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Rodin and his crew are sent to stop an invading army

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-Rodin opened his eyes and looked around. It was dark out and the camp fire was dying down but there was enough light to see what had woken him. The small Tetch scuttled away from the bones it had knocked over. The mouse like creature hid behind a rock and looked at him. Rodin remembered right away where he really was, Shardin, a real shit-hole. He though about his dream and was amused how impulsive he had been back then. That battle had taken place over four years ago.

-Of coarse he hadn't known at the time that the Ginyu force were Saiyan allies, a team of aliens trained by the Saiyans to test their young in battle. The whole mission had been a test, a final exam that all Saiyans must take. Prince Vegeta had been monitoring the fight the whole time to see how Rodin and his crew would handle a fight they couldn't win. If it hadn't been for the spirit shield Vegeta had put around the entire planet Rodin and everyone else would have been killed.

-Every Saiyan had the ability to create a pocket dimension for battle and when the fighting was over they closed it and all the damage they had done during the fight was negated in the real world, except of course for the harm they did to their enemy. This was called a spirit shield.

-Rodin had put up a spirit shield during that battle but if the one who created the shield died in the fight then shield collapsed and the damage became real. Rodin had been willing to die in order to stop the threat of the Ginyu force only to be brought back when prince Vegeta closed his shield and everyone was fine again. In the history of the Ginyu force, Rodin had been the only one to ever beat them.

-There was no way Rodin could have won the fight, there never had been. The Ginyu force were specifically selected because no Saiyan youth stood a chance against them. They couldn't beat a veteran Saiyan, but they were still strong for aliens. After the fight Recoom had commended Rodin for being so clever. No one had ever used a scouter in such a way before. Prince Vegeta had chewed him out for being reckless and irresponsible but Rodin knew he had been impressed.

-Now Rodin's crew had been sent to Shardin, an unimportant world at the ass end of the universe. An army of Corcorins had invaded and were subjugating the natives. The Shardins had good relations with the Saiyans so they called for aid and now Rodin and the others had been sent in to take care of the situation. For as long as anyone could remember the Saiyans had been the peacekeepers of the universe. Whenever there was trouble the Saiyans took care of it, and they were good at it.

-Rodin sat up and took the Corcorin arm off of the fire. They were an insect race and he didn't care for the salty taste but they were nice and crunchy. It was common practice for Saiyans to eat slain enemies on the battlefield. To them meat was meat, and they had veracious appetites, plus it demoralized the enemy to see a crew of Saiyans eating their dead comrades.

-Rodin ate the rest of the arm and tossed the leftover bits to the Tetch. The little creature gobbled them up and looked to Rodin for more. He chuckled and looked to his crew. Kroum sat leaning against a tree sound asleep. Shina was standing watch with Gaudo. Shina was fit and had spiky hair that swept back, her voice was deep for a woman and she was often mistaken for a man. Gaudo was bulkier than Kroum but over a foot shorter. He had a habit of wincing with his right eye but no one was sure why.

-Tomar was perched in a tree scouting out the city, he was less than five feet tall and the others often joked that his heart was too big for his body. Despite his small size Tomar was always ready for a fight and could hold his own with anyone around no matter how big they were. He was the scout and spy for the group and he did his job well.

-The five of them had been together since they were children and Rodin had learned to use their strengths well. He was the most powerful of the group and therefore the leader. Despite the fact that Gaudo was the oldest of them he had proven incapable of adapting quickly to changing battle conditions, he couldn't think on his feet. Reluctantly he had taken his place as Rodin's second in command. He made sure the others got along and that Rodin's orders were carried out.

-They had been on this planet two days already and it looked like they would be there awhile longer. The Corcorin that they had eaten had been a part of a scouting party that had the misfortune of running into them, which meant they were close to the enemy base. It would be too much of a bother to fight them one at a time so the best option was to find their base and take it out. They weren't there to fight the war for the Shardins, only to support them.

-Tomar dropped down from the tree and landed near Rodin. "So what's the good news Tomar?" Rodin asked. Tomar nodded to the east and Rodin fallowed his gaze. He pressed a button on his scouter and the lens in front of his right eye zoomed in on a large structure.

-"That would be the most likely place," Tomar said, "do we move?" Tomar was eager for some action; all they had really done since they got on the planet was look for the enemy stronghold. Elite fighters doing the work of scouts, it was beneath them. Even the enemies they had run into proved so weak they had hardly been worth killing. Rodin thought for a moment and sighed shaking his head.

-"No, tell Shina and Gaudo to get some rest and join them. I will stand watch for the remainder of the night and we will take it out in the morning." Tomar nodded and swiftly walked over to Shina and Gaudo to tell them. Rodin stood up and stretched his muscles. He walked over and stood guard while his crew got some shuteye. At dawn hey would have their fun.
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