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The No Win Scenario

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A crew of Saiyan warriors fight for their lives

Category: Dragon Ball Z - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Parody, Sci-fi - Characters: Bulma, Chichi, Gohan, Goku, Goten, Kibito, Piccolo, Supreme Kai, Trunks, Vegeta, Videl - Warnings: [?] [V] [X] - Published: 2005-12-10 - Updated: 2005-12-11 - 730 words

-Rodin could taste blood in his mouth; he picked himself up out of the dirt and looked over his shoulder at the lumbering giant standing over him. He looked at his crew; all four of them were out of commission and all at the hands of one enemy, Recoom. The giant oaf had single-handedly wiped the floor with an entire crew of Saiyan youths, not a very glorious beginning to their careers.

-Rodin would personally beat the living hell out of the person in charge of the intelligence for this mission, if he lived. The report had said that a group of thugs had stolen Saiyan RIT armor and had fled to this world. It had seemed like the perfect first mission for a crew of Saiyan youths that had just finished their training. Instead it had turned into a massacre.

-They called themselves the Ginyu force, a group of five warriors from different races. It had seemed like a perfect match, five against five but when the giant Recoom had stepped forward Rodin had found it fitting to send Kroum to fight, he was the largest Saiyan in their crew. Kroum had stood toe to toe with Recoom, they were about the same size, Kroum was a little bulkier and his thick, black Saiyan mane blew in the wind and looked a good deal better than Recoom's red grass patch on the top of his head.

-The two had grabbed each others hands in a test of strength at first but Recoom had only been toying with him. He had taken hold of Kroum's hands and swung him around in the air and hurled the massive Saiyan into a nearby mountain. After that he had taken them down one at a time, and now only Rodin was still in the fight.

-Rodin got to his feet but it was clear he was hurt bad. Recoom had planted his face into the dirt. He stood to defy the giant if for no other reason, he knew he wasn't a match for Recoom but he would never admit defeat. He was a Saiyan and no one beats a Saiyan, no one. There had to be a way to win, Rodin just had to find it.

-"Is that all you got," Recoom asked in his deep voice, "I haven't even broken a sweat yet." He towered over the Saiyan teenager; the big confident smirk on his face infuriated the boy. Rodin clenched his fists with barley contained rage, to think this big oaf could single-handedly take out five Saiyans. Rodin looked over his shoulder at the other four Ginyu force members, according to the scouter on his face Recoom wasn't even the strongest of them. How could he take them all out?

-Rodin looked back at Recoom with fire in his eyes, "I don't care how strong you are," Rodin growled, "I'll make you pay for thinking you could make fools of the Saiyans!" Recoom laughed out loud with his fists on his hips. Rodin looked at the giant's huge gapping mouth, huge mouth. That was it!

-Rodin rushed at Recoom while he was distracted and took off his scouter with his right hand. He leapt up and shoved it into Recoom's mouth, "eat this," Rodin yelled, "and choke on it!" He drove his left fist up into Recoom's bottom jaw and the Ginyu's teeth shattered and so did the scouter.

-Every Saiyan scouter was powered by an energon crystal that was slightly bigger than a grain of sand. Energon was the most destructive element in the universe, even the small piece in Rodin's scouter was enough to blow a chunk out of the planet. No matter how strong the Ginyu force were they would not survive the explosion, and neither would Rodin or his crew.

-Rodin knew his brethren would rather die than live in shame, and the damage done to the planet would be regrettable but it was uninhabited and there was no telling what harm these monsters would do if they lived. Rodin would stop them right there. He looked into Recoom's eyes and saw real fear, and he savored every second of it. Death was the price paid by anyone who dared to challenge the might of the Saiyan race. Rodin heard the high pitched whine of the fractured energon crystal and then a bright flash swallowed everything.
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