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Blood Enemy

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Rodin and the others meet the rival of the Saiyan race and Rodin is pushed over the edge

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-Rodin and the others left the battle ground and flew toward the explosion they had seen. Saiyans had no wings but they didn't need any to fly. All any being with a high enough power level needed was some basic self control over their energy. None of them said a word as they flew through the clouds; they were all on full alert. A power level of 50,000 was no match for any of them but whoever had caused that blast could control and conceal their true power and that was a bad sign. It meant that whoever had caused the light show had a power level of 50,000 minimum.

-The Saiyans came to a dead stop when they arrived at the spot the blast had originated from. They looked with shock at a killing field, hundreds of Shardin warriors lay sprawled out across the ground. Their bodies were mangled and torn apart from the blast but some of them had deep lacerations not caused by the explosion. Rodin pressed a button on the side of his scouter and the device scanned the wounds for trace elements of whatever had inflicted them.

-If the Shardin warriors had been killed by a solid weapon the scouter would detected evidence in the bone and flesh, then Rodin and his crew might have a clue as to who had killed them. Information scrolled across the transparent glass display in front of his eye and the scan came back negative for any kind of trace materials, not even the organic residue that would have been left behind by claws. That meant that the injuries were caused by some sort of energy blade and that didn't help narrow it down any. There were many races that used energy weapons but Rodin couldn't think of any that would benefit by Shardin's destruction.

-"What the hell happened?" Tomar asked. Shina looked at him and shrugged, "I don't know, sneak attack by the Corcorins?" Gaudo shook his head, "no, there are no Corcorin corpses and we got here too fast for them to retreat."

-"Then what's going on?" Kroum asked, "There shouldn't be anyone here strong enough to do this." Rodin looked over his shoulder at his crew; it was time to put them to work.

-"Cut the chit chat," he snapped and his men came to attention. "Kroum, Gaudo, you two scout the area. Shina, check for survivors. Tomar..."

-Just then Rodin's scouter urgently beeped as it detected a spike in energy. Before he could react he was struck by an energy ball from his blind spot. The blast sent him slamming into the ground and he was buried by rubble and dust. He crashed through into an underground cavern and hit the ground hard.

-Rodin slowly picked himself up and brushed off the dust, he wasn't hurt but he didn't like getting sucker punched like that. He was about to go back out for some pay back when he noticed something. He tapped a button on his scouter nd a light turned on to illuminate the cave he was in and revealed a horrible sight. The bodies of Shardin people littered the floor. At first he thought they were more warriors but when he took a closer look Rodin realized that they were all women and children.

-Rodin had seen corpses before, even a few children but nothing like this. There were thousands of bodies, all if them had expressions of horror on their faces twisted in death. He realized they must have taken shelter underground but it had not saved them. Rodin clenched his fists so tightly that his palms bled, whoever had done this would pay, he would see to that.

-Like all Saiyans Rodin had no tear ducts and therefore could not cry to show his grief but that only made it hurt all the worse. He felt pain and rage building up inside him like a volcano. These had been innocent women and children but they had been slaughtered like cattle. He swore he would find the one responsible and hurt them, kill them. His body filled with rage until it could no longer contain it, and then the dam broke.

-Outside Gaudo looked at the two figures who had attacked his commander. A man and a woman floated in the air a short distance away. Gaudo did a quick scouter check but he didn't trust the reading. The man had his arms crossed over his chest and a self satisfied smile on his face. His hair was pulled back into a small ponytail and he wore glasses with a thin frame. The woman had long spiky hair and glowing red eyes but she wore no expression and hung limply in the air. Both of them had silver white hair and ape like tails swaying in the air, they were Tuffles.

-Tuffles and Saiyans had evolved on the same planet, though the Saiyans had long ago evicted them, and many believed that they both shared a common ancestor. That made them cousins but both sides would emphasize that they were distant cousins. Tuffles were weaker than Saiyans but often used their scientific knowledge to augment themselves in an attempt to even the odds. They were selfish and arrogant and would stop at nothing to attain more power for them selves. Most of the duties Saiyans performed involved cleaning up messes made by Tuffles.

-Guado's right eye winced as he smirked at his commanders attackers. "You've got balls challenging us like this Tuffle," he said boldly, "mind explaining yourself?" The man scoffed at the question and chuckled as he answered.

-"I owe you no explanation Saiyan mongrel," he said, speaking as if he were addressing lowly subjects, "but out of courtesy I shall introduce myself and my companion. I am Kogato," he said with a self serving bow. "And this is Ryoko. She isn't much for conversation but then she doesn't need to be. All she need do is obey my every whim." Ryoko made mo response and Gaudo figured that she had probably been implanted with a mind control device. Tuffles and been known to use them but they had no effect on Saiyans.

-"And don't bother telling me your names;" Kogato continued in the same condescending tone, "I doubt you'll live long enough for me to care."

-Gaudo could feel the others swelling with anger and so was he. They had all heard of the arrogance of Tuffles but none of them had ever actually met one before. Gaudo knew that Rodin wasn't dead but he saw no reason to wait for him, he could take care of this trash easily enough.

-"Humph, ok," Gaudo said with a smile, "Kroum, you and Shina take on the girl, leave this bastard to me. Tomar, go check on..." before he could finish the order his scouter detected a massive rise in energy from underground. A split second later the earth erupted in an explosion that sent boulders hurtling through the air as a cry of agonizing rage filled the air.

-When the dust settled Gaudo and the others looked on in awe at Rodin as he stood at the epicenter of the blast. His standard black hair had been turned golden blond and a radiating aura surrounded his body. He shot a fierce glair at Kogato with fiery blue eyes and said, "I don't think so this Tuffle is mine!"
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