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A new girl comes to school and Frank shares his feelings with Gerard.

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Gerard's POV

While I was sitting on in my hotel room, writing some more lyrics for a new song I'm working on (Famous Last Words but who knows it might change into My First Words...) when Frank came in and sat on the bed next to me.
"Hey." He greeted, smiling at me.
"Hello." I replied with no expression in my voice and not looking up from my song.
"You writing a new song?" Frank asked, trying to look over my shoulder.
"Yeah, but Jeff is just going to get his hands on it and ruin it." I sighed heavily "Why can't I write my own sings and sing them the way I want?"
"I don't know." Frank sighed "I also don't like how us guys don't EVER get any credit..."
I looked him in the eyes "I know. Nothing turned out right, did it?"
Frank shook his head and looked at the floor "Remember when we used to practice in my basement?"
"Yeah." I said with a smile "Before this whole rock star thing kicked in. That was the best."
"And now you're playing in arenas."
"So are you."
"But nobody gives a crap!" He suddenly yelled, getting off the bed and pacing backwards and forwards. He always does that when he's angry "Everybody loves you Gee. Yeah, it's not for the reasons you want but do you remember what it feels like to be lonely? To feel unloved?"
I thought really hard to the last time I had felt lonely and all I could think of was myself at school. The outcast, the loner and all I wanted back then was too be loved for who I was... Did I have that now?
Frank was still waiting for a response. So I gave him and honest one "Honestly, no. It's been a while."
"I feel like I'm nothing. I'm just 'the guy who plays guitar for Gerard Way' and sometimes, I get sick of being just a guy. I'm Frank!"
"I know." I replied glumly "I'd do anything to give you a name, to make us My Chemical Romance again. But this contract..."
Frank finally calmed down and sat on the bed next to me "It'll happen one day Gerard. I'm going to make it happen."

Jasmine's POV

I walked into school and was greeted by Katie jumping up and down again "His video shooting is on Thursday, four o clock and he's going to pick some girls to be in his video! Girls like US perhaps?"
"We're so gonna get in!" I replied, smiling.
Things were going great. Me, Katie, Sophie and Emily all opened our lockers at the same time, revealing one hundred and one pictures of Gerard Way plastered on the inside of our locker doors. We blew kisses at them and said "Morning Gerard." in unison.
"Excuse me?" A voice came from behind us "I've been assigned Locker 241?"
We all turned around and saw the new girl in front of us as we took her in. Her perfect hair, her perfect eyes, her amazing outfit. Who was she? And more importantly, why was she talking to US?
"Your boyfriend?" She asked, noticing the pictures only in Emilys locker.
"I wish!" replied Emily, sighing "No, he's Gerard Way."
"Oh, sorry, I should've known." Then the girl shook her head "No, I'm sorry. Who's Gerard Way?"
My three friends slammed their doors shut in shock "You don't know who Gerard Way is?" Sophie asked, her jaw practically hitting the floor.
The new girl shook her head. I sighed "He's a big deal round here. Major famous, you know?"
"I guess the fashions round here are different." She said, smiling "Apparenently pony tails are back in style."
I glanced at my friends and noticed all of us had our hair up in ponytails. My friends walked away, offended. I stayed for a second but then walked away, pulling my hair out of it's pony tail as I did.

Gerard's POV

"Let me see that!" Jeff demanded, holding his hand out.
But I refused to let him ruin yet ANOTHER of my songs "No, you wouldn't like it anyway."
Jeff snatched it out of my hands and read it "Very good..." Here comes the but "But..." Told ya."Just needs a few tweaks. I'll work on it."
Jeff left the room and I flopped onto my bed. Atleast I had the REAL lyrics in my mobile phone.
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