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"My very own Bobby McGee I guess, except he left me my belongings.”

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Two weeks passed since Paisley and Gerard’s reunion. Paisley was working from 9 to 1, while Gerard took public transit into New York at 8 and was home around 5. Helena was being taken care of by Donna, who brought her home at 3 o’clock every afternoon. It was around this time one Friday that Donna found Paisley online, browsing wedding dresses.

“So you really are going to marry my son,”Donna beamed as she handed Helena to Paisley.

Paisley nodded as she minimized the browser.

“Yes, but it’s so expensive. And isn’t the bride’s family supposed to pay for the weddings?” She frowned.

Donna shook her head, “Don’t even worry about it. You just worry about finding you a beautiful gown and I’ll help you with rest.”

Paisley grinned, “My grandmother will be so proud. She and my grandfather would have to fly in from North Carolina. They are really the only family I have left.”

Donna sat down next to Paisley and took her hand in hers.

“Honey,now you don’t have to tell me, but what made you move to Belleville? If your family lives so far away?”

“Well, before I moved here I had a boyfriend, James. I lived with him because my aunt couldn’t house me along with her own children. So James and I, we had dreams of going to New York City. You know, he’s a musician and stuff. So we drove for several days from Georgia and ended up stopping here at a hotel. Sometime during the night while I was asleep, he brought all of my stuff in out of his car and left. My very own Bobby McGee I guess, except he left me my belongings.”

Donna’s frown deepened. “That’s horrible. So you’ve been here ever since?”

Paisley nodded, “Yeah. I had a crap load of money in my bag he didn’t know about so that was a blessing, because I stayed in the hotel for several days while I tried to figure out what I was doing. I was looking in the newspaper one day and I saw an ad for Heartford Place and I thought what the hell, why not? So here I am.”

“Well, you’re here now and that’s all that matters. So I say let’s put the baby down for a nap and begin planning this wedding .”
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