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“You saved me from myself.”

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“Paisley.” Gerard whispered.


Gerard chuckled as he watched Paisley snuggle further down under their blanket.

“Paisley, “ he said a little louder.

“What?” Her reply was muffled in the pillow.

“It’s Valentines Day. Are you aware of this?”

“I am now. But then again it falls the same time every year so I’m not really surprised.”

Gerard stared at her before answering,” Smartass.”

Paisley frowned as she tried to sit up, but Gerard caught her around her waist, pulling her on top of him.

“But I wouldn’t have you any other way,” he grinned.

“Good. I didn’t plan on making anymore life altering changes for awhile.”

“Now that you’re up. Are you gonna fix breakfast?”

“Is that the only reason you wanted me up?”
Gerard grinned again as he shifted her. She frowned when she felt a certain part of his anatomy that was waking up.


“No what? No breakfast?”

“No sex.”

Gerard furrowed his brow, “Why?”

“I don’t feel good. I’m not in the mood. My stomach feels weird. Not normal weird either, if that makes any sense.”

Gerard froze, “You don’t think you’re pregnant again do you?”

“I don’t think so. Wait. I may have missed a birth control pill somewhere along the way.”

“Shit. Just what we need. Another baby so soon.”

Paisley pushed off of him and sat up.

“Well if I am, we’re gonna have to deal with it.”

“How Paisley? We’re straining right now. You’ve been working less hours as Helena has grown, and I’m not getting enough hours.”

“So if I were pregnant again, what are you saying? Abortion? If you so much as even think that word, I will wipe up the pavement with you.”

Gerard sat up and held her stare.

“That’s not what I’m hinting at. Why are you putting words in my mouth?”

“Why are we arguing?” Paisley said softly, “Just stop. If we continue to argue, one of us will get pissed off and leave. Then we will go days without speaking to each other and I’d rather die than let that happen. Again.”

Gerard’s face softened, “Yeah. No more fighting. Plus we don’t even know if you’re pregnant.”

“Exactly. We’re just over reacting.”

“I think we’re good at that,” Gerard said pulling Paisley in his lap.

“I think we are too,”Paisley gave him a kiss.

“Breakfast?” The look Gerard gave her was too adorable. Paisley sighed. Typical man. All they think about is either food or sex. Or both.

“Sure. Come on. I’ll make pancakes. You can help.”

As the two of them left their room, they stopped in Helena’s. The found their seven month old sitting up in her crib and admiring herself in the mirror. Paisley held Gerard’s hand as they walked into the room. When they appeared in the mirror behind her, Helena twisted around to look at them. Grinning she began to giggle and clap her hands.

“Hey baby, you want me and daddy to make some pancakes?”

Helena started babbling and waving her hands as Paisley picked her up. Immediately Helena started going for Gerard.

“Do you want to go to daddy? One! Two! Three!”

Paisley bounced her as she said each number, finally allowing her to ‘fly’ threw the air into her daddy’s waiting arms.

“Touchdown,” Paisley and Gerard said at the same time, causing each of them to crack up. Not wanting to be outdone, Helena added her own high pitched giggle.

“Alright. Breakfast time,” Gerard announced, leading the way towards the kitchen. Rolling her eyes Paisley followed him down the hall.

He placed the baby in her highchair and began pulling stuff to make pancakes with out of the cabinets. Paisley grinned as she leaned against the doorframe, watching Gerard who was clad in just his Misfits pajama bottoms.

“You have such a cute ass,” she whispered in his ear, letting her hand wander down his back.

“Don’t get me started on your ass, bubble butt,” he laughed as he started mixing the pancake batter, “ Go sit down. Let me make breakfast. If we hadn’t had such an eventful morning, we could have had it in bed. “

“If we hadn’t had such an eventful morning, there would have more than just eating going on in bed.”

Gerard raised his eyebrow, “Thought you’re stomach hurt.”

“I think it’s cause I’m just hungry.”

He shrugged as he set about pouring the mix in the pan. Several minutes later he brought a heaping pile of odd shaped pancakes over to the table.

“Why do they look so odd, “ she asked as Gerard sat a plate in front of her.

“What do you mean,” he asked as she slathered butter on his.

“Oh, they’re hearts,”she said as she placed several on her plate.

“Yeah,” he grinned.

“God, you’re adorable. I love you.”

“Is that the only reason you love me?”

“No. There are many more reasons.”

“Tell me one I’ll tell you one.”

“Ok. I love you because you make me feel like I finally belong somewhere.”

Gerard tilted his head, “I love you because you saved me from my inner demons.”

Leaning forward he gave her a kiss.

“You saved me from myself.”

A/N: Hope yall enjoyed this chapter. I want to thank yall for reading this story and reviewing. It gives me inspiration and lets me know I'm not just writing this for myself :D On a completely different note, I got my braces off Wednesday. I'm a very happy person now. That is all.
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