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Celebrity Mobile

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Pretty short chapter but basically they find out who's mobile it is and they get some intresting phone calls.

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Jasmine's POV

I sat on my bed next to Natasha and we finally starting looking through the phone. "Who's do you think it is?" I asked her. She just shrugged.
Suddenly the phone started vibrating "A phone call!" I looked at the caller ID and nearly dropped the phone. I showed it to Natasha.
"Oh my god! Do you think it's really her?" She asked.
"Let's find out!" I answered "Hello? Hayley Williams?"
"Yeah?" Came the reply.
Me and Natasha both screamed "Oh my god! Oh my god, hi!"
She hung up "Probably shouldn't have screamed." I said
"Yeah." Natasha replied, flopping back down onto my bed. She suddenly smiled "You do know who's phone that is?"
"Gerard Ways!"
"What?" I asked, shocked as I sat next to her "No way, it can't be."
"Let me look." Natasha took the phone off me and started looking through his pictures "Yeah it is. Look, here's him with his girlfriend Eliza."
I looked as Natasha flicked through tons of photos on the phone. Gerard Way and Eliza, Gerard Way at a concert, Gerard Way and a random girl, Gerard with the guy I had bumped into...
"We have Gerard Ways phone!" I gasped, overwhelmed with excitement "Wait! We have to give this back!"
"No way! Do you know how many people would die to be in this situation?"
"No. Come on, I know what hotel he's staying at so we'll just go there and return the phone."

Franks POV

I was so busy dealing with Gerards temper tantrum that I forgot all about the mobile phone for a while. That was until a phone call came upstairs.
"Hello, there are two young ladies downstairs claiming that they have Gerard Ways phone and they want to return it to home."
"Nice try, girls use that excuse to meet Gerard all the time!" I said, hanging up. Then I remembered.
"WAIT!" I yelled, sprinting down the corridor. I knew it was stupid to yell. They couldn't hear me.

Jasmine's POV

"Get back in the car!" My sister Natalie yelled "We'll be late for dinner!"
"We're coming!" I yelled back, as me and Natasha were kicked out of the hotel. I got into the front seat next to Natalie, while Natasha got into the back. Natalie carefully started pulling off the drive.
Suddenly, something went THUNK in the back of the car. We twisted round but nothing was there so we carried on driving.

Franks POV

I was so close... Only a few seconds away... But I hit the back of her car...

Jasmine's POV

I got a phone call shortly after dinner. Natasha had gone home and had made me promise not to do anything with the phone until tommorow. I had agreed. But the Caller ID was just a phone number, so it wasn't one of Gerards contacts. I guessed it was safe to pick up.
"You have Gerard Ways mobile!"
I sighed "Look, I tried to return it to you! But no, you guys just wouldn't let me upstairs!"
"Look, okay, just give me the phone back and I won't press charges or anything."
"Hey, it's not my fault we both picked up the wrong phone!"
"Everything about Gerards life is on that phone, I need it back!"
"Oh really?" I hung up, deciding to quiz Natasha about what to do with the phone tommorow.
Which is exactly what I did. The next day I saw Natasha talking to Katie, Sophie and Emily... Which I found pretty weird because they all hate each other.
"There is no way you know Hayley." Katie said, putting one hand on her hip.
"I do to. And do you know what? I don't care what you guys think because you're not important." Natasha replied, shoving them all out of the way "We know Hayley, don't we?"
"Let's go Natasha!" I said pulling her away. I pulled her right next to our lockers "You shouldn't be bragging about stuff like this! And technically, you didn't talk to her. I did!"
"Yeah, whatever..."
The phone started ringing again. I answered and put it on speaker so me and Natasha could both talk to this guy
"Hello! Listen, don't hang up! I need the phone back!"
"Okay!" said Natasha "First let us talk to Gerard first!"
"Fine, I'll go get him!" The guy on the other line said.
"Hello, it's Gerard..."
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