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Chapter Three

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I took a deep breath as I zipped up my jacket.I opened the door,sticking my head out and looked right and left.
This was a bad idea.A really,really bad idea.
I closed my door and tip-toed downstairs towards the door.I looked around quickly and headed for the door quickly.
"I understand."
My eyes widened,and every muscle in my body froze.I slowly turned,but saw nobody there.But I did see a faint light.It looked like it had been coming from my father'
Turning to the office,and I tip-toed slowly towards it.
I pressed myself against the wall and held my breath.
"I understand very clearly.I will see you tomorrow...Mr.Vanderson."
Vanderson.The name sounded very familiar.
With a sigh,I creeped back to the front door and with a very quick,and hopefully quiet movement,I was out and running for the forest.

I walked into the entrance of the forest,and continued looking around.
"Zero?!Z-Zero?!",I called,but no answer.
I shivered as a sharp,cool breeze blew right by me.My hands went to my shoulders crossed and I rubbed my arms.
Walking further into the forest,I continued to call for his name.
Until I was answered with a howl.
My eyes widened nad I froze.Letting out a shuddering breath,I turned.
There stood a wolf.
"Bad idea.",I reminded myself.
The wolf barked at me and I started to slowly retreat backwards,when it had suddenly broke in a run.
I let out a scream,and turned running for my life.
I could feel his breath at the back of my legs,but I kept running.
"No!No!",I screamed.
Suddenly,I found myself on the floor,my face flat against it.I lifted my face and coughed,spitting the dirt from my mouth.
Then I realized something.
With a quick roll,I looked around for the wolf.No sign of it.
I sat up and noticed I was out of breath,breathing heavily as well.I really needed water.
I stood up and brushed myself off.
Suddenly,I heard a whine.Actually,it sounded like a whimper.
I turned and looked around ready to run for it again,when I looked down to see a wolf.
But a baby wolf.Small,and cute,I walked up to it with a smile.
"Hi there.",I murmured.I picked him up and petted him.He whimpered again and I narrowed my eyes in confusion,once again noticing something.
I must really be into noticing stuff.Gosh...
"Katalina,stay still."
My eyes widened and my head shot up.I turned slowly,to see the same wolf from before there.She stood there and his teeth bared,but no sound.
"Oh man...",I whined.The wolf neared me,and I stayed still as the mysterious voice had said.
The wolf sniffed me and whined.It backed away from me and then turned running away.I clutched the baby wolf closer and my eyes narrowed.
"That was wierd.",I said.
"Nah,it wasn't.",he said.I turned and there Zero stood pointing a gun.I screamed,but he put his hand over my mouth.
"Let go!",I yelled,pushing him away.He simply smirked and put the gun away.
"Calm down.I scared the wolf awayw it the gun.",he said.
"",I asked.He nodded.
"You catch on quick.So,what you got there?",he asked.
"I found him hidden under some twigs and leaves.Maybe it belonged to her.",I murmured.
"Maybe.You may want to return her,she looks like she was just born.",he said.I looked up at him and couldn't help but smile.
"How come you know so much about wolveS?",I asked.
"I have my had some courage to come down here,huh?",he said.I nodded and shrugged.
"But...I have to get back.I'll take junior with me.He's really cute.",I said.
"Well,I'll take you home.",he said.
"Out of this forest is okay.",I said.
"Alright,let's get going."
I nodded and he went away leading me away from the scary forest filled with wolves and a particularly dangerous wolf.
Hopefully,this won't turn out bad...
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