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No Contest

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Rodin and his crew annihilate the Corcorin invaders

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-Rodin sat with his head down and eyes closed waiting. His scouter beeped a confirmation and his eyes shot open fully alert. He stood up and cracked his neck side to side, the others were in place. His crew had taken position surrounding the enemy base and now they were ready. Rodin reached up and tapped a button on the side of his scouter to send the signal to his crew. Now it was time to power up.

-Contrary to what many believed powering up could be very dangerous for the inexperienced. A warrior had to control the rate at which they raised their energy or the force would tear their body apart. Rodin flexed his muscled and looked deep inside himself and began to roar. The wind swirled around him and the ground began to shake as all five Saiyans powered up in unison. The enraged cry of the five warriors rose to a deafening howl and the ground began to crack under Rodin's feet.

-Rodin focused on the energy in his body and lifted himself into the air. All five Saiyans rose around the city and their power electrified the surrounding atmosphere. Bolts of lightning lashed out and struck the ground, tearing up earth and splintering trees. Below them several of the Corcorins fled from their base. They knew what was coming but the ones that stayed inside had insulted Rodin and his crew, they dared to believe that a structure of stone and metal could protect them from the might of Saiyan warriors and for that they would pay.

-Rodin held out his arm with his open palm aimed toward the building. He focused the energy to his hand and a ball of glowing energy began to form. There were three main types off attacks that warriors used, beams, blasts and balls and all three were composed of two types of energy, chaos and control. Chaos energy was the raw destructive power that caused massive explosions while control energy was stable and more solid. A beam was made form control energy and was used to pierce and puncture. Blasts were made of raw chaos energy and would rip apart anything in their path but they were very dangerous and difficult to use do to their volatile nature. Most warriors used balls, a combination of chaos energy and control energy. They were much like balloons with chaos energy being contained by control energy. When the ball hit the target it would explode like a bomb. They were very powerful but if used against a strong enemy the enemy could push it back. Rodin and the others were forming balls and aiming them at the Corcorin stronghold.

-The ball in front of Rodin's palm grew to the size of a soccer ball and he grinned as he unleashed the attack. The five balls of light raced towards the building and smashed through its ceiling. Rodin released the control energy and the bombs exploded. The enemy base was engulfed in a swelling dome of flame that destroyed everything within. The brilliant light illuminated the sky with cataclysmic glory and the flash concealed the approach of the Corcorin warriors.

-The insectoid warriors flew up at the Saiyans using the bright light to mask their approach, not a bad plan except for the fact that Saiyans didn't need to see an enemy to know where they were. Rodin's scouter had detected them the moment they had taken to the air. Even without the scouter he could feel where they were, how strong they were and where they were heading.

-Eight Corcorin warriors rushed up at Rodin and his crew. Two of them went for Kroum, probably because he was the biggest. Two more went for Gaudo and two came for Rodin. Shina and Tomar both had one on one fights, the Corcorins probably thought that they would make for easier targets, big mistake.

-Rodin let his opponents attack him, they tried to charge him from opposite directions but that tactic was strictly for amateurs. Rodin was only toying with tem, he dodged every punch and kick effortlessly with a smile on his face. Kroum and Gaudo toyed with their opponents as well but Shina had little patience for such games. Her enemy threw a right punch at her face which she caught easily and drove her knee up into the bug's gut. The Corcorin's exoskeleton cracked like an eggshell and he fell down to earth doubled over in pain. Shina pointed a finger at him and fired a beam that pierced his face, finishing him off.

-Tomar for his part was running circles around his enemy. His small size made him very fast, a good fighter hides their weaknesses but a great warrior uses it. Tomar used the after image technique to make it appear as though there where four of him surrounding the Corcorin and the insect began firing wildly trying to get lucky. Tomar saw his opening and rushed in behind the bug from behind. The Corcorin suddenly found a straight palmed hand sticking out from his chest. "Those big eyes can't save you from me cricket face," Tomar whispered into the bug's ear.

-Kroum didn't even bother to defend him self, he stood with his arms across his chest as the two Corcorin warriors attacked him with everything they had. Despite their rapid and continues blows Kroum wasn't even fazed. Out of frustration and desperation the two bugs rushed in from opposite sides and Kroum reached out with both hands and grabbed them by their heads. He chuckled and he slammed their faces into each other and their heads splattered like fruit.

-Guado's opponents faired no better, one of them fired several blasts at him but he used his Saiyan, ape like tail to effortlessly swat them away. When the other Corcorin tried a sneak attack Gaudo grabbed him by the arm and promptly ripped it off. As the other warrior came to the aid of his companion Gaudo threw the severed limb like a javelin and it pierced through the enemy's chest. As the skewered Corcorin fell down to the ground Guado's tail lashed around the remaining bug's neck and with one quick squeeze removed his head.

-Only Rodin continued to play with his opponents but the fate of their companions had not gone unnoticed by the warriors. At the sight of his fallen comrades one of the Corcorin warriors rushed at Rodin from behind. Rodin's fist sprang up and backhanded the bug, crushing his face and sending him plummeting to meet his brethren. The last of the warriors was visibly shaking with fear. One angry glance from Rodin sent him flying away for his life. Rodin scowled at the fleeing foe, "coward," he said coldly as he aimed his palm at the little bug. He sent an energy ball after the Corcorin and watched with a smile as the insect flew franticly trying to escape his impending doom.

-Rodin was still in control of the energy ball even if it was separated from him. He watched with a wicked smile as it slowly closed the gap on the Corcorin warrior. Rodin's crew fell in behind him and watched the show with amusement until the blast finally caught up with the fleeing Corcorin and the Saiyans were treated to a firework finale.

-Down below several surviving Corcorin warriors were fleeing but Rodin had no interest in them. The warriors who had faced them in battle deserved honorable deaths but Saiyans didn't take joy in killing unworthy enemies. Besides, if they killed them all there would be no one to tell the terrible tale to the rest of the Corcorin army. A few terrified soldiers could prove very useful to disrupting enemy moral.
-As the others chuckled and patted themselves on the back Rodin was preoccupied with something that had him concerned. He looked over the ground but saw nothing. He checked his scouter but again did not see what he was searching for. Gaudo noticed the concerned look on Rodin's face and knew something was wrong, "what is it?" he asked. The others became silent and looked to their leader for an answer. Rodin looked up with a serious expression on his face.

-"Where are the Shardins?" Rodin asked. The others looked around and realized what Rodin had noticed. The Shardins were supposed to attack the Corcorin forces when the Saiyans took out the base but not a single Shardin warrior was in sight. Rodin knew that the Shardin people were not cowards; if they were absent it was for a reason.

-Before they had time to ponder the mystery further the Saiyans' attention was directed to the horizon. Their scouters indicated a massive spike in power and a massive explosion of swirling red energy swelled up from the ground in the distance. Rodin's scouter read a power level that peeked at 50,000 and then it quickly dropped back down below detectable levels.
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