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The Lucky One

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A visitor stops by while Gerard is gone!

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Gerard needed to get a lot done but was hesitant to leave the house since Krystal was in town. He just had to much to do to not leave. "Hey were fine. I know how to not let someone in and how to fuss that bitch... I mean Krystal out if I need to" He looked over at Olivia.

She got up early and fixed breakfast for him and Jade. Now Jade was napping and she was in the attic with him. She walked up to him and kissed his chin. "I can handle things here" She kissed his nose.

"Okay" She smiled and kissed his lips. He smiled and pulled her closer.

"Okay, it's only gonna be a few hours. Then how about I rent some kid friendly movies and we have a movie night with Jade. I can pick up some pizza's on the way home. How does that sounds" He asked holding her to him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "It sounds like a great evening. Jade will love it" She loved being with him like this. It felt so normal.

"Now get your stuff done. She and I are gonna eat some lunch then play out back. We will see you when you get back" She kissed him one more time then backed away.

"Okay, well I will see you in a few" He said as they walked down and to the front door.

When he left he felt bad. He knew Krystal could stop by at any moment demanding Jade but he just had to stop by Jessie's then head to his publisher. He was done with his comic and was excited to get the final draft to them. He would do it all as soon as he could then head back home to his women. He smiled at the thought. He looked foward to a quiet evening at home with them.

Olivia walked into the living room and started picking up Jade's toys and putting them away. THe little girl had so many dolls and Barbies. She laughed at the naked Ken Doll she found, and tossed it in the toy chest. Jade would sleep for at least another thirty minutes, so she could get a few things done. She headed to the kitchen and looked threw the pantry. She was thinking grilled cheeses and apple slices. She jumped at the sound of the doorbell. She headed to the door and opened it. She knew it was Krystal immediatly.

"Hello, can I help you" She asked trying to sound polite.

"Yep, I want to see my daughter! And you are" The women asked in a snappy tone.

Olivia looked the women over. She was a pretty women, but she looked like she had lived a hard and fast. She had choppy black hair and huge red glasses on her face. Her boobs were huge, she was sure they had appealed to Gerard. It made her self conscience of her smaller chest.

"I'm her nanny. Gerards not in right now and Jade's napping. Nice to meet you" Olivia started to shut the door but the other women out her foot in the door to stop it.

"I want my daughter" She said threw gritted teeth.

"Well that's not possible right now. Now take your foot from the door" Olivia was trying to be polite but her patiance was running thin.

"Look bitch, she's mine. I have a right to see her" That was it, Olivia was done playing nice.

"Look, remove your fucking foot from the door or I will remove it for you. I tried to be nice but if you continued forcing yourself in I will call the police you got it" She looked at the surprise on Krystals face.

"Fine, but I will be back. You make sure you tell Gerard" She turned and stomped down the stairs. Olivia slammed the door and cursed under her breath.

"Livy, is daddy home" She looked up and saw Jade on the stairs.

"Not yet, someone had the wrong house. You ready for lunch" She asked picking up the little girl.

She never wanted that women anywhere near this baby, Ever!

Gerard left his publishers feeling great about his new comic. Now he just needed to stop by Jessie's then head home. Jesse had some idea's for a cartoon that he wanted to run by Gerard. The Cartoon Network had showed some interest so he wanted to help his friend out.

"Hey dude glad you swung by" Jessie said as he invited Gerard in to his apartment. Jessie always had the messiest place he'd ever seen. He didn't know how tha man ever found anything.

"I have an entire binder of ideas and wanted to see if you could draw some things up for me" Jessie said handing him an enormous black binder.

"I can do that, I have some time next week before we head back on the road" Gerard grabbed the binder and began looking threw it.

"Good thing you can draw because I have a hard time with stick figures" Jessie laughed as he lit a cigarette.

"How are things with you" Jessie asked.

"Good, Krystal's in town so that's the down side but besides that, I'm good" Gerard smiled thinking of Olivia.

"You and Olivia serious" Jessie asked. He hoped he didn't sound to eager to know the answer.

"Yeah, we even said something to Jade about it. Dude, I'm crazy about her" Gerard was beaming, Jessie's hopes plummeted. He had wanted Olivia since he first met her. Looks like Gerard was the lucky one.

"I'm happy for you. You deserve it. Anyways, thanks for helping me with this" Jessie said walking Gerard to the door.

"No problem, I will get some skecthes to you as soon as I can. See ya next week" Gerard waved and headed home. Jessie shut the door trying to not let himself feel jealous.

Gerard really cared for her. It made him feel bad that he wished he was the one she wanted.

Olivia heard the front door open and felt Gerards arms wrap around her waist. "Hey" he nuzzled her neck.

"Hey, yourself" She turned and kissed him slowly. She broke away when it started to be to itense.

"Where's Jade" he asked looking around.

"In the living room, I promised her a snack" SHe smiled and watched him head to the living room. She knew she would have to tell him about Krystal, but he seemed like he was in such a good mood. She'd wait until after their movie night.

Jade didn't last threw the first movie. She followed Gerard up the steps to put her to bed. They both gave her kisses and quietly shut the door.

"She's so cute when she's sleeping" Olivia said as she slipped her arms around Gerard's waist.

"I know, she takes after me" He laughed when Olivia rolled her eyes. They walked back into the living room and sat on the couch.

"So whats wrong" He askes as he brushed a piece of hair out of her face. She had been tense all evening and he knew something had to be wrong. He just hoped she would tell him.

"Krystal came by today" Gerard immediatly froze.

"What happened" He asked feeling furious. COuldn't the bitch just leave them alone? Olivia told him what happened and could tell he was growing angrier.

"I bet she didn't like you standing up to her" He said sitting back.

"Nope, but she'll be back. I'm sure" She said sadly.

"Well my mom just moved last year and Krystal hasn't found that house yet. I will call her and see if Jade can stay a few days" He stood up and took out his cell. She heard him talking in the kitchen. She sat back against the couch and sighed. She hoped that Krystal got the message and left them alone.

"She said she could stay. I'm gonna take her over in the morning, You should come" He said hesitantly. She remembered what happened the last time she'd seen his mom.

"Hey don't think about the last time" He laughed and pulled her up.

"I can't help it. It was embarrassing" SHe laughed when he kissed her cheeks.

"She likes you, don't worry" He smiled and kissed her.

"Okay, I will go. Maybe I can make a better impression on her this time" She gave in.

"Good" He kissed her hard.

"Now let's finish the movies" He pulled her down with him. They would have the next two days alone. Olivia's stomach jumped. She was nervous, but she couldn't wait to have him all to herself.
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