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"We won’t make Gerard take it off of you with his teeth."

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Paisley stepped out of the shower and shrugged her robe on. Stepping on the scale, she held her breath. When the numbers quit spinning, she exhaled. Forty-five. She had lost forty-five pounds since she gave birth to Helena. Not quite her goal, but it was acceptable. Plus Gerard definitely seemed to enjoy her more pronounced curves.

Padding down the hallway, she frowned as she entered her bedroom. It was too quite. Gerard had taken Helena off somewhere. He’d be back at six though because tonight was the rehearsal dinner. Glancing at the calendar, Paisley marked off the bold ‘23’. Glancing at the clock, she put her butt in gear. It was a little after 3 and she had to meet Donna at 4.

She stood there for several minutes contemplating her closet. “What do you wear to your own rehearsal dinner,” she thought. After rejecting several choices, she decided to go with the nicest pair of jeans she owned and the blue paisley top that her soon to be parents-in-law had given her last Christmas.

After she was happy with her appearance, she picked up her purse and keys to her new Jeep Commander, an early Christmas present from the Way family.

“Hey Donna,” Paisley kissed her soon to be mother-in-law on the cheek.

“Hey sweetie. Don will be leaving shortly to go pick your grandparents up from the airport.”

“Awesome. Is there anything I can do to help set up?”

Donna looked around the large dining room that belonged to her sister Linda. Shaking her head she replied, “I think Linda, Darlene, and Sandra have got it all under control. Even I wasn’t allowed to be in the kitchen while they were cooking.”
The indignant look on Donna’s face made Paisley laugh.

“Do you know where Gerard took Helena,” she asked as an afterthought.

Donna shook her head, “No sweetie I don’t.”

This really made Paisley frown. He must be up to something, a surprise of some sort. And surprises weren’t really her thing. No, really. She’d had enough of those in the past two years of her life. Albeit they were good surprises, she didn’t really think she could handle many more.

“He disappeared like this about a week ago too. But atleast he said he was going to the mall to pick up some gifts. I wouldn’t be freaking out if he had atleast spoken to me. But no, he left me a note. It said ‘Be back later. Took Helena. Love Gerard.’ Wow, if that’s not vague,”Paisely grumped.

Donna stifled a laugh as her sisters came in the living room with them.

“Not much for surprises sugar,”Darlene asked?

“I don’t prefer them.”

“Well, it won’t be long till we all know where he’s been. It’s a quarter till five now. Don’s just left to pick up your grandparents,” Donna motioned for Paisley to follow her, “Come with us dear.”

Paisley obeyed and followed the four sisters down the hall into a bedroom.

Linda and Sandra sat on the bed and patted the bed in between them. Paisley sat down with a confused look on her face.

“Since you and I began planning your wedding two months ago, my sisters and I have been doing our own planning. You know the old adage, something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue?” Donna placed four gifts in Paisley’s lap.


“Open each gift and find out.”
Picking up a thin but long gift, she began to unwrap it.

“It’s a necklace,”she responded as she opened the box. “It’s beautiful.”

Donna nodded, “It belonged to Gerard’s grandmother, Elena.”

Paisley suddenly handled the gift much more carefully.

“Something old,” Darlene told Paisley as she took the gift and sat it on a dresser.

Paisley picked up a small cube shaped gift.

“Ear rings,” she studied the silver chandelier earrings, “Something new,” she guessed?

Donna nodded as Darlene placed the earrings beside the necklace.

The next gift Paisley picked up was considerably heavy compared to the previous two.

“Hair combs. Oh they match the necklace,” Paisley traced the ornate pattern on the hair ornaments.

“Something borrowed. The necklace is a gift, but I’d like to maybe give the hair combs to Helena when she gets older,” Donna wiped away a stray tear.

“Oh wow, this is light,” Paisley’s shock caused the four other women to laugh. “Oh my,” Paisley blushed the thought of the tradition that went with the blue paisley print satin and lace garter in her hand.

“Don’t worry, we won’t make Gerard take it off of you,” Donna consoled the blushing girl.

Her sisters all rolled their eyes.

“She forgot to add ‘with his teeth’. We won’t make Gerard take it off of you with his teeth,” Darlene added.
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