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Too good to be true

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Anna doesn't believe its true.

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I looked at him then got myself off the ground and walked away. He was just a dream all of this was just a dream. I never had a good moment in my life.
I walked down the corridor into the room I was staying in. I locked the door behind me and kept banging my head against the wall in shame.
I then eyed the drawer with my hair dye in it. Lately I've wanted to dye my hair a different colour but I haven't had the guts to do it.
I picked up the hair dye packets and scissors.I placed them on my dressing table then sat down and picked up the scissors. I then cut off a long piece of my hair. It's not that bad after all.

GPOV (Gerard)
That was one of the girls in that new band. I think shes called Anna. I went down the corridor to find her room.
The door was wide open. I looked inside. The bathroom door was locked. Her dressing table was covered in pieces of her long black hair and...shit! Is that blood!
I banged on the bathroom. "Anna are you in there!" I shouted.
The door then unlocked with a click. I pushed the door open and saw her dash behind the shower curtain.
I stepped closer towards the shower.
"Go away!" Anna shouted.
I heard her crying.
"What's wrong Anna?" I asked.
"It didn't turn out how I imagined!" she cried.
"What didn't?" I asked.
I heard her sigh.
"Why don't you see for yourself," she replied.
I pulled the curtain open.
Revealing Anna.
Her hair was a short as Hayley did the other month.
It was dyed dark red with black ends.
Her makeup was smudged form crying.
"What's wrong with it?" I asked.
"It looks horrible on me!" she cried.
"Don't say that it looks fine, I think it goes well with you sapphire blue eyes," I said combing my fingers through her hair.
She looked directly into my eyes.
"You really think so?" she said sounding surprised.
I nodded.
I lifted her out the shower and put her into her bed.
"I'll see you tommorow," I said tucking her in, then turned the light out and walked out the door.
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