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Chapter Two

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The day,I went back home and was immediately called to my father's office.
"Yes,daddy?",I asked.He sighed and rubbed his eyes.
"What happened today?Your principal called saying that a girl reported you and two others saying you left her a broken jaw,and bloody nose.",he explained.I sighed and sat down in front of him.
"That is not exactly how the story went.I mean,she was kicked in the face,just not by me...or my friends.",I kinda lied.Kinda,I think.
"Then who was she kicked by and why?",he asked.
"Well...we were in the lunchroom when a couple of students came in and were...practicing some kinda karate moves.I was sitting and eating lunch with the new kids,and she came up to me and started bothering the new I told her to go away and she simply did,but when she turned around,she was kicked in the face by the karate people.",I said,with a proud sinde smile.
That was awesome.I just made up that story at the top of my head,haha.
"Really?She says,though,that she was positive that you and your new friends did it.",he said.I smiled and shook my head.
"Dad,she was hit in the face hard.So maybe,her memory jumped around a bit.You know what I mean,right?",I said.He sighed and nodded.
"Alright,I believe you.",he said.I nodded.
"Well,I'm going to get into something comfortable and watch some T.V.",I said and stood up going over to him.I kissed him on the cheek and left the room,smiling excitedly.
Once I got into my sweat shorts and a tank top,with some knee-high socks,I put my hair up in a messy bun and went to sit at the couch.
The doorbell rang and I yawned.
"Slave!",I heard.My eyes widened and I jumped off the couch.I ran in front of the maid about to open the door and smiled.
"Helen,it's ok,I have it.If you would mind,please fetch me some ice-cream and bring it up to my room,but then tell everybody that I'm not to be disturbed,okay?",I said.She nodded and did a curtsy,before leaving and running off to the kitchen.I ran for the door and opened it pulling Melinda in and pulling her upstairs quickly before anybody could see her.
I sat her in my room and motioned for her to be quiet and wait.I headed for the kitchen,when I heard the doorbell again.I ran for it and opened to see Zero.I sighed and grabbed him shutting the door,and pulling him upstairs and into the door,also motioning for him to do the same thing.I ran down to the kitchen and grabbed my ice-cream on my own running up to my room.
I closed it,and with a huff,I locked the door.
I turned to them to see Melinda sitting on my couch admiring the huge T.V.,and Zero on the balcony,leaning on the rail.
I set my ice-cream down and went to Melinda.
"Sorry about that.I didn't think you'd come so I freaked.",I said.
"No sweat.But can I watch T.V.This may be the biggest one I've ever seen.",she said and grabbed the control.She turned it on and went to a channel for wrestling.I sighed and sat down.
"So what did you come hee for anyways?",I asked.
"Well,we kinda live here now.",she said.
"You live in the neighborhood?",I asked.
"Yeah.Moved in with out aunt and uncle.Their my aunt and uncle,but I made some deals to let Zero come too.",she said.
"So...why are you here?",I asked.
"We came to hang out.But,man,your house and everything in it is way huger.",she said excitedly.I smiled and nodded.
I stood up and went over to Zero.
"Hi?",I instead asked.He looked back at me and gave a nod.
"So,what are you doing here?",I asked.
"I like the view.Let's me see the whole neighborhood,and plus there's a view of the forest behind all the houses.",he said.I nodded and went to the rail at least a feet away from him and leaned on it.
"So,this is where you saw me?",I asked.
"Yeah,you were up here.I knew someone was looking at me,I looked up,and there you were.I heard wolves so I left."
"What,you got scared of them?"
"No...I went to go look for them.The wolf howl meant it was in pain.Found it and looked like it leg was caught under some huge rock.Fed him some snacks,and she left."
"You went to go look for them?",I asked.
I smiled and nodded.
How courageous!How sweet of him!Even if he might've been wrong about the kind of howl,and might've died...he still took the risk.How cool!!
"I'm gonna head there tonight.",he said.
"But what if you..."
"Get eatan?Don't worry.I got my own protection.",he said.I didn't know what he meant from that,but whatever.
"Oh.",I murmured.
"Hey,Zero,you have to come see this wrestling match.",Melinda called.
"Coming.",he said.He looked at me and smirked.
"What?",I asked.
"Come to the forest with me...tonight.",he said.My eyes widened and I started shaking my head.
"No no no no no no.I so cannot go to a forestwith wolves.",I freaked.
"Don't worry,like I said,I have a way of protecting myself...and you.So come.",he said.I sighed and looked down.
"I don't know.",I murmured.
"I'll be waiting.",he said.He turned and walked inside leaving me with nervousness going up and down my spine.
Maybe I should just stay home and ignore his wierd coolness...
But maybe....
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