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Life is but a Dream for the Dead

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i wish i was in a ska band

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Carolyn Martinez lead a perfect life.
No, she wasn’t head cheerleader, and she wasn’t on the honor roll but she was the person that all the girls envied and all the guys wanted in their pants. Carolyn never got in trouble despite her excessive amounts of drinking, drug selling, fucking, and cheating. Carolyn’s family owned a hotel franchise, so she was loaded. She played drums for an upcoming pop punk group that had made a name for themselves in the local scene in a matter of a month. Best off: she had a beautiful, loving boyfriend and a smokin’ hot fuck buddy.
Carolyn sewed lies together better than anybody you know. She had the iq of 150, and could pick up languages faster than a Mexican could hop the border.
She had the life that everybody wanted, except she had a secret.
Carolyn knew when and how people were going to die. Ever since she had known death, it had been around her. Whether it be her cat, or her teacher, every so often, she would go to sleep and have a nightmare of somebody’s death and it always came true. In first grade, she had a dream of her neighbor crossing the streets, and getting shot from a drive by shooting. That morning, the police crowded her street, aiding the soon to be dead neighbor she called Monica. There was nothing she could do either, she would never be able to fight fate. Her dreams would never tell enough, plus, she never had the reason too. These people were almost as insignificant as her. Although lately, she had started have nightmares a lot of more often. She would have one every other year. They had started becoming a month to month thing. The fear of death covered her like a blanket, she couldn’t see past it. The people seem to of become more and more important to her, and there was nothing she could even try to do, because by the time she could even formulate a plan, they’d be gone.
The morning after burned like the stale taste of alcohol. She could only mourn helplessly over the loss of those she knew. What was she to do anyways? Have somebody watch her dreams, to read her brain during her sleep each night? Tell somebody about her ‘powers’? They’d only think she was insane. Plus, was it her fault of their deaths? She only saw.
As time went by, she wondered, and thought. There had to be some way to stop this. If she could only of gotten there faster was always the problem. There were no signs in previous nights, only the night of her nightmares would she even get a clue of another loss.
No, she was determined to somehow win the battle between life and death. Some way some how she would find a way to wake herself up, or alert somebody! There had to be some way to win.
But who was she? She was some kid from tiny suburb in Chicago, an exceptional person, but could she really win? If she had saved one person’s life, would that be the case for all of them, because surely this ‘curse’ or ‘gift’ was not going away.
There is so much we can do, before we give away, but what do you do when your biggest threat is yourself?
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