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Day 8

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About Ienzo and more on the Axel situation.

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Dear Diary,
At the Organization meeting today, everyone was talking about their Somebody. Everyone but me. I really don't know much about Ienzo. I do know that he knew Ansem and Ventus, though. We look exactly alike, other than the clothes.
Axel has seemed to stop looking for me to destroy me because he saw me at the meeting and just smiled. Roxas is missing, so he might just be trying to find a new best friend. Roxas was so easy to befriend for anyone.
Demyx has been acting really weirdly lately. I'm kind of worried about him.
Anyway, back on the subject of Ienzo. I've never had the pleasure of meeting him, like Roxas did with Sora. Though, from what I've heard about him, he was crazy and I really wouldn't have wanted to meet him. Well, whatever. I've got to go! I hear someone coming!
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