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“Oh! Wouldn’t it be romantic if we got married at Christmas time?"

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When Gerard came in hours later, he found his mom and Paisley with their heads buried in the computer.

Confused, he spoke up.


Paisley looked up from her laptop and grinned.

“We’ve begun planning the wedding!”

Gerard’s confused look turned into a grin.

“Awesome. “

Donna nodded, “It’s going to be a small affair. Maximum amount of people would be 30, and that may be pushing it.”

Gerard shook his head, “Doesn’t matter. I could care less if Paisley and I were married on a beach somewhere by ourselves. As long as it happens.”

“Good. So we don’t prolong this any longer, I think we should get married within the next few months. We’re going dress shopping tomorrow.”

“So by December?” Gerard asked?


A thought popped into Paisley’s head.

“Oh! Wouldn’t it be romantic if we got married at Christmas time? Like Christmas Eve. “

Donna jumped in, “That would be beautiful, sweetheart. Oh, let me go call my sister. The two of you could marry there. They always decorate beautifully for Christmas.”

Donna took her phone and stepped outside.

Gerard laughed, “I’ve never seen my mom this excited. And I couldn’t be anymore happy than I am right now, knowing that you will in fact marry me.”

Paisley leaned in and gave him a kiss.

“Oh I think you could.”

“Could what?”

“Be happier.”


Paisley’s eyes lit up, “Our wedding night.”

Gerard laughed again as he enveloped Paisley in a hug and pulled her on top of him so that they were both laying on the couch.

Gerard started to kiss her but she pulled back.

“Your mom is in the next room,” she whispered.

Without responding Gerard captured her lips before she could protest again.
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