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ok the only thing i ever write about anymore is battle of the bands, secks and caro fuck shit

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Caro’s POV

Wentz was going on and on about sweet deal he had made with these some guys in the Chicago downtown area. Apparently, he had promised these two guys $500 bucks and three pounds of weed to dispose of the band threatening Fall Out Boy the most from winning battle of the bands and $25,000. Here was his logic: these guys would get the work done, they’d win, and he’d give the guys $500 he currently he does not have.
“And that’s going to work?” Kyle questioned, everybody else having the same face of disbelief on their faces.
“Yeah, how could it not work?” Pete asked back, looking shocked that nobody else found the same geniousness in it that he did.
“Well, a number of things could go wrong. One for instance, somebody else wins this ‘battle of the bands’ or they don’t do it.” William said, flicking his wrist.
“Well that’s not going to happen, because these gentlemen seemed pretty excited about this deal so… Just don’t worry about it, I got this shit on lock, okay?” He reassured us, even though whenever Peter promised you something, you knew that it would never come true.
“It’s not going to work.” Gabe mumbled, from his corner. He had been awfully quiet since Natalie passed. He stopped partying, stopped talking, started wearing black sweats and a t-shirt to school. He stopped being what made him Gabe.
“Yeah, it will!” Pete yelled again, defensively.
“Shut up you douche bag, cheating the system will not get you anywhere.” He retaliated, speaking up only a little.
“Yeah, and crying isn’t going to bring her back, you emo faggot.”
At that moment, just about everybody at the table stood up and started yelling.
“YOU FUCKING ASS HOLE!” I stood up, throwing my half eaten banana at him.”
“What?!” He yelled back, like he didn’t know what he said was low.
“Hey, hey, guys calm down.” Gabe calmly said, as if it didn’t hurt him either.
After a few more verbal punches towards Pete, we sat down, and collected ourselves, noticing everybody in that room had stopped talking.

---Later that night---

My band had finished our set, playing in front of our largest crowd opening for Anarbor or some irrelevant band like that.
“What a show.” Paige sighed, walking off stage. Every show she went for a different look. Today she wore her hair hugely teased, with purple basketball shorts, a purple tanktop, a bandana, and chunky black shoes with her crew socks showing at the top. (loljk I wore that outfit today.) It was quite an adventure.
“Yeah, I cannot even.” I wiped the sweat off of my forehead, fiddling with my drumsticks.
“I don’t mean to budge in whatever conversation is going on here, but are you guys said you weren’t playing battle of the bands?” Said some random backstage manager, looking at some notepad.
“Nope.” I clicked my tongue, taking a sip of water.
“Well, that’s not what the lineup says for tomorrow night. You’re on the list, and you can’t not show up, they’ll fine you a pricey amount of money.” He said, almost as confused as we were.
“Um, I’m pretty sure that we definitely made a point not to sign up for that shit.” Paige said, pointing her finger for emphasis.
“Somehow you got on the list, best start practicing.” The techie walked away to some unknown location.
“Ehm, how the hell did we get on that list?”
“I don’t kno- Oh, I remember. Fucking Natalie.” I sighed, memories swimming back to me.
“Go on.” Paige encouraged, putting her hands on her hips.
“Back a couple months ago, we had a bet about some sports game, and since Natalie doesn’t know shit about sports I bet her that if somebody had won, we’d play battle of the bands, soley because I knew she wouldn’t win, and it wouldn’t matter what I bet because I would win regardless. That didn’t happen. I lost.” I laughed, remembering that was probably the most rigged game of basketball the world has ever seen.
“WHY ARE YOU SUCH A FAGGOT, YOU KNOW MUCH I DIDN’T WANT TO PLAY GODDAMN ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN PUT IT ON THE LINE?!” She yelled, giving me that look of ‘are you seriously asking me that question’ look, the look she always gave Natalie.
“I’M SORRY, OKAY? WELL, NOW WE HAVE TO GO TO IT. WHAT IS EVEN YOUR DEAL WITH PLAYING IT?! IT’S NOT LIKE IT’S THAT BIG OF A DEAL.” I yelled back, I could only take her bitter bullshit for so long.
“Look, I just don’t, okay? It’s a long story, alright? I guess I’ll just have to cancel my damn weekend plans, for you. You’re welcome.” She smiled, stomping off beside me, shoving her bass at one of the poor techs to put away.
Goddamn diva.

I sat in Dave’s car, riding home with him from the gig.
“You guys were awesome, as usual.” He smiled, I couldn’t think of anything more cheesy than what he had just said.
“Thanks babe. Although, I wouldn’t mind if you used a word other than ‘awesome’ to describe us.” I put in the nicest way possible.
“It was super awesome.” He tried again, putting on his corniest Jim Carrey smile.
“Or you cannot compliment my life, thanks.” I chuckled, face palming.
“You guys were good, but Anarbor was better.” David bluntly said, staring straight at the rode, not making any attempt to look at me.
“Okay, that’s a little better.” I laughed, looking at him, hoping to catch his eye, which worked.
“So, I’ve been thinking, about this whole celibacy situation.” David said when we reached my street.
“Oh, have you?” I arched an eyebrow, I could feel my heart beat in my ear and vagina.
“Yes, I have.” He nodded, pursing his lips.
“Go on…” I encouraged, feeling the déjà vu all up in my life.
“I honestly think its pointless. What’s the point of having an amazing girlfriend, and not being able the have sex? I thought life was about having fun, and plus, rules are meant to be broken.” I came.
“I totally agree.” I quickly spat out, noticing we were in front of my house.
“You do?” He said, shocked at the how fast I was to agree with him.
“Yeah, well, I don’t know, I’ve been thinking it a lot lately, and I don’t think its fair for me to wait this long for a marriage that may not even happen.” I formulated a fake story that I had outlined just incase something like this came up.
“That’s… awesome? I don’t know, I’m just glad we’re on the same page with this. I thought you’d get mad and think I’m only using you for your body, which totally isn’t the case.” He said, running his hands through his hair, I could only imagine how many thoughts ran through his head.
“Hey, I know, I know. I’m so glad we’re together on this too, I kind of always wanted my first time to be with you, you know?” I smiled, hoping to convince him even more. It wasn’t completely a lie, in the back of my mind, I wanted to break my hymen with somebody I was in love with, and it just didn’t turn out that way.
“Wow, I’m really glad it turned out this way, I was so nervous.” He gazed into my eyes, pulling the bangs out of my eyes and pushing the hairs behind my ear. I stared back, a stupid smile growing on my face.
“Um, my parents are out of town this weekend, if you wanted to come inside.” I hinted, raising both of my eyebrows.
I have never seen that boy run so fast in my life.

I never knew what passionate sex actually felt like. It actually felt like it meant something, it was beautiful. I couldn’t of guessed how much better it was, since you know, me and David actually like each other. I didn’t really believe them when they said ‘save it for somebody you’re in love with’ because sex is great either way, but wow. I feel like I can say, ‘I love you’ and mean it now. As my thoughts calmed and my stomach settled, I fell asleep.

I saw two a group of five huge black men. I couldn’t tell what time of day it was- in fact, I couldn’t tell the year. The image was so fuzzy that I could barely make out anything. I only saw the group of men. It was a dark alley, cliché enough. I heard a door open, and one of the main men pulled out a gun, aimed and pu-

“CARO, CARO.” I felt Dave’s hands shake my shoulders, waking me up. I shot up, panting, sweating bullets.
“Are you okay?!” He asked, as wide awake as I was.
“I’m fine. Just uh, um, bad dream.” I said, my breathing slowing, trying to collect myself.
“I’m sorry, baby.” He said, rubbing my bare back.
“Its okay, I’m just going to go back to sleep now…” I sighed, even though the last thing I was going to do was sleep.
He nodded and we both laid back down, his arms around me.
That couldn’t be foreshadowing death, could it? It couldn’t! I didn’t see anybody, maybe it was just a dream like normal people.
I’m sure that’s just what it was, because never have I had a nightmare that hasn’t shown a face before. That was definitely just a dream, what the hell.

---Saturday night---

I arrived at House of Blues and sat around with the band. Through the green room, I saw a long pair of legs walk through the door.
“Hey there.” William Beckett walked in the room, wishing the other band members luck. He then walked over to me with a distinct look of disapproval on his face. Oh Lord, I have an idea of what this is about. He signaled for him and me to leave that room which I obeyed. I got up inconspicuously, and followed him into the also crowded hallway.
“So…” I started, rocking back and forth on my heels.
“So congrats to you and David. I’m glad it was fun. You know when I told you to ‘fuck your boyfriend’ I wasn’t actually serious.” He hissed, lowering his voice.
“Oh well, it was fun. I’m sorry I used you for so long. I’m sorry we used each other, because in reality, it didn’t do either of us any good. It gave us experience and a good laugh, alright? Because, let me tell you one think Beckett, actually giving myself to David was the best thing I’ve ever done for the both of us, so you can take your bitterness and all your sexual frustration and go to hell.” I growled, only loud enough for both of us to hear.
“Well, baby, I hope you think of me when takes your virginity. Oh wait, that’s something that I will only have. Caro, you can’t just take all those times back. Honestly, nobody will be here like I am for you. No matter what, since sophomore year, I’ve been here for you, and how long has he pretended to care for you? Its been 8 months now?” William messed with the remaining black nail polish I put on his fingers the other night.
“William, you have never been there for me. Correction, your dick has always been there for me. You though, have never fucking cared at all for me.”
“Oh, do you know that for sure though? That I never cared for your? That’s actually a really funny joke, I never cared.” He laughed, looking off into the distance.
“I don’t understand what’s so funny, the truth hurts Beckett.” I questioned, trying to find a hint of seriousness in his eyes.
“Well, when you do understand that we are more than bed buddies, just let me know. Don’t lie to yourself, there’s something more to us.” He pivoted on his heals, and walked away, leaving me mindfucked in the middle of that damn pleather smelling hallway.

I walked back into the green room, my head as cloudy as its ever been. I sat at the band couch thing, and pretended to be there.
“Dude, wake up. We’ve got a show to play. We kind of need your attention.” Paige snapped, bringing me back to reality.
“Sorry, just a lot of things on my mind right now.” I scrambled for words.
“Oh, now you’ve got problems. Lord have mercy, Caro has problems. We should cancel the show, Caro isn’t ready. This isn’t all about you okay? Other people have problems too okay.” She snapped, loud enough for main stage to hear.
“Don’t be a bitch, okay? I’m sorry you’re not the only person that has issues, alright?!” I bitched back, except not as intensely, my mind in other places.
“Well, I’ve forgiven life for that one. Just please pretend like you’re here for the next hour, thank you.”
She went back to telling everybody else what to do until show time. Until about 5 minutes before our set, we waited side stage.
“Heyyy.” I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist, and I smelt the cologne.
“Hi.” I greeted David back.
“Break a leg darling.” He kissed the side of my cheek.
“Oh, okay.” I said in monotone.
He walked around to see my face, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m just nervous.” I said, lying through my teeth.
“You guys will do great.” David said, letting a kiss upon my lips.
I smiled realizing, William is a piece of shit. There is nothing between us. I was brought the best boyfriend in the world, and the thought of a douche bag like him coming in between us is absolutely ridiculous.
“Thank you, baby.” I kissed him back, a smile emerging on my face.
The band in front of us ended our set and we were called on.
“Break a leg.” He whispered in my ear, sending chills up my spine.
I kissed his cheek once again and walked on stage.

Our set lasted us 20 minutes, and it was probably one of the best shows we’ve ever played. I think we all broke our foots. (lol get it, you know, break a leg, but they had so much luck they broke a foot. Get it? Lolokay.)

“THAT SHIT WAS GREAT.” I yelled as I walked into the green room with everybody else and their friends.
“It was beautiful.” Rivers our guitarist said, taking a drink of water.
“We did well. I’m proud.” Paige said, wiping the sweat off her face with her shirt.
“You guys killed everybody.” Dave said, handing me my hair tie.
“Wanna go watch the rest of the show?” I asked, open for anybody to answer.
I heard a chorus of ‘yes’s.

Me, Dave, Paige and Kyle hung out by the bar watching the order mediocre bands, shaking our asses to the music that was beyond terrible.
We had this shit in the bag, I don’t understand Paige was so against making 25 grand.
A female fronted band came on, and they had a played a few electro pop songs we all hardcore danced to, but then a slower song came on and just about killed half the people’s buzz.
“Would you like to dance?” Dave asked me, holding out a hand, Disney style.
“I’d be glad happy too.” I accepted, his charm killing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his around my waist.
“Um, we’re going to go find a bathroom. Check ya later.” Kyle said, pulling himself and Paige out of the web of people.
“They’re looking for a single bathroom?” Dave chuckled, I could see all of this sex talk getting to his mind.
“Oh you know.” I laughed, us still rocking back and forth to the music.
“Do I ever.” He smirked, nibbling on my ear, his lips trailing down the side of my cheek to my lips.
By the time this set had ended, I was ready to peace. And plus, this was one of the stupid untraditional battle of the bands where there are judges judging the bands not the audience which is just cruel and unusual, but regardless, I was still confident.
The announcer guy came out on stage, and I knew it was time for them to announce the winners. I looked around for Paige or Kyle, none of them in sight, which was weird because they had been gone for 30 minutes.
“Hey, I’ll be right back.” I whispered into Dave’s ear.
“Where you going?” He looked at me, confused.
“I’m gonna go look for Paige and Kyle.” I explained, edging towards the exit.
“I’ll go with you.” We went towards the back of the venue, and a waitress pointed us towards the bathrooms. We ran towards the bathroom, David searched the men’s, I searched the women’s. Absolutely no sign of them.
“Maybe Paige went to go smoke?” I guess, pointing towards the door.
“Maybe…” We pushed the door open, revealing a dark, cold alley.
My worst nightmare to date.
On the ground, Kyle was knocked the fuck out, lying on top of Paige with a bullet through her temple and a cigarette in her hand. Kyle was unconscious, but still breathing. Paige was lying on the ground with at least a gallon of blood lost, her eyes wide open, glassy.
I collapsed. I was totally responsible for this. I knew it was going to happen. I got a sign. I couldn’t just let this go. I couldn’t do anything but cry, which is so fucking pathetic.
Dave ran back inside and alerted security, rushing the paramedics in there before Kyle could wake up.
Within 5 minutes of the ambulance, they knew her autopsy.
I sent Dave into back the venue to humor me.
Fall Out Boy won the money.

Death: 2
Caro: 0

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