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Shinya came in Toshiya's life to change it for good.

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P/raise The Dawn ~/

Dir en grey Fan fiction

By : Judas_Tree

Pairing :
Toshiya x Shinya, Die x Toshiya, Kaoru x Shinya, Kyo x Toshiya

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer :
God knows how much I want to have them all to myself. But we should learn to share, shouldn't we?

Author's Notes :
The idea of this fic is kind of nostalgic, since I already has the story in my mind 5 years ago, for my own story with my own characters. But I never have enough spirit to do it, so I'm doing it now, with our beautiful members as the roles.! Please read and if you are kind enough to this miserable fic writer, please click on this following link and tell me what you think ! You never know how a single review can affect a writer in a huge deal !! ^_~

Mail :


Night always come. No matter what, she will always come to you. And when she knocks on your door, your eyes will shut closed, and sailing away in the land of dreams, where your pain, misery, and sorrow being forgotten, at least for tonight.

But for some people out there, night is not a very friendly being. And our main role here is one poor person of them.
He laid himself there, hung lifelessly on his windowsill. His pale but beautiful face seemed blank, gleamed by only the crescent's also pale radiance, and his eyes dry.

No tears, no pain ... nothing.

His nimble lips parted open, but nothing came out from there. No song, hum or lullaby. The cold night air strikes him right on his exposed torso, sneaked under the ripped clothes, hitting straight to the bone. But he sits still, the scenery about his childhood flashing back in his mind.

Those times, when he's still the innocent and pure little boy, maybe the most beautiful memory he had in mind. Those beautiful moments arched a feeble smile on his bruised lips, replaced in no minutes by twitch of pain.

' Nothing really matters now... I already have nothing ; no love, no happiness, no job, no money, no friend... nothing. All I had is my pride as a human being... but now I've lost my only precious ... sold my body for money... where could this take me to? "

He pulled out a big amount of cash from inside his pocket, lifted it up on the level of his eyes, and slowly but sure, his fingers loosen his grip on the sinful objects, letting it flee one by one to the dark sky above.

' There they go... fly and fly ... just like my dignity goes...and never comes back. '

He stared at his fingers ; his pale and slim fingers ; the sinful fingers he had led his life into.

'... I'm nobody... and nobody should be nothing, and disappear. It is enough now... I'm quitting myself from hoping... '

So he lifted his body up with his last breath, and closed his eyes. Slowly but sure, he shot to the front, and his lithe body being one with the cold night air, diving perfectly into the blue ...

~ end of prologue ~

A/N : Well, how is it? Yes, it's kinda pointless, it's only beginning, anyway. But let me know what you're thinking! Each member will have major role also in this story, but they have to get in line! ^ ^

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