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“I was being nosy I guess.”

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“What’s in the bag,”Paisley asked as everyone followed the preacher into the den where chairs were set up for the next day’s wedding.

“You’ll find out when we’re done.”

“I’d better, or you’ll be wearing a butt whoopin’.” Paisley’s natural drawl became even more pronounced.

Gerard stopped and stared at her.

“A what?”

Paisley giggled as she nudged him towards the beckoning preacher, “Never mind.”

“You’ll stand here Gerard. And your best man.”

“We’re not doing the traditional best man/maid of honor thing,”Paisley said from the back of the room.

“Ah. Well then, Gerard you stand here regardless. Now, Paisley, who will be giving you away?”

“Oh. I haven’t thought of that,” Paisley frowned, deep in thought. After a moment Paisley turned to Frank, “Frankie? Would you give me away? You were my first friend here and have been a huge part my life, as well as Gerard’s.”

Frank grinned, “I would love to.”

“All right, Mr. Iero, place Miss Walker’s hand through your arm,” the preacher instructed.
Darlene walked over to the piano and began playing the wedding march as Paisley and Frank made their way down the aisle. When the two of them reached the end, the preacher spoke.

“At this time, I will ask who is giving Miss Walker, which is when you will respond and place her hand in his.”

Frank picked up her hand and did so.

“Then I will proceed with the ceremony.”

“Thank you preacher,” Donna beamed from her chair.

“You’re very welcome Donna. Thank you Darlene for the dessert, it was wonderful. Now, I shall see you two tomorrow, bright and early,” he grinned at the young couple.

“Yes sir,” they replied.

As soon as the preacher had left, Paisley sprinted towards the living room with Gerard on her heels.

“Frank quit playing with the baby and grab the bags,” Gerard laughed as he caught Paisley around her waist as she lunged for the presents.

“For heaven’s sake Paisley, behave,” Mamaw chuckled from the den.

“Sit,” Gerard placed Paisley in a recliner, “Now. If you’ll behave long enough I have a few gifts for you and the baby.”

“It’s not Christmas yet though,”Mikey interjected.

“Mikey, shut up.” Ray placed Helena at his feet, on her belly.

“Gift one,” Gerard handed Paisley a box.

“Wait. Weren’t you working on this…” Paisley trailed off as she looked over the charcoal sketch of her sitting on a snowy bridge that Gerard had begun months prior.

Gerard grinned, “Hoping you’d remember.”

“Thank you. It’s beautiful,” Paisley turned the piece of art around to show the family.

“You’re beautiful, “Gerard emphasized as he handed Paisley a larger box.

Tearing open the wrapper, she frowned, “A tiny dress? Gerard, I lost weight, but I really do not believe I can fit in this.”

“No I’m sure you can’t, because it’s for Helena.”

“Oh. Well, then nevermind. It looks familiar though.”

“Paise, it’s a replica of the dress you were wearing in that one picture. On your parents wedding day. It was dated December 31, so I thought the dress fit the occasion at hand. That’s where I was today. Remember when I took Helena a little while ago back? I was getting her fitted. I stumbled on a this seamstress one day in New York and she specializes in children’s clothes. I had found this picture and thought it would be the perfect gift. For both you and Helena.”

“How did you find it? I never showed it to you,”Paisley brushed her hand over the silky fabric.

“I was being nosy I guess.”

“Mamaw, look,” Paisley said with tears in her eyes, “It looks just like the one I wore.”

Mamaw took the dress, fighting back tears as she did so.

“Wait,” Frank said, “I’m confused. You were already born when your parents got married?”

Paisley nodded, “Yeah. I guess the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, huh? Thank you Gerard. It’s beautiful.”

A/N: So, to comply with Tomgirl567’s request that Helena be doing something, look for next chapter. She’ll be a hoot :P Oh, and here’s Helena’s dress
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