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“I don’t think grumpy even begins to describe it. I think the word is suspicious.”

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A/N: I’m not sure how many of you follow Gerard and Lyn Z’s twitter accounts, but they often refer to Bandit as Lady B. As an allusion to that beautiful child, Gerard refers to Helena as Lady H. Just so you know :D
“It’s a quarter till six and my fiancé still isn’t here. “ Paisley frowned as she followed Donna and her sisters back into the living room.

“Honey, I’m sure everything is fine. Gerard is spontaneous. Always has been,” Linda soothed.

“If that ain’t the damn truth,” Paisley mumbled.


She turned towards the couch and gave a squeal of delight, “Mamaw! Papaw !”

“Hey honey,” Mamaw Jeanette hugged her granddaughter.

“I’ve missed yall,” Paisley began tearing up as she hugged her Papaw Wayne.

“We’ve missed you too Paisley. Now, whose home is this that we’ve been warmly welcomed into?”

“This is Aunt Darlene’s home. And these are her sisters, Aunt Linda and Aunt Sandra. You’ve already met my future father-in-law. Well, this is my beautiful future mother-in-law, Donna.”

Turning to her new family she introduced her grandparents, “These are my grandparents, Jeanette and Wayne Walker.”

While everyone was greeting and getting to know each other, the doorbell rang.

“I’ve got it,” Paisley hurried to the foyer. Opening the door she frowned, “Oh.”

“Thanks for the welcome Paise,” Mikey grinned as he shrugged his coat off.

“We love you too,” Frank added as he and Ray mimicked Mikey.

“Aw, I love all three of you but I was expecting Gerard. He’s been gone all day and I don’t have any idea of where he could be. And it’s 6:15.”

“We just passed him on our way here. He should be here soon,” Mikey shut the door and ushered the other three ahead of him.

Twenty minutes later a burst of cold air hit the living room as Gerard entered his aunt’s house carrying several bags and a bundled up baby.

“Hey everyone. Sorry, I’m late. Lady H started pitching a fit and I had to calm her down.”

“It’s probably because she’s been out all day,” Paisley gave him a mock stern glance before grinning.

“Probably. You two must be Wayne and Jeanette,” Gerard sat the bags down and handed Helena to Ray.

“Hi there. And you must be Gerard. Don’t feel you have to be formal, you can call me mamaw. You can also call this old buzzard here papaw,” she laughed.

“Right. Well, now that everyone is here, I say we all eat. The preacher said he’d be here for dessert,”Darlene ushered everyone into her kitchen.

“Where have you been,” Paisley hung back to walk with Gerard.

“Doing some last minute shopping,” Gerard grinned.

Paisley gave him a suspicious look, “I think there’s more to that than what your letting on.”

Gerard placed his hand on the small of her back, leading her into the kitchen. “There might just be.”

“Asshole,” Paisley muttered under her breath.

Gerard laughed, “What was that?”

“You heard me.”

“Be patient young grasshopper.”

“Did you really just say that?”

Gerard patted the chair next to him.

“Sit down and hush. You get grumpy when your hungry.”

Everyone laughed as Paisley quirked her eyebrow.

“I don’t think grumpy even begins to describe it. I think the word is suspicious.”
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