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If I had secks with a hermaphordite hippo, who would carry the babies?

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Caro’s POV

Natalie Kinkie was my best friend for one reason and one reason only: she was just like me. We walked the halls like we owned the place, we were the fucking queen bees. With our hair perfectly teased, and our eyeliner perfectly applied, we were unstoppable. We had any boy we wanted at the snap of our fingers. Everybody knew who we were, and nobody was going to knock us off of our high and mighty pedestal. We owned shit, and loved every second of it.
I strutted over to the lunch table, where Natalie, William Beckett, Dave Melillo, Paige Castro, Kyle Burns, Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta, and Brendon Urie sat. We were the untouchables. Nobody questioned, people parted the seas for us. We were all the perfect combination of beauty, smarts and evil. Everybody was scared of us, because we could ruin lives. Not only that, we were all going to be successful, people knew that we would get somewhere in life, unlike 98% of those kids.
“Somebody tell me what we’re doing this weekend.” I pulled out a chair, and threw done my binder on the table.
“We have our 8th month anniversary dinner on Friday downtown.” Dave smiled, kissing me on the cheek. This was impressive because I had always seemed to make the plans for important dates.
“Party at the my place on Saturday.” Gabe winked, his arm wrapped around Natalie’s waist. They were a perfect couple because all they did was get drunk and crunk.
“Um, we have band practice Sunday morning.” Paige threw out there, like I was supposed to know when shit was planned.
“I’ve got a gig on Saturday, you said you would be there so…” William shrugged, crossing his arms. Oh William. Nobody was supposed to know of our ‘friendship’ if you could even call it that. But then he started associating himself with Gabe and Brendon and it went downhill from there. We were what you would call ‘friends with benefits’. We barely liked each other, we disliked each other more than anything, but he was good in bed and so was I. Nobody had to know, Dave certainly will not know, and nobody will tell, because the second anybody finds out, it’ll injure both of our reputations; the only thing we have our name.
“Oh right, I’ll totally be there.” I smiled, remembering about our plans.
“Look what the cat dragged in.” Pete smirked, as Brooke Baker passed us. Her and her fake eyelashes and damn pin stripe all up in our lives. She used to be one of us. But she thought she was too good for us, even though I can’t even think of anybody higher up than us. She migrated to where all they do is talk about their fashion and their wet dreams of Blair Waldorf.
“Hm, cute, when are you guys gonna get over the neon pink hair extensions?” Wonderbread Baker smirked, eying over everybody.
“Whenever you wake up and realize that you don’t live in the upper east side. You live in Barrington, shut the fuck up and go read some damn teen vogue.” Brendon criticized, running his hand through his brown locks.
“Will do, sweetie.” She regally smiled, walking away in her Jimmy Choo and all too sailor inspired get up.
“What a bitch.” I laughed, kicking my feet on top of the table.
“Who does she even think she is?” Natalie chuckled, taking a sip from her water bottle- Lord knows what was actually in the bottle.
After our fifteen minutes of gossiping about whatever the topic of the day was, me and Natalie found our way to our English, which we passed with flying colors, so the only productive activity in that class was note passing.
“Pssst.” She whispered quietly, handing me a piece of folded up paper.
“So what are your real plans for this weekend?” The note enclosed, in her notable cursive handwriting.
“Friday: going to dinner with David. Saturday: spending the night at Williams ;) Sunday: whatever the hell Paige tells me to do. Wbu?”
“Oh, fun ;) Friday: partying over at Burns’ place. Saturday: partying over at Gabey Baby’s. Sunday: partying over at McCracken’s. The usual.”
“Definitely babe. We should go shopping next weekend, yes?”
“Of course.”
I started dazing off during Mr. Bemis’ lecture, there’s only so much you can learn about the Shakespeare.
“Ms. Martinez, since you seem to be so interested, can you tell me the year ‘Timon of Athens’ was published?” Mr. Bemis shouted, waking me up from my daily nap.
I brought my head up, looking around to find everybody staring at me.
“Yeah, 1623.” I mumbled loud enough for him to hear.
“Very good, you may go back to sleep.” He dismissed. I chuckled, and began lowering my head. I heard a few girls behind me scoff and start gossiping, my name all up in their words. I turned around to find them all giving me the stink eye. I only smiled, turned around. I ripped out a piece of paper from my notebook, wrote a little message on it and threw it at what looked like the head bitch.
I watched her unravel the message, and the smirk that seemed to be plastered on her face, was wiped away faster than it took her to read the words. The rest of her girls read what I wrote over her shoulder, and all their mouths dropped, all of them mouthing either ‘you whore or ‘fuck you’ or ‘how dare you’ at me. I blew a kiss, and turned back around.
“Bro, what did the paper say?” Natalie asked, doing a double take.
“I sucked your boyfriend’s dick last weekend.” I laughed, even though it wasn’t true at all, considering I don’t know who that girl was, nonetheless her boyfriend, but everybody knew that if I wanted to, I could.
“Very nice.” She giggled, looking back at the shocked girls.
“You know how I do.” I smiled, putting my head back on the desk.
Try to put me in my place, just try.

-Friday Night-

I was picked up from my house in a classy white limo. I wore a little black dress, accessorized by a beautiful pearl necklace, and black pumps.
I slid into the limo and was greeted by a plan white card that said “I’m sorry I couldn’t pick you up myself baby, my sister had an emergency, I’ll meet you at the restaurant. Love, David.” I rolled my eyes, threw the card aside, and slid open my phone.
“We still on for tomorrow night?” I texted William, making me feel less alone. I opened some champagne, and poured myself a glass. I felt my seat vibrate and looked back at my sidekick.
“Of course we are ;)” He replied, making my night even more sexually frustrating considering David was celibate and I had told him I was too.
I arrived at the fancy Chicago restaurant, feeling awfully lonely. I walked over to the hostess, “Reservations for David?”
She looked down at her computer screen, obviously judging my age. She looked back up at me, and plastered on a fake smile.
“Right this way.” She led me over to the back of the restaurant, a quieter, more romantic corner.
I sat down, hoping that Dave wouldn’t take to get here as it was to convince him to just dispose of his purity ring so I could stop killing myself with guilt.
Soon enough, my pretty Italian boy came around the corner in a sexy James Bond tux.
“Hey, I’m sorry I’m late.” He smiled, leaving over the table and kissing me.
“It’s alright.” I smiled back, even though it killed me whenever he was late.
Our night went on, so perfectly, I swore that he had studied Nicholas Sparks novels before inviting me here.
“Baby, I’m so glad I have you.” Dave took my hand in his, and looked me dead in the eyes, making me came.
“You’re so wonderful, I cannot even.” I melted, not realizing how stupid I just sounded.
“I love you so much, thank you for being here.” He picked up my hand kissing it, like a true gentleman.
“I love you too.” I bit my life, possibly ruining my red lipstick, but I didn’t care.
After dinner, he drove me home in his Mercedes, dropping me off. I would of told him to spend the night, but what was the use, right? It doesn’t take two to sleep.
Don’t get me wrong, I love David, I’m just tired of holding hands and spooning. That’s all I’m saying. I could only take it for so long. William was a necessity.

-Saturday Night-

I knocked on Williams door, wearing a long purple flannel shirt, short shorts, with some nice lacy lingerie underneath. He opened the door, somewhat impressed in my lack of clothing, but who can eve tell what he’s thinking now a days.
“Hello.” He said, opening the door for me.
“How are you kind stranger?” I asked, walking into an oh so familiar household.
“I’m good, I’ve been better.” He smirked, cocking his head to the side.
“I’m sure you have.” I sighed. He would never be satisfied with life; just like me.
“Whose there?!” I heard Mr. Beckett yell from the living room.
“Oh, just Carolyn.” William yelled back. My family and his family have been close for the longest time, I was basically his sister, but not at all, we just let our parents think we were though.
“Hi Carolyn!” William Mother walked down the call, giving me a warm smile.
“Hi Mrs. Beckett, how are you?” I used my best mother pleasing voice.
“I’m wonderful, so what are you kids up to?” His mother questioned, look at William.
“Oh, we’re just going to go upstairs, there are some CD’s I got the other day that I wanted to show her.” William shrugged, using excuse 325# for why I could be over here.
“Oh alright, you kids have fun. Me and your dad have this convention to be at all night, so Carolyn you stay for as long as you want, maybe you kids can pop in a movie, whatever you feel like doing...” She smiled, walking away to finish getting ready.
“Do people even use CD’s anymore?” I quietly asked as his mom disappeared from the corner.
“Oh course they do. Wow, I have a lot to teach you.” William chuckled darkly, looking down at me.
“Oh, I’m very eager to learn.” I smiled back in the same tone.
He took my wrist and pulled me up to his bedroom. He locked the door, and I grabbed a shiny blue package out of his nightstand. This was the said ‘routine’.
I unbuttoned my purple flannel, as he walked over to me.
“Wow, you got some lace going on there.” William ran his fingertips over the smooth material that made up my bra.
“Yeah, I thought you’d like it.” I said seductively, running my hand through his hair.
“Oh, well you know me very well then.” He said, bringing his hands to the waste band of my shorts.
“Oh, I’m glad.” I brought my hands to his neck, pulling our lips against each other, his arms wrapping around my bare waist.
His tongue massaged the insides of my mouth as I unbuttoned his button down shirt, running my hands across the planes of his chest. I pushed him down onto his bed, straddling his chest on my knees, both my hands at his hair. His lips, trailed down to my neck, pulling and sucking at the skin. I moaned incomprehensible sounds, my hands trailing down his waist, unzipping his tight pants. He pulled his lips off of mine, and shook off his jeans, me slipping off my shorts in the process. He sat up, playing with my bra straps, then reaching behind me to undo the clasp. I threw my bra to the corner of this his room, and pushed him back down, my lips moving from his mouth to his stomach and back up, hungry for skin. While I was down there (loljk, I just really wanted to say that okay), I pulled off his boxer, revealing his hard pale member. I chuckled bringing myself back up to his lips.
“Oh, I’m sure your boy would be honored to have you fuck him half as hard as you fuck me.” He groaned, beneath me, toying with the materials of my last remaining article of clothing.
“Now, now, what did I say about bringing him up at times like these?” I mock-scolded him.
“Oh, I’m sorry teacher, punish me.” William pleaded, pulling off my underwear.
“Like the bad boy you are.”

Hours later, I drifted off to sleep in William’s arms, sweaty and tired.
I saw Natalie on the ground, high from a recent heroin injection. Everybody at Gabe’s kickback were either high or so drunk they passed out. Natalie was different though. She wasn’t breathing regularly. Her fingertips looked bruised. Her lips were as dry as the desert, and they were blue. She wasn’t alright. Nobody in that room was as fucked up as her. I heard a-

I woke up, looking at the clock, it was 5 AM- it was the first time I had woken up mid-nightmare, and death was going to happen in the next five minutes if I wasn’t there.
I sprinted out of William’s room, grabbing a large t-shirt and baggy shorts before leaving. I got in my car, and sped over to Gabe’s place. The door was unlocked, and everybody was sprawled all over the ground.
I found Natalie, laying down underneath the table, still alive but barely breathing (LOLJK WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN THE BEST PART OF ME WAS ALWAYS YOU. LOL THE SCRIPT). I opened her eyes, her pupils were pinpoints, and at that point I knew she overdosed.
“GOD DAMMIT NATALIE.” I yelled hysterically, hoping that somebody in the other room would wake up.
I took her hand in mine, and tried to ‘wake her up’, or bring her back to consciousness, but it was no use.
I dialed 911, and they said they’d be there in a 5 minutes, but I knew she’d be gone.
I ran over to the living room, and kicked Gabriel til he was conscious.
“What the fuck?!” He moaned.
“Just get the fuck over here, and stop being so damn selfish, you pig.” I hissed through my tears.
He got up, and walked over to her behind me, and fell apart.
He shook her, hoping that something, anything, would help.
“Natalie, baby, please, please could back to me.” He desperately cried, shaking her shoulders.
She groaned, opening her eyes in the lightest, looking up at her boyfriend.
“I love y-“ She started, but cut off from lack oxygen.
“I love you too.” Gabe took her hand, a single tear rolling down his cheek.
In that moment, the paramedics busted through the door, waking up all the other kids in the living room. It was no use though, she was gone, and again, there was nothing I could do to save her.

Death: 1
Caro: 0
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