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“I have the honor of presenting to you now, Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Way.”

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“You are going to be a beautiful bride,” Donna gushed as she fixed Paisley’s hair, making sure the combs were set.

“Gerard’s not going to know what to do with himself when he sees you walking down the aisle,” Darlene added as she gathered up her makeup.

“Here’s her dress,” Sandra came through the bedroom door with Linda on her heels, “And Linda has her pumps.”

“Thank you Lord, for not letting it snow till we got back,” Linda bowed her head.

“Is snow still in the forecast,”Donna frowned.

“Sadly, yes.”

“Aren’t we getting married in front of the bay window,” Paisley asked as Darlene began her makeup.


“If it snowed, that would be a beautiful backdrop, don’t you think?”

“Are you ready,” Frank placed Paisley’s hand on his forearm.

She nodded.

“Alright then, let’s get married.”

Paisley raised her eyebrow.

Backtracking, he shook his head, “You know what I mean. “

“Very much so,” she laughed as she kissed her friend on the cheek, “Let’s do this thing.”

When the two of them appeared in the doorway, Darlene began playing the piano. As the two of them walked down the aisle, Paisley and Gerard locked eyes.

“Who is that is giving this woman away,” the preacher asked?

“I, Frank Anthony Iero, Jr.”

Gerard rolled his eyes at Frank’s over formality, as the younger man placed Paisley’s hand in his.

“At this time, I would like to allow this young couple to recite the vows that they have written—“ the preacher was cut off by a shrill giggle.

Everyone stopped and looked at Helena, who was sitting in Ray’s lap.

“Shh,”Ray whispered to the babbling 5 month old.

“No, it’s ok,” Paisley said, “Hand her here.”

Ray got up and passed Helena to Paisley. After settling the baby on her hip, she placed her hand back into Gerard’s.

“I, Paisley Walker, promise to love you until I take my last breath. You mean the world to me, as does this baby in my arms. For years I’ve never felt true happiness until you came into my life.”

“I, Gerard Way, promise to love you for the rest of my days. I’ve taken chances with our relationship in the past, but I promise all of that is in the past. I promise to take care of and provide for you and our baby everything that you need.”

The preacher grinned as Helena began to babble and wave her hands.

“If the two of you would present your wedding bands.”

“Um…” Paisley looked at the baby.

“Gerard, place your ring on her finger then you can take the baby,” the preacher chuckled.

“With this ring I thee wed,” Gerard placed the silver band on Paisley’s hand.

Handing Helena to Gerard, Paisley repeated his actions.

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

“Gerard, you may kiss your bride. Once.”

Grinning, Gerard leaned in and gave Paisley a kiss.

“I have the honor of presenting to you now, Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Way.”

A/N: I tried to incorporate all that Helena could realistically do at five months old. I know it wasn't much, but I plan on writing this up to her 1st birthday, which by then, believe me, she will be doing a lot more cute stuff. This was my first wedding writing experience, so let me know how it was and if there may be anything i need to change for future stories.

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