Jade started laughing, her scratches forgotten.

"Did you get my note" Olivia asked Gerard. He hadn't looked at her yet.

"Yeah. How was the park" he asked Jade and left the bathroom.

Olivia was confused. Had she done something wrong? He seemed distant and cold towards her. She followed then out and heard him talking to her up stairs. She sighed and walked into the kitchen. She washed the dishes then she brought her lap top out and go on. She heard foot steps and looked up.

"She's asleep" He said walking to the fridge. He just had on sweats and a t shirt. He looked tense.

"Are you okay" she asked.

"Perfect" He said sarcastically. She watched him make coffee and found herself becoming angry. She had given a little of herself to him last night and he treated her like this in the morning?

"What's your problem" She asked, she knew she sounded mad but she didn't care.

"Nothing, I am just not in a good mood" He threw back his coffee then headed towards the attic.

"What happened to make you upset" She asked following him.

"I don't want to talk about it" He said pulling the attic steps down. She grabbed his arm.

"Talk to me" She said hoping he would. He turned and looked down at her hand on his arm. He stepped back.

"Look just because of what happened last night does't mean I have to tell you anything ok. Leave me alone" He said and stomped up the steps.

She stepped back as if she'd been slapped. She was not the kind of girl who messed around with any guy, and he had just made her feel like a whore. She turned and ran to her room. She locked the door behind her and tried not to cry. He had treated her like she was nothing. Was she misreading the situation between them?

Gerard slammed the door to the attic and ran his hands threw his hair. He was so mad about Krystal still. He hadn't meant to take it out on Olivia. But he couldn't think about that now. He wanted to draw and release his frustrations. He finally finished, he looked down and what the saw was familiar. It was black and angry. It reflected his mood right now. He sighed and sat his pencil down. He needed to go see what Jade was doing.

He walked down stairs and heard Jade. He followed her voice to the living room. She was sitting on the floor playing with her barbies. Olivia was sitting next to her and faintly smiling and touching the little girls hair. She looked like she's been crying. Shit. Had he made Olivia cry? SHe looked up at him and looked down quickly. Jade noticed him and asked him to come play Barbie's. He sat down and Olivia stood up. She walked into the kitchen and he wanted to follow her but he had to stay with Jade.

"Livy's sad daddy" Jade said sadly. Now he felt even worse.

"Is it okay if Daddy goes and talks to Livy" He asked really wanting to speak with her.

"Yeps" She smiled and continued to play. He walked in and saw Olivia slip something into the stove.

"Olivia" he said and she didn't even turn to look at him.

"Olivia, I'm sorry" He said meaning it. He shouldn't have taken his anger out on her. She continued to ignore him. HE walked up to her and touched her shoulder, she flinched and moved away from him.

"Look at me" He said and tried to touch her face.

"Please just leave me alone" She whispered.

"Can we talk please" he begged.

"Look you hurt me. You made me feel like a whore. So sorry if I'm not ready for your apologies right now" She turned and began to mix a salad.

"I was upset and I took it out on you. I didn't mean what I said" He paused and looked at her. She just kept fixing the salad.

"Krystal called me last night" He spit it out. She paused and turned and looked at him.

"She's gonna be in this weekend. She wants to take Jade for a few days" He saw her face go from hurt to angry.

"She can't see her" He heard her say then watched as she covered her mouth.

"I mean I know I have no say" she said and turned again.

"I told her no but that wont stop her from coming around. I just don't feel like dealing with her. I was wrong not to tell you and to take it out on you" He walked over to her and pulled her to him. She didn't hug him back at first but then he felt her give in and hug him back.

"It's okay. Next time just tell me" She said looking up at him.

"I will. I really didn't mean to hurt you" He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. She kissed him back and pulled him closer.

"Ew..." He heard Jade say. THey broke apart and looked to see Jade staring at them.

"I'm hungwy" She said and sat at the kitchen table. Gerard turned towards her.

"Jade, how do you feel about me kissing Olivia" he asked.

"It's gross" she giggled.

"But does it make you mad" he asked and reached for Olivia's hand.

"Nopes. I wuv livy. Is she gonna be my mommy" She asked innocently. Gerard laughed when he saw Olvia blush and look away.

"Well for right now she's just gonna be my girlfriend and your nanny still" he said hoping she understood.

"Otay. Can we eat" SHe asked seriously.

"Yep it's almost done" Olivia smiled and turned back to the stove. That went better than he thought it would, Gerard thought.

Later that night Olivia was laying in bed when she heard a knock on the door. "Come in" she said even though she knew it was Gerard.

"Hey, want to watch a movie" HE asked not coming into her room. That was to tempting.

"Sure, let me get dressed" She said not moving from the bed.

"Okay, see you in a sec" He shut the door and she slipt out and put clothes on. She walked into the living room and smelt popcorn.

"Movie Theatre Butter" He said holding the bowl out for her. She took a seat next to him and cuddled close.

"What are we watching" she asked as she ate some popcorn.

"Texas Chainsaw Masacre. It's one of my favorites" He laughed when he saw the expression on her face.

"I hate horror films" She said shaking her head.

"Well then you are gonna have to sit even closer and burry your head in my shoulder alot" HE laughed pulling her back to him.

"You planned it that way didn't you" She laughed putting her head on his shoulder.

"Maybe" He whispered and kissed her head. She kept her head burried in his neck the entire time. HE laughed at her when she jumped or squealed. She was such a girl. After it was over she gave him an evil look.

"What? You enjoyed it" He said happily.

"You owe me a chick flick after that" She smiled.

"Okay, thats fine. You get to choose next time. Now how about I cheer you up. Come here" He said pulling her down on him. She laughed as he kissed her neck. She pushed him down on the couch and jumped on top of him. She felt his hands grip her ass pushing her closer to him.

"How many more days until were alone" she asked breathlessly.

"Soon enough I hope" He laughed. When she layed in bed that night she smiled. They had, had such a nice night together. It felt so good to be with him. She just hoped nothing got in the way of the happiness she had found.
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