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Kim Possible/Bloodrayne: In The Blood (Censured Version)

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(Kim Possible-Bloodrayne Fusion) Mrs. Rayne Possible has it all, a beautiful family, a loving husband, and a daughter who's happy with the guy of her dream. But now, Rayne's bloody past is about to...

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Chapter 1: Family Traits Chapter 1: Family Traits

Halloween ... 1982 ...

Well after midnight, three combat vehicles roared down the Nevada desert highway. The first two filled with soldiers, and the last, jet black, held one passenger.

"You really think twenty is enough men to raid the shuttle thieves, Commander?" one of the shoulders asked unsurely, "I mean ... they stole a shuttle AND it's rockets and two astronauts from under NASA's nose. What's twenty boys with guns gonna do?"

"We're not doin' nothing, Lieutenant," the commander said with an unsure look. "We just need to get that girl in, and she's supposed to do the rest."

"How can a girl top those ... things?" the Lieutenant gapped.

"She's one of them, that's how." The commander said as the vehicles came to a halt.

The soldiers pilled out and the Commander walked back to the black APC with the symbol of the Brimstone Society on the side. "Ok, little girl," The commander said throwing open the windowless door, "We'll open you a way in, then you -" the older man barked, before the girl who looked no older then twenty five glared up at him with crystal blue eyes, cutting him off.

"I know what I'm to do," the girl said, slinking out of the vehicle like an tigress who has been caged too long. Her short red hair waved as she popped her neck, and her skin tight, red and black outfit made no sound as it stretched with her movements, silence wasn't even broken by the spiked high heels of her knee high leather boots stepping on the asphalt.

Her outfit seemed to offer her no protection what so ever, from the leather that looked as if it was painted on, to her bare midriff, and low cut top showing much of her cleavage. The Commander seemed somewhat uneased by the girl's intense stare at his neck. She blinked before stepping past him, only sound was the 'snick' of her twin blades snapping forward on her forearms. "Lets get this over with, I'm ... hungry."


The twenty soldiers never knew what hit them. As soon as they approached the complex where the shuttle was set up for a launch, they were attacked by inhuman creatures. All twenty soldiers slaughtered by a group of Vampires, a small group of Vampires. But the soldiers served their purpose, and the redhead easily slipped past them, and into the complex.

Two guards walked under where she stood on a series of pipes above the central hallway of the complex. The two vampiric guards never saw what hit them either.

The redhead tossed the one complete body with a massive gash across his chest, into a closet, followed by the other headless body on top of it. She popped her knuckles, taking a look at her handy work, before kicking the vampire's head in the closet like a kickball and closing the door.

"They don't make Vampires like they used to," the blue eyed girl said, shaking her head as she started down the hall, before a man's scream caught her attention. Her head snapped to face toward the direction of the scream, before she broke into a dead sprint.

She came up to a large door, apparently leading to the central chamber. Using her Aura sense, she could see just four other living beings in the next, two humans, and what she guessed was two vampires. One of the vampires was a weaker one, probably a Dhampir, a Halfling Vampire/human, and the other was a pure vampire, and seemed like a powerful one. She gasped suddenly when she saw one of the human's life force draining away.

The redhead jumped into the air and kicked down the door, before rolling into the room, snapping her blades into combat position as she came up on one knee.

"Ah, Rayne, what a pleasant surprise," Kagan, the Vampire leader, said turning with a fangy smile to the girl. "How have you been, dear daughter."

The Elder Vampire Lord motioned his hand to her left where a pale green skinned girl with long flowing black hair, and in a green and black outfit, held a woman in a astronaut jumpsuit close to her, while she sucked deeply on the young woman's throat. "Have you met your half sister?"

"Shelia, my dear, you've had enough, see if Rayne would like a taste of the girl." Kagan said, turning his bald head toward the green skinned Dhampir.

Shelia dropped the woman's body, watching the blood spray from the puncture wounds in her neck. She turned toward the redhead, smiling at her half sister before licking some of the blood that was rolling down her chin.

Rayne started to jump the other Dhampir, when Kagan walked over to the other hostage. A male astronaut chained to a chair, with determination and absolutely no fear showing from his lanky form. "I wouldn't if I were you, Rayne, or what is it you like to go by these days, Bloodrayne? Unless you want me to give your sister another snack."

"If you think you can scare Commander James Timothy Possible, you bunch of blood suckers, then you've got another thing coming!" the Astronaut snapped at the Vampire Lord, "I've seen, read, and watched every Brim Stoker, Steven King, and all those other whack job authors' and directors' works till it's imbedded in my own memory. Think you guys can be scary then all those classic vampiric dramas, then give me ya best shot!"

"You're a brave man, Commander Possible." Kagan smiled down at the seemingly fearless man. "Any last words before I tear your throat out myself?"

"Yeah, how is it you Vampires got so smart?" he asked, looking up at the lord, "I mean, tying my arms to the chair and around my waste, but leaving my legs free allow me to do something like ... THIS!" He said, rearing back and kicking the Vampire up between the legs as hard as he could muster.

"Fuck!" Kagan croaked, as he doubled over and went to his knees, only to be kicked again this time right in the eye, sending the vampire tumbling back.

"Father!" Shelia cried, but then gasped in pain as Bloodrayne's blade cut her arm clean off. "You cut off my arm, YOU CUT OFF MY ARM ... bitch!" the Dhampir hissed, glaring at her half sister.

Shelia straightened herself, and lifted her bleeding nub and watched as it engulfed in green flame, forming a new arm. "Nice trick," Bloodrayne complimented.

"Why thank you, I've worked hard to master that type of magic and ..." Shelia started but was cut off by the sole of Rayne's high heel boot hitting her face.

Shelia went flying across the room and hit the wall so hard it knocked her clean out.

"You stupid human!" Kagan hissed, jerking the man from the restraints to hold him in the air by his throat.

"Don't do it, 'Dad'," Rayne's voice sounded from behind him, "Unless you want to see if your other little girl can grow a head back like she can her arm?"

Kagan turned to see the unconscious Shelia held up by Bloodrayne, with Rayne's arm-blade held tight against the green-skinned girl's throat.

"Fine," Kagan barked, dropping the man to the ground, "Now let her be."

Rayne narrowed her eyes but shoved the unconscious body toward her father, but before she could react, Kagan was on top of her holding her up by one hand. "You're about as quick as your mother," Kagan sneered at the struggling Dhampir, "One little jab and she's done."

Rayne growled, and came around with one of her blades, but the vampire lord caught the blade between his fingers. "Be careful, Rayne," Kagan said in mock-concern, jerking the blade from her arm. "You could possibly hurt yourself with such sharp objects." He chuckled stabbing the blade through her other shoulder, almost completely severing her arm. Rayne couldn't halt the scream of pain as Kagan jerked the blade from her shoulder and threw it across the floor.

"You've gotten in my way for the last time, little girl," Kagan sneered at the weakened Dhampir, "Time to be punished for your crimes against your own race."

Kagan sniffed the air for a moment, "You do smell like your mother, Rayne, I wonder ... do you taste like her too?" he asked baring his fangs and began approaching her neck.

Rayne braced herself for the bite but was surprised when it never came, just the sudden whiff of vampiric blood filling her nostrils.

"Where I come from, Fangy," Commander Possible stated boldly, as he dug Rayne's blade into Kagan's upper back, into his heart. "We treat beautiful women with respect."

Kagan dropped Rayne -who fell to the floor limply- and convulsed as the astronaut continued to spin and dig the blade into his back, cutting through his spine and heart.

"If my anatomy and physiology is right ... you should have a nicely fricasseed heart there, bud, have a nice second death, deadman." Possible growled, as he jerked the blade from Kagan's back letting him fall.

"Father!" Shego screamed, coming out of her daze, and ran to her father's side. "I'll help you!" she yelled as she scooped her lifeless father up in her arms and leapt toward the rafters.

Commander Possible watched the two monsters escape before helping Rayne lay flat. "God, he messed you up pretty bad," Possible said, gingerly touching the edges of the large gash on her shoulders.

"No kidding?" Rayne winced, trying not to look at the wound. "You should have left the blade in ..."

"I'm not really keen on taking peoples lives permanently, even people like him." he said unzipping his jump suit and pulling off his undershirt, not noticing the girl laying beside him look away embarrassedly.

"This may not be the most sanitary bandaged, but it's the best I have to work with," he said wrapping the shirt around her shoulder, "What never seen a guy without his shirt on or something? By the way, the name's James Possible." he teased as he worked on her make shift bandage.

Rayne darter her eyes back to the man's face indignantly, "Call me Rayne. And yes I have seen that and more," she spat, and scolded herself for acting childishly before and now.

"This will probably hurt ..." Possible warned and waited for her to nod. Rayne took a deep breath as he tightened the shirt roughly around her arm, and yelped as the pain shot through her. She then gasped when he pulled her up in to his arms and held her comfortingly.

"Help any?" He asked looking down at the redhead in his arms.

She nodded numbly, 'so that's what being held feels like...' she thought, still staring at the peculiar human who gently eased her back to the floor.

"This isn't doing any good, your still losing too much blood," Possible said glancing at the make-shift bandaged, soaked in blood. "I thought your kind had fast healing?" He asked, then smiled apologetically as she stiffened in his arms, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you ..."

"I'm not a vampire, not completely anyway," Rayne said closing her eyes, strangely lulled by the feel of being in this human's arms, "My mother was a human. That freak that led the ones who kidnapped you, he raped my mother, and nine months later here I came."

"I'm sorry," He said softly, earning a dismissive nod from the wounded Dhampir.

"No big, it's ancient HIStory" She said, yelping when he tightened the bandage in an attempt to stop the bleeding. "I do have most of their powers, but few if any of their weaknesses, except I have a few issues with bodies of water."

"So no warm hot tub bubble bath treatment with me when we get out of here?" He asked wiggling an eyebrow.

'Did he just make a pass at me?' Rayne thought, and even more confusion when she didn't get the urge to rip him to shreds for bringing up the concept. "Nope, no hot tub, but a small shower just big enough for two sounds fun." Rayne purred, and then blinked in confusion, 'Did I say that out loud?'

"So when's your secondary pick up supposed to come in?" the Commander asked easing the girl back to the floor, to check over the wound better.

Rayne shivered slightly, instantly noticing the lack of warmth. "Morning, 0500," Rayne groaned, realizing that that was hours away.

"I'm worried you may not make it," James said worriedly. "You'll go in shock well before then. You say you have vampire powers, healing not one of them?"

"Yeah, I can heal," Rayne replied, looking around, "But I'm drained and it takes living blood for me to recharge. And seeing as nothing in here is alive, I'm shit out of luck."

"I'm alive."

"No! I'm not biting you," Rayne said in a panicked voice. "I won't do it."

"Why, my neck not good enough for you?" James winked, before growing serious. "If you don't, you'll die."

"And if I take too much from you, YOU'LL die, idiot," Rayne cursed, glaring at the astronaut, "This isn't like the movies where if I bite you you'll come back as a Vampire, only a Vampire Lord's bite can do that."

"Don't be stubborn, you're obviously a highly thought of agent, so you need to survive this so you can help others," James stated seriously, "Me, I'm just a space boy no one'll miss."

"I will!" Rayne exclaimed before blushing, "I-I mean I'm sure somebody will."

"You're going to bite me, Rayne," He stated with a knowing look.

"I don't see how you're going to make me!" Rayne shot back indignantly.

"I've studied Vampirism since I was in high school," James said, running his hand down from her wounded shoulder, along her skin-tight leather top, "not the fake movie stuff, I mean the real recorded stuff that they don't have in public libraries."

"Oh, what's that got to ..." She started to ask, but went quiet and let her eyes widen as she felt his hand cup her breast. "Stop ... you don't know what you're getting yourself into ..."

"All you have to do is take just enough to heal yourself," James whispered, giving her a good view of his neck, letting his hand slide down her body, barely touching her toned, uncovered tummy.

"Please stop ... I don't ...want to ... to h-hurt you ..." Rayne panted, then arched her back and let out a throaty moan as he touched her directly between her legs.

"You won't," James whispered, "Now drink."

Rayne gave him one last longing look, as if to memorize his face, before reaching up and wrapping her hand around the back of his neck, bringing his throat down to her waiting mouth and fangs.

James and Rayne moaned together as her fangs broke his skin, and drew the blood from his arteries into her hungry mouth.

She sucked for only a few seconds, but to the two involved, it felt like hours of pleasure. Rayne finally pulled away, panting for breath, licking the remaining red fluid from her rosy lips. "Are you ... are you ok?" She asked, her blue eyes shining with worry.

"Woah ..." James breathed, opening his emerald eyes to gaze at the Dhampir. "Yea ... that was ... wow ... are you ok?"

Rayne nodded, and unwrapped the soaked shirt from her shoulder. "Looks like it did the trick ... are you sure you're ok?"

"A little light headed," James panted, smiling at the redhead. "Not sure if it was from losing the blood or ... from how I lost it ... that's a hell of a hicky you can do."

"Liked that huh?" Rayne said before moving in to capture his lips in a hard kiss that lasted almost a minute. She pulled back and smiled wickedly, "Wait till you try this on for size, big boy." She said before tackling the man to the floor.

A few hours later ...

"Well what have we here?" A feminine voice spoke up as Rayne and James' eyes widened. "Bloodrayne get a boyfriend?"

"W-Who are you? What do you want? Are you with those Vampires?" James asked trying to cover his nakedness as he stared up at a cloaked woman.

"What do you want, Rockwaller?" Rayne groaned, sitting up, not even minding she was completely naked.

"Oh cover up, Vampiress. Severin sent me. I'm here to pick you up." the woman rolled her eyes.

"You two know each other?" James asked, glancing between the redhead and the cloaked woman.

"Captain James T. Possible," Rayne said pulling her pants on and nodding toward the captain, then turning to the woman, "Minerva Rockwaller. She's a mage with the Brimstone Society."

"Get dressed you two, Captain Possible has a chopper waiting outside the compound." Minerva stated, folding her arms across her chest.

"I guess this is it huh ..." James said zipping up his suit. "Will I ever see you again, Rayne?"

"Maybe, handsome," Rayne said pulling him in for a kiss after she finished fastening her top. "Your chariot awaits, thanks for the best fuck I ever had." She finished with a wink.

"Considering how long you've been around," James gave a lopsided smile, "I take that a high compliment. Goodbye Rayne ..." he said taking a sad expression before exiting the chamber.

"Maybe handsome ... your chariot awaits ... give me a break," Minerva groaned after he left them.

"What?" Rayne narrowed her eyes.

"You were sent rescue the pilots, note plural," Minerva stated, pulling back her hood. "Not let one die and then screw the other's brains out. And you bit him too, do you know how dangerous that is?"

"I was in full control!" Rayne growled, flashing her fangs at the unaffected mage.

"Is that why the good captain has claw marks on his back?" Minerva smirked, before she noticed Rayne blushing slightly. Her eyes widened in realization. "My Goddesses, you actually like that human male."

"You're married to a normal human man, so you can't talk!" Rayne stuck out her tongue.

"Marriage? Oh I didn't know it was already this serious!" Minerva teased, grinning at the half-vampire.

"Whatever ..." Rayne grumbled turned away.

"You just met the guy and you're already head over heels," Minerva stated, stepping toward the Halfling.

"No I'm not," Rayne stated firmly.

Minerva tisked and shook her head. "If you weren't when I teased about marriage, you would have replied with flipping me off and telling me to go screw myself in the much nastier way of saying it."

"Kiss my ass, bitch," Rayne shot, flipping her fellow member of the Brimstone Society off.

"Now that's the Rayne I know," Minerva grinned. "Seriously, if you want to keep him ... I might have his apartment address ... on this little paper ... oh which pocket was that in ..."

Rayne stared at her for a moment as the mage dug around in her cloak and tunic before the half vampiress jumping toward her with blinding speed. "GIMME!"

Middleton Colorado ... The next night ...

James Timothy Possible sighed as he pulled up to the large 3 story ranch style that he now owned alone since his mother moved to Florida. He had just spent the last 16 hours filling out paper work and triple checking the recovered shuttle and equipment. "I think it's time to step down from the space cowboy sitch," James said as he unlocked his door and walked into his home.

"Twenty five years old and already saying I'm too old for this ..." James breathed as he threw his coat on his couch, not noticing the house seemed a lot cleaner then how he left it.

James shook his head and opened his bedroom door and took too steps in before he froze. "Hey there, Space Cowboy," Rayne purred moving below the thin sheet on his bed. Judging by the curves that showed through the sheet, it was obvious to the astronaut the beautiful redhead was completely nude save the bed sheet.

"Uh ... hi ..." James stuttered.

"I hope you don't mind me making myself at home, lover," Rayne said turning to lay on her back making the sheet slide down where it just barely covered her breasts. "Consider yourself lucky, babe. I've decided to keep you."

" Uh ... huh?" James mumbled staring at the Halfling.

"Come to bed, babe," Rayne said warmly, holding out her arms to him. "You've hit the jackpot."

Middleton Colorado ... Present Day ...

"You ok, honey?" the rocket scientist Dr. James Possible asked as he stepped up to his wife for over twenty three years, who was staring out the kitchen window.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine," Dr. Rayne Possible smiled, before reaching under the cabinet to the hidden refrigerator and pulling out a small bottle filled with a red liquid. "Just thinking about the past ... and the possible future ..." She gave a small smile to the backyard where her daughter Kim and her boyfriend for one month Ron Stoppable were in the backyard, Ron pushing Kim on the homemade swing on the old oak tree. Rayne took a swig of the dark red fluid and sighed loudly, before looking worriedly at her daughter.

"Kim's eighteen years old, Rayne," James said placing a hand on his wife's shoulder. "Not so much of a fang has shown up. Maybe she's more human then ..."

"I hope so, James," Rayne sighed leaning back into his chest. "I really do ..." She whispered, looking down at the bottle of blood in disgust.

Outside Kim laughed as she swung a little higher before closing her eyes tight and shielded her face with one hand. "You ok, KP?" Ron asked worriedly.

"Yeah ... just the sun is really bright today ..." Kim complained as she squinted her eyes at the attacking rays.

To Be Continued ...
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