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Day 9

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Finally, Zexion finds out what's wrong with Axel and Demyx.

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Dear Diary,
I know what's wrong with Axel and Demyx! Axel was mad because Demyx accidentally doused the internal flame on one of Axel's Chakrams! Demyx was trying to stay as far away from Axel as possible and it wasn't working out too well with me being hunted by Number VIII and him always hanging with me.
Everyone continued talking about their Somebodies again today. Even Xemnas talked a bit about Xehanort. That is a very rare occurrence.
So, I read up a bit on Ventus, Aqua, and Terra along with my studies of my Somebody. They seemed like a nice bunch and they were very much like those that we know, such as Riku, Sora, and Kairi. I'm excited to read more about them!
I have to go because I can hear Axel coming to take me to therapy again. He's still hunting me, but he won't get me until Xemnas goes back into the Room of Awakening for a while. Thank you for being there, dear diary.
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