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Might of a Super Saiyan.

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Rodin faces off against Ryoko and Kogato.

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-Gaudo and the others stared at their leader in awe. The blond hair, the golden glow and blue eyes, the pulsing hum of power. There was no mistaking it, Rodin had transformed into a super Saiyan. He had achieved the goal of every Saiyan warrior and ascended to a true elite far beyond the rest of them. Gaudo didn't have a clue what had pushed his friend over the edge, but one thing was for sure. The Tuffles didn't have a prayer.

-Kogato looked into the fierce eyes of a super Saiyan and for a moment appeared worried but either from confidence, or stupidity, he regained his cocky demeanor. A smile again formed on his face as he looked at the Saiyan that was glairing at him. "So glad you could rejoin use. I was beginning to think that little greeting had killed you. As I told your friends I am..."

-"I don't give a damn who you are!" Rodin growled cutting Kogato off. He raised his arm and pointed a finger accusingly at the floating Tuffle. "You're mine and you're dead!"

-Suddenly Kogato now longer looked as confident as he had a moment before. Like everyone else in the universe he had heard tales of how utterly invincible super Saiyans were. Of coarse he didn't believe them. He had no doubt that turning into a super Saiyan increased their power but the stories had been exaggerated. But there was something about the Saiyan standing before him, glairing at him with those defiant eyes that sent a chill up his spine. The Saiyans were little more than animals but this one truly seemed like a wild beast.

-He quickly reassured himself that he had nothing to worry about, not with his body guard standing between him and the Saiyan dog below. He smiled down at the Saiyan and said, "sorry to disappoint you, but you've got to go through Ryoko here before I'll even consider you worth bothering with."

-Rodin shot a glance at the woman. Her eyes were open and glowing completely red but the way she hung in the air with her head down and arms limp, it was if she were unconscious. Even when Kogato snapped his fingers she seemed dead with her response as she lifted he arm out to the side as if it were being lifted by someone else. A small ball of energy appeared in her open hand and Rodin expected her to throw it at him any moment.

-Instead Ryoko grabbed the ball of energy and it extended like a sword. Rodin blinked in surprise; he had never seen energy used in such a way before. He realized then what had caused the lacerations on the Shardin warriors. Rodin wondered if Ryoko had killed the people he had seen in the cave as well. He hadn't noticed any lacerations on their bodies, but that didn't rule her out.

-Even as Ryoko rushed at Rodin and attacked him her movements seemed unnatural, like a puppet on a string. Not once did she raise her head to look at her enemy or say a word as she slashed at him with her weapon. Ryoko was fast but Rodin was easily able to avoid her every attack.

-Rodin was so much stronger now, and not only that, he was angry. Saiyans were taught all their lives that transforming would push their rage beyond anything they could imagine, and it was true. He was so full of rage it threatened to consume him. He wanted to kill Ryoko; he wanted to rip Kogato to shreds. But it had nothing to do with the dead Shardins. It was blind aggression, his desire to fight had increased as much as his power and although Ryoko was attacking him Rodin's true battle was within himself.

-Ryoko pressed her attack and came dangerously close to slashing Rodin's face. He shot out a fist and slammed it into the Tuffle's stomach with enough force to shatter a mountain. Ryoko was only stunned for a moment before she attempted a counter attack. She gave no indication of pain or anger, even her expression remained blank. If Rodin had any doubt that she was not fighting under her own will it had been erased.

-Ryoko slashed at Rodin again but hit only air, he was gone. Without a target Ryoko hung limply in the air awaiting further instruction. Kogato looked around trying to find Ryoko's enemy for her. "Don't just float there you idiot!" Kogato yelled, "Find him!" Ryoko looked around but she didn't have any better luck then her master.

-"You can't even talk can you?" Rodin asked in an almost sympathetic voice. Kogato turned to see Rodin standing confidently with his arms folded across his chest on a pillar of stone. Ryoko turned as well and rushed at her reacquired target. When she had nearly reached him Rodin held out his hand and yelled as a blast of energy erupted from his palm.

-Ryoko tried to push her way through the torrent of chaos energy that was tarring at her but with no will of her own she was quickly overcome. The stream of energy carried her back until it released her and she fell to the ground, bloody and defeated. With that taken care of Rodin turned his attention back to Kogato. Without his body guard the Tuffle no longer looked as sure of himself.

-"Any more tricks up your sleeve, Tuffle?" Rodin asked with a stern voice. Kogato clenched his teeth and glared at the super Saiyan that had just defeated a Tuffle so easily. Could the stories be true? Were super Saiyans invincible, of coarse not. Tuffles had killed them before, and now it was his turn to take his place among the great Tuffles of history. He would kill this super Saiyan and his crew and earn the respect he deserved.

-"That was an amusing show, Saiyan," Kogato said with disdain, "but now I think I'll finish this little game." Rodin's eyes flared with anger, "NO!" he yelled, "I'll finish it!" And with that Rodin dashed up at Kogato too fast for the Tuffle to react and placed his right palm on the Tuffles chest. Rodin looked right into Kogato's eyes, and he saw fear. "Goodbye!" Rodin said as he fired a blast of energy that blew the Tuffles heart right out of his body.

-Kogato fell from the sky with a look of utter disbelief on his face. How could he have lost so easily? He could not take his gaze away from the Saiyan's eyes, glairing down at him unsympathetically. He almost looked like a god. Everything became dark, and he passed into the next world as a Tuffle who's only accomplishment had been creating the super Saiyan that had killed him.

-Rodin looked down on the broken Tuffle's body feeling neither remorse nor relief. The dead had been avenged, but it would not bring them back, and it did nothing to relieve the rage he felt inside. Still it was over, Rodin looked inside himself and let go of his anger. His new power dissipated and his body transformed back to its normal state.

-He walked over to Ryoko's body, it was battered and bloody but she was still alive. Kroum and the others gathered around him. "What do we do with her?" Sheena asked, her tone revealing her desires. Ryoko was a Tuffle and an enemy; in Sheena's mind and the minds of the others she deserved no mercy.

-Rodin knelt down and picked the Tuffle up in his arms. He looked down at her unconscious face and made up his mind. He walked off towards the Saiyan space pods, and the recovery tanks.
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