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“Take your jewelry off, I don’t want it to get damaged.”

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“What?” He grinned as he picked Paisley up.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m supposed to carry you over the threshold.”

Paisley gave him an incredulous look.

“It’s in all the movies. Can you open the door now? You’re kinda heavy.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Paisley pushed the door open so Gerard could step in.

Gerard sprinted to their bedroom and lay her on the bed.

“No. No. What are you doing,” Paisley freaked out as Gerard started to get on the bed next to her.

He looked confused, “I’m going to kiss you?”

“No. You’re going to wrinkle my dress.”

Gerard rolled his eyes and fell back on the bed with a sigh.

“What,” he asked as he gazed at the ceiling.

“Know what we forgot?”

Gerard sat up. “No.”

“The garter,” Paisley slowly lifted up the gown to reveal her thigh.

“Oh,” Gerard replied, a devilish grin spreading across his features.

Paisley sat on the edge of a chair as Gerard knelt in front of her. He slipped her shoes off before placing her foot on his knee. Being careful not to mess with her dress, he leaned forward and kissed her thigh before slowly pulling the blue paisley print and lace garter down her leg.
Paisley seemed to be in a trance as she watched her husband take the garter off. When the garter was to her knee, he glanced up at her giving her a seductive grin. Pulling the offending object off the rest of the way, Gerard threw it over his shoulder. Once again he leaned forward and began kissing her thigh. After giving both equal attention he moved further north. In order to do so he had to lift her dress higher. He stopped.

“You’re not wearing any underwear,” he said slowly.

“Yes. I’m not wearing any underwear,” she tried not to laugh.

Before she could say anything else, Gerard pulled her up off of the chair. Turning her around he untied the halter and swiftly pulled the zipper down, letting the dress cascade down her frame. He turned her around to face him. He felt himself harden as he took her in. Her face was slightly flushed and he could feel the excitement she radiated.

“Take your jewelry off, I don’t want it to get damaged.”

As Paisley did so, he quickly undress himself. When she was finished, he picked her up and lay her on the bed.

“Are you coming?” Paisley asked impatiently as she watched her husband stare at her.

Gerard’s devilish grin reappeared.

“Not yet, but you will be very soon.”

Before Paisley could register the double meaning, Gerard was on the bed and had captured her lips.
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