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Ch. 11

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A race of beast men called the Brawl, fight against a pompous diminutive race called the Ramin

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-Vartock watched as the Ramin tended to their machines and trained their soldiers. He knew he had to report back to Keck and the others and that they all had to leave. As he turned around to go back he heard a commotion down below. When he looked to see what was going on he saw a Ramin pointing at him and calling to the others, he had been discovered.
-Back in their room Keck, Tarock and Gullna sat patiently waiting for Vartock's return. Keck and Tarock had been sting perfectly still the whole time and Gullna had finally planted himself on one of the chairs. Aside from the two guards outside the door there hadn't been any Ramin near their room.
-Suddenly they heard several hurried footsteps outside their door. The footsteps stooped just outside and the Brawl could hear hushed voices talking to each other. Keck and Tarock stood up and Gullna followed their lead. Something was about to happen.
-The door flew open and four Ramin soldiers stormed in with their weapons raised. Three of them had on black metal armor that didn't look very strong and their leader had a red pauldron on his left shoulder. The soldiers pointed their weapons at the three Brawl.
-"You three are hereby under arrest," the Ramin commander said. "Resist and you will be killed." Keck and Tarock looked at each other, unimpressed by the bold display. Tarock looked over his shoulder at Gullna and nodded as he and Keck calmly raised their hands up and Gullna reluctantly fallowed suit.
-The Ramin commander stepped forward and opened his mouth to speak but before he could say anything the floor behind him exploded. Stone debris was sent in every direction as the Ramin soldiers were knocked off their feet. The three Brawl didn't waste a moment as Vartock leapt up from the floor below.
-Vartock's tail wrapped around one Ramin soldier's neck and with one hard snap, whipped the smaller being through the air. Tarock placed one hand on another soldiers head and twisted it around, breaking his neck with ease. Gullna took one swipe with his claws and gutted the face of the soldier standing closest to him wile Keck reached out and grabbed the commander by his throat.
-A light squeeze dispatched him and all four Brawl double checked to make sure there were no more soldiers nearby. Once satisfied, Keck embraced Vartock's arm with a smile. "I take it you found something," Keck said.
-"You could say that," Vartock answered with a sly smile, "I'll fill you in on the way, right now we need to go." Vartock dropped back down through the hole he had created in the floor and his companions followed without question. The four of them took off running down the dark tunnel.
-"The Ramin are preparing an army to wipe us out," Vartock explained as he led his companions. "Down below there are hundreds of soldiers with strange weapons and machines, this whole thing was a trap to get rid of us."
-"Hoping to kill the leader of the Brawl and his second were they?" Keck asked with a smirk. "Not a bad plan, unfortunately for them they underestimate us. Now let's get out of here." The four Brawl ran down the tunnel on all fours, the sound of Ramin soldiers coming form behind them.
-Vartock stopped at a hatch and opened it up for the others. "This passage leads outside just under the bridge," he explained. "I snuck a peek at some Ramin blue prints while I was sneaking around, this is the only unguarded way in or out of the city."
-Keck patted Vartock on the shoulder for a job well done and entered the passage. Gullna let out a sigh of relief, "When the guards came to our room I thought you had been killed or captured," he said. Vartock laughed at the younger warrior's remark.
-"I'm too good to be caught by mere Ramin," Vartock boasted. He turned around to follow after Keck when there was a loud cracking sound. Vartock went stumbling forward, almost falling over but managed to catch his balance. Tarock and Gullna looked down at the gapping hole that had appeared in the right side of Vartock's stomach as he covered the wound with his hand.
-Tarock noticed a fist sized stone ball embedded in the wall. The three of them turned to see half a dozen Ramin soldiers that had caught up to them. One of the soldiers pointed his weapon towards them. Another loud crack and a plum of smoke came from the weapon and another small stone struck the wall behind the Brawl close to Gullna's head.
-Vartock shot a look to Tarock that said it all. Tarock nodded and grabbed a hold of Gullna's arm and forced the younger Brawl through the passage and followed as Vartock closed the hatch behind them. He gripped the edges of the metal door and with a display of Brawl strength, bent and warped the metal so that it could not be opened again. He then turned to face his enemy, and his fate.
-On the other side of the door Gullna turned and went back to the door. "Vartock!" He cried out as Tarock roughly grabbed him and led him away from the sealed passageway. From beyond the sealed door they could all hear the sounds of Vartock roaring and the Ramin screaming orders and horrified cries. More thunderous cracks sounded and as the three remaining Brawl moved away the sound of battle could still be heard.
-"We can't just leave him!" Gullna protested as Keck rejoined them. Tarock said nothing as the older Brawl grabbed hold of Gullna and they made their way out of the city to the underside of the bridge. Gullna tried to persuade his companions to go back for their friend once more when Keck grabbed a hold of him.
-"There is nothing we can do," Keck said sternly, "Vartock saved our lives, the best way to repay him is to live, so get moving." Gullna knew the look in Keck's eyes was unwavering and Tarock's stern face revealed that he would not be moved either. Gullna conceded defeat and dug his claws into the underside of the stone bridge and began to make his way across.
-After easily avoiding the Ramin search party the three Brawl slipped away into the night. Satisfied that they had escaped, Keck indicated for the others to rest near a large bolder. Gullna slumped down on the ground, trying to process what had transpired while Tarock stared off towards the Ramin city with a biter rage in his eyes.
-Keck walked over to his young friend and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "The sight of a Brawl with such an injury continuing to fight so fiercely will no doubt demoralize the Ramin soldiers. Even in death your older brother serves our people, be proud of him Tarock."
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