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July 8, 1978 (part 2)

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Joe and Elissa get in an argument.

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July 8, 1978
Joes POV

I stood there and waited for her to start screaming at me. Her face turned red and she had an evil look in her eyes. I'm scared. I saw a knife on the table right by her. I pictured Elissa picking up the knife, and throwing it at me, hittin me right on the chest. I felt a sharp pain on my chest. 
"Joe look at me!" Elissa said in a loud, angry tone. I looked at her. "Were you looking at my chest?"
 She rolled her eyes and sighed "I'm not in the mood right now. We have to talk."
I watched her sit on a chair that was in front of the table. She picked up the knife. My eyes got wide when she picked it up. Maybe she really was going to throw it at me! Ok nevermind, she set the knife back down. 
"Joe, come over here!" Maybe I should, she doesn't sound so happy. I walked quickly towards her and sat down on a chair. I looked at her and waited for her to tell me... ahem scream at me. 
"Joe, I really want to have babies." She calmly said.
"Because I do."
That's a dumb answer. I raised my eyebrow at her. "That's not a good reason and I don't want to start a family." She flinched, as if I splashed water on her face. Oh no, I better change my answer before she starts yelling at me. "I don't want to start a family until later on. It's just too soon. Let's just wait."
She blinked and then slapped me. 
"Hey what was that for?!" I felt my cheek burn after she slapped me.
"What, am I too ugly for you have kids with?!"
"What?! I never even said you were ugly!" 
She pushed her chair back and stood up. She looked down at me and yelled "Shut up!" before slapping me again. She let out a frustrated yell and stormed out of the room. I turned back and watched her stomp outside then back inside and to the bedroom. She slammed the door when she got in the room and began yelling. I couldn't understand what she was yelling, but that has to be the weirdest argument I've ever been in.     
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