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Ch. 10

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A race of beast men called the Brawl, fight against a pompous diminutive race called the Ramin

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-Gullna, Keck and Tarock settled in their room for the night. Gullna didn't know where Vartock had gone, after sharing some private words with Keck he had simply left. Now Keck and Tarock sat quietly on their soft beds while Gullna looked around the room.
-It was lavishly adorned with trinkets and stones. The beds were soft and so were the pillows. Even their blankets had intricate designs on them and the beds themselves had silky curtains but Gullna could not even guess as to their purpose. There was a tiny table that only came up to a Brawls' knee with soft stools that Gullna didn't think would support his weight and on the table were several tiny cups that he could have swallowed whole.
-Gullna had tried sitting on the beds like his companions but they were far too soft for his liking. Everything in the Ramin city seemed grossly undersized to him and he was hesitant to touch anything for fear of breaking it.
-"Calm down Gullna," Tarock said, "save your energy, you might need it." Gullna looked at Tarock and Keck, neither of them had moved since they had sat down. He knew that it meant they were preparing for something but he wasn't sure what. It was clear that the new Ramin emperor didn't like them but he couldn't imagine Parotaken being foolish enough to try and harm them.
-Vartock moved quickly but cautiously down the dark tunnel, there was no telling what traps the Ramin may have laid in anticipation of his infiltration. It hadn't been easy to avoid the guards on the upper levels in the light but now that he was in the under city he could move around more freely. Despite the lack of light he could see just fine and hear anything that approached so he wasn't worried about being discovered.
-Despite their immense bulk and size Brawl were very quiet when they wanted to be, the thick skin on their feet muffled their footsteps and their skill as hunters made them excel at stealth. Vartock knew how dangerous his mission was but he did not waver. The Ramin were up to something and he was going to find out what.
-The smell of oil and smelted metal filled his nostrils so forcefully it made him feel ill. He wondered how the Ramin could stand such a stench every day. He followed the pipes running along the ceiling; he knew they must go somewhere and the further he followed them the strong the foul smell grew.
-He came to a large door at the end of the tunnel. It looked pretty thick and was obviously meant to keep out unwelcome guests. He was trying to decide how to get past this new obstacle when he door handle turned. Vartock looked around in a panic but he was standing in a straight tunnel with nowhere to hide and someone was coming.
-The door creaked open and two Ramin soldiers stepped through. Their shiny golden helmets hid their faces and they carried some kind of four foot long wooden devices that had a hole at the end about the size of a fist and a blade protruding from under the hole. They appeared to be some sort of weapons and the ramen held them at the bottom where it narrowed enough for them to wrap their hand around it with one finger curled around some kind of trigger. Vartock had never seen these devices before.
-Vartock clung to the pipes just above the Ramin's heads. He breathed slowly as the two Ramin looked around below him. "Do you smell something?" one of the Ramin asked the other. His companion shook his head and the first one shrugged before they walked away. If it wouldn't have given away his presence Vartock would have crushed their skulls for that remark but his momentary lack of concentration made his hand slip off of the wet pipe he was clinging to.
-Vartock's tail reflexively shot out and wrapped around a smaller pipe. It stopped his fall but he had to bite his lip to stop from howling in pain. When he was young Vartock could hang upside down by his tail from trees and such without a problem, but when Brawl grew up their bones became denser and they put on muscle mass. The average Brawl weighed five hundred pounds and that was simply too much weight for just their tail to support.
-Vartock was able in touch the floor with his hands from this position to take some of the strain off of his tail. His tail released the pipe and he slowly lowered himself back to the ground. He looked back at the two Ramin soldiers and found them walking away unaware of him. The door they had come through started to close and Vartock quickly moved through it.
-On the other side of the hatch Vartock saw what the Ramin had been hiding. He stepped over to the railing of the catwalk that he was now standing on and looked at the enormous hanger before him. There were thousands of Ramin soldiers and workers building and operating large machines.
-A group of Ramin wearing some kind of tanks of their back that connected to a weapon in their hands by a hose spat fire on targets that were obviously Brawl dummies. Several others holding weapons like the ones he had seen in the tunnel pointed them at more targets. Vartock watched as they pulled the little triggers with there finger and a plum of smoke erupted from the end as a fist sized stone flew out and put a hole in the target several feet away.
-As Vartock watched the Ramin preparing below the reality of the situation sunk in, the Ramin were preparing for war.
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