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Act of Mercy

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Rodin treats the injured Tuffle, but will his kindness be rewarded, or get him killed?

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-"Are you crazy?" Kroum asked as he and the others followed their leader. "She's a Tuffle, she tried to kill you!" Rodin took to the air and his crew did the same. They all headed towards the Shardin palace where their Saiyan rocket pods were waiting for them. After a short flight Rodin landed with Ryoko still unconscious in his arms.

-The vessels Rodin and his crew had used to come to Shardin were one man rockets pods. White, ball shaped space craft with a large front hatch that opened downward. The hatch had one small round window in the front for the occupant to see out if need be. On the inside there was one cushioned seat with control panels to the left and right sides. In an emergency the pod could be remote voice controlled with the Saiyan's scouter.

-When in transit the occupant usually slept for long trips in a state of suspended animation. The vehicle was made out of the same super condensed alloy that all Saiyan technology utilized. It was very tough stuff and the ship was powered by the same energon crystals that the scouters used, though for short trips a Saiyan could use his own energy to increase the ships speed.

-But Rodin wasn't planning to leave Shardin just yet. Instead he was planning to use one of the rockets many other functions. While on a mission a Saiyan's rocket acted as a home base, equipped with scanners, equipment and medical supplies. Rodin gently placed Ryoko into his pod and typed in the commands to initiate its recovery operation.

-A protective seal covered all of the electronics and an oxygen mask came down and fitted around the Tuffle's mouth and nose. Rodin stepped back as the hatch closed and the ship filled itself with a clear green liquid called Regen serum. A combination of dozens of medicinal substances but mostly it was synthetic Saiyan and Namekian DNA. It could heal nearly any injury and if applied quickly enough could even allow lost limbs to regenerate.

"Think about what you're doing!" Tomar said trying to dissuade him. Rodin shot a defiant glance to all of his crew. "I will not allow someone to die by my hand when they did not act of their own free will." Rodin said. Tomar looked to the others, Sheena simply shrugged and neither Gaudo nor Kroum looked like they wanted to push the issue further. With a sigh Tomar conceded defeat and retired to his own pod for some food while Gaudo went into the palace to report to the remaining Shardins.

-Rodin took one last look at the unconscious Tuffle in his pod, and then followed his second in command to speak with the Shardin royal family. He was in charge; it was his responsibility to deliver the bad news. He would also have to report in to the home world and report on the encounter with the Tuffles and await further orders. If the Tuffles were involved then the rules had changed.

-Rodin came up behind Gaudo and took his place before king Trell, a scrawny looking Shardin but his fierce eyes hinted at his inner strength. All Shardins had pale skin and skinny builds, they were not physically imposing but they had strong hearts that refused to bow to oppression and that, Rodin respected more then physical strength.

-"Rodin my friend, what has happened?" Trell asked, "We lost all contact with our armed forces, as well as the civilian encampment where they were posted." Gaudo and Rodin looked at each other, reluctant to inform the king of the loss his people had suffered. "King Trell, it is my sad duty to inform you that two Tuffle warriors have attacked and destroyed both the army and the civilian population at the encampment," Rodin said.

-King Trell's expression revealed the shock and horror he felt at the news. He looked away from Rodin and Gaudo, his mind racing to process the information. A light of hope flickered in his eyes and he looked to Rodin again. "Rodin, I know that Saiyans have the power to undo damage incurred in this way, I beg you, use that power and give my people back their lives. I will pay any price you ask of me." Gaudo sighed and lowered his head as Rodin tried to explain why what Trell asked was impossible.

-"King Trell, in order to do what you ask our kind must first put up a spirit shield before any damage is done. However we do not do this when assisting in another race's war, deaths must be permanent on both sides or else war becomes a game. We only create spirit shields when dueling with other high level warriors and although the Tuffles qualified as such we were not made aware of their presence until it was too late. I am truly sorry, but we cannot do what you ask. Those people are lost forever."

-King Trell slowly sat down on his throne. When he had called for the aid of the Saiyans, he had not expected this. He felt the loss of his people, anger for those that had caused it and helplessness for not being able to stop it. But he knew he could not let emotion get the best of him.

-"What of the Tuffles that killed my people?" He asked. Rodin raised his head and looked into Trell's eyes, "they have been taken care of," Rodin answered. "And since they interfered, we shall remove the remaining Corcorin forces ourselves. Consider this our apology for failing to prevent this tragedy."

-King Trell nodded in appreciation, "I thank you my friend, but please know that I do not blame you for what has transpired. I know you did your best." Rodin and Gaudo bowed to the Shardin king and took their leave. The others were waiting outside for them, it was clear that Tomar was still upset about saving the Tuffle but he would not be voicing any more concerns. Now it was time to report in to the Saiyan command and inform them of the situation.

-Ryoko slowly regained consciousness and opened her eyes. It was night but her enhanced eyes had no trouble cutting through the darkness. She was in some fancy room on a comfortable bed. Her entire body ached but her mind was too foggy to recall what had happened. She reached out with her mind and sensed five high power levels, and one of them was approaching.

-She closed her eyes and played dead while keeping her senses locked on the presence that continued to draw near. Soon she could hear the footsteps of her visitor and soon the person was standing over her. She sensed the visitor lean down towards her and that was as close as she was letting the person get.

-Ryoko reach up with one hand and grabbed the intruder's shoulder while she formed an energy blade in the other and placed it across the person's throat. It was then that she got her first look at her captor. Chiseled face, wild black hair and piercing eyes. He was obviously a Saiyan.

-If he was surprised he was hiding it well. He looked Ryoko in the eye and showed not even a hint of fear. After what seemed like an eternity, he spoke. "Good morning."
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