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“The wee Way? Ha ha. Nevermind.”

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“So what are we looking for exactly,” Donna asked as she picked up an adorable outfit for Helena.

“I don’t know honestly. What do you buy a 20 year old male for his birthday?”

Donna grinned, “Hard to believe you and Gerard have been together so long.”

“Two years in October. Married a year December 24.” Paisley grinned.

“What do you think of this?”

Paisley eyed the shorts/overalls that her mother in law was holding up. Glancing at Helena in the shopping cart, she nodded.

“That’s cute. But if we’re not careful, Helena will be getting stuff and Gerard won’t get a gift.” She laughed.

“True true. Let’s get out of the baby clothes.”

Donna and Paisley made their way to the next floor where they found art supplies.

“Oooh. I don’t know what these do, but they look fun,” Paisley perused the supplies.

Donna chuckled, “I think those are oil paints dear. Grab a few, he likes to use those.”

After gathering up some more artsy things she thought her husband could use, Paisley led Donna and Helena over to the music section.

“Mikey has a bass in his room, does he play well,” Paisley asked? She felt kind of guilty for never asking him.

“Yes. He does actually. They all do.”

“All do what?”

“Play. Except Gerard. He’s not quite coordinated enough,” Donna laughed, “ Ray and Frank play guitar and Gerard sings very well. His grandmother taught him.”

“I never knew that,” Paisley looked impressed.

“Oh yes. They had a little band going for awhile before you moved here. They have a friend Matt who plays drums. But between you and me, I don’t like him much. Plus, I could keep a beat better than he could and I’ve never held a pair of drumsticks.”

Paisley grinned. As the three of them went to go check out, she glanced at a nice microphone, an idea forming as she left.

“Where’s my gift, “Gerard asked when she walked into their apartment.

“What gift?” Paisley asked coyly.

“Um, the one I get on my birthday.” Gerard wrapped his arms around her from behind, “Where’s the wee one.”

“The wee Way? Ha ha. Nevermind.”


“Anyway, she’s at your mom’s. We got you a cake.”

“And gifts?”

“If you receive any gifts, they will be at your mom’s.”

Gerard looked pleased. “Why are you here?”

“I live here?”

He raised an eyebrow, “I’ve got some good news.”


“Certainly. I submitted my cartoon to Cartoon Network. They said they’d get back with me.”

“The Breakfast Monkey?”


“Yay!!!” Paisley turned in his arms and gave him a kiss, “That’s awesome.”

“For sure.”

Paisley leaned forward and looked him in the eyes, “Happy Birthday Mr. Way.”

Gerard hugged her to him, “Thank you Mrs. Way.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you sing,” Paisley asked as Gerard backed out of the parking space.

“Dunno. Never thought it was really relevant. Why?”

“Donna told me when we went shopping today.”

“Aha! So I did get a gift.”

“Just because we went shopping on your birthday doesn’t automatically mean you get a gift. Don’t change the subject.”

Gerard stuck his tongue out.

“Real mature,” Paisley rolled her eyes as he pulled into his parent’s driveway.

A/N:Totally didn't realize how much time had elapsed in Paisley and Gerard's relationship tillI had to figure out how old he was turning. Which basically means this story would have to be in 1997. Remember that for future chapters. On a totally different subject, I would like everyone to know that Updet is an acronym for Um, Please Don't Entice Tarantulas. There is also a definition for it out there, but I haven't found it yet. That is all.

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