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The Beggar's Eyes

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Shinya comes to toshiya's life to change it for good.

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~/ P//raise The Dawn ~/

Dir en grey Fan fiction

By : Judas_Tree

Pairing :
Toshiya x Shinya, Die x Toshiya, Kaoru x Shinya, Kyo x Toshiya

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer :
God knows how much I want to have them all to myself. But we should learn to share, shouldn't we? The story is mine, but the beautiful language is Tolkien's ...

Author's Notes :
Yeah! Chapter one ...! ::sigh:: I actually don't have to do that, because I made them both in one time ~_~; ! Not so dark in this one, and be prepared for Shin-chan now! Please read and if you are kind enough to this miserable fic writer, please click on this following link and tell me what you think ! You never know how a single review can affect a writer in a huge deal !! ^_~
Oh, one more ! Anyone know Alternature??? I'm their BIG BIG fans !!!!

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Chapter 1 :
The Beggar's Eyes

The creature of light kneeling there, right beside his dearly loved human. He wanted to do something... embrace him, soothe him and whispering to his ears, but he know it is useless. So he kept on screaming inside, tried his best to access the human's heart.

~ " Please don't give up... stand up once more and fight it , just like the times before ! It's not the time for you yet, so please ...." ~
The creature's palm clutch to his own chest, tried to give strength to the human once more, but failed miserably. He didn't move or flinch, desperation and darkness ghosting in his being.

'... I'm nobody... and nobody should be nothing, and disappear...'

He heard his human whispers in his heart, and his prayers went on and on....

~ " Yéni Unótimë ve rámar aldaron ...
Yéni ve lintë yuldar avánier... " ~

The human's mind who is screaming to end his life sensed so strong, and it rang into his mind. He had watching over this boy for more than 15 years, running through all of his misery together. All this time, yes, he cried so many times... but this boy always managed to stand up for his life again, and said 'I have to be strong' with big grin on his lips. He's always been so tough... but now ...

'...It is enough now... I'm quitting myself from hoping...'

And how surprised he is when the boy's body titled upwards, and in a second that felt too fast, jumping himself from the widely open window, diving to the night air.
And the creature, with his hopes and faith that never ends, screaming an important oath that night.

" Our dear Father ... please hear my oath ... I'll give everything this time to protect this boy from now till the end ... ! "

And with it he jumped as well, follows the track of his human and descent to the night air. He could feel the breezing night sky , cruelly to his body, and below his, his human form dancing in an eerie motion, being one rhythm with the gravity.
His eyes closed and peaceful, lips forming a sad but ease little smile. So raring to go to leave this world, and disappear ...

" Aya Eärendil Elenión Aánclima ... ! "

And within a second, the prayers of light were being heard...and came true.


" ... Wake up ... "
What's that faint noise ... ? Who's calling me ...?
" Open your eyes ... please ... "
Open my eyes ...? Am I sleeping?

/~" A Elbereth Gilthoniel , silivren penna mírìel ... "~/¯

Then he heard someone sings. The song is weird ... he can't decide what kind of music it is. But the melody sent warm feeling to his heart, filled him with ... light. But something is wrong... the language he heard ... is bizarre, but somehow... familiar.


The human's eyes snapped open, welcomed by cool and dim light of his room, and a person on top of him.
'Wait ... a person ... ? I live alone, and no one should be here - IN MY ROOM !!!'

" GYAAAH !! "
The human's body jerked upward, and shot to the back in a swift motion, being one with the flat wall.
Still in confusion to find an unknown person in his room, he demands for a straight answer. But what he received is question back at him, which makes him even more confused.
" Y-You ... can see me? "
" OF COURSE I AM !! I'm wearing contacts, yes. But I'm not BLIND !! Of course I can see you missy. Wait... missy? Are you a girl or a boy? Ah, WHATEVER ! ... the main problem here is : You sitting there in front of me acting all innocent after snuck into my room -
But his words cut off by a huge embrace from the person. He's going to protest, but somehow, the hug itself felt so nice, and so warm ... the things that he never felt again since a very long time ... so he sit still, can't find a word to say.
" You're saved, Totchi ... "
He said oh so softly, with a voice that full of concern and relieved at the same time, and it made Toshiya's heart to flutter. Seemed like this person has known him for a very long time...

' Hey... what the hell am I thinking ...!? This person is a robber. He snuck into my room and going to ROB me !!! '

So he gently pushes the man away, and repeats his question. SLOWLY.
" Hey you. Just tell me who you are. Don't try to act all innocent and hopes me to forgive you. Too bad you came to the wrong room... as you can see, I'm the same as you, a poor and lazy git. So there's nothing here for you to rob, you know? Now answer my question before I call the police !! "
The person in front of him titled his head to his side, didn't catch what Toshiya meant.
' Damn... what a kawaii robber I have here... '
" You're trying my patience...! Just spill me your fuckin' name !! "
" I'm your guardian angel ... Shïnviríèn . "
He answered innocently, without even blinking his eyes.
" Huh? "

Toshiya took a sight of the person in front of him.
Is he a boy or a girl he can't decide. His smooth hair is brownish gold, cut short below his ears. His face is evenly pale but somehow heartwarming, eyes innocent and pure, with a pastel thin lips. He's wearing white sweater and also white trousers, bare footed. Toshiya re-check the person once more, as if missing something from him. And within a second, his hysterical laugh fills the air.
" GYAHAHAHA!!! You're so funny ... really, you are. You're cute yes. But you missed something! Don't you know that angel had that thing called wings on their back and halo on their head !? For a cosplayer, you really are sucks. "
" I have them...! "
The creature answered naively again, and granted by a more hysterical laughter from the other.
" Okay! Okay! Whatever you say ... but now I'm hungry, and I need something to eat. Nice to meet you... unn... ? "
" Shïnviríèn . "
" Shin what? Well... nice to meet you, Shinshin! I'm going to fill my screaming stomach for now ...! "
He shouted happily, and bounced outside his room. Without thinking twice, the creature who now called Shinshin followed behind.


To Be Continued ...

A/N : uhmm... what do y'all think about the angel's language? Is it weird? I always believe that angel didn't speak human's language, so I have no choice but steal Tolkien's ... gomen ne... =P

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