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January was finally here and the year was going to start. Ellen and Gerard already spent their Christmas break with each other under the mistletoe. He sat in a corner with Ellen leaning on his shoulder. He got her a necklace that had her name on it and she gave him a home-made drawing, the one he’d been asking to have ever since she’d made it.
“You know,” she said holding his hand in his, “remember that trash you played on our first date?” Gerard nodded and pulled her closer.
“Yeah,” he said resting his chin on her head, “I won’t play it for you anymore.”
“No,” she pulled away with her head still facing his, “I was randomly just thinking about it,” she said moving back into his neck. “I don’t know,” she leaned back so he’d put his chin back on her head and she’d fiddled around with his hands. “I think I want to hear it again.”
“Uh, alright, sure…” he said confused and leaned back. “Are you sure you want to. Last time it gave you a head ach.”
“Yeah,” she smiled, “You know for some weird reason, it’s just, and it’s just that I’ve had the urge to listen to it.”
“Okay…” he said still lost.
She laughed softly, “Kiss me?”
“That’s an odd thing to ask, I mean I wouldn’t of guess that you’d ask for something like that.” He smiled and strokes her shoulder while she shrugged.
“What, I thought it was appropriate and romantic,” she smiled while looking up to him. So he did, moving his lips to hers, the best kiss and the only kiss she would ever want. It got passionate with her hands on his check. Gerard gently pushed Ellen’s hair behind her ears while still kissing her. He slowly brushed his fingers on her cheek while she moved her hands to his waste.
They were both interrupted by Alex and Gabi coming in. She moved away to breathe, “Merry Christmas, Gee,” she whispered to him getting up to pick up Gabi.
Unfortunately they didn’t spend New Year’s together. She had to spend time with the family & went away. When they got back from school Ellen was more than happy to see Gerard. “Gerard!” she ran into his arms to give him a hug.
“Hey,” he said picking then slowly putting her down.
“You didn’t call me! Or text me, I was beginning to worry!” her lips pressed to his quickly then she pulled away. Samantha and Riley came behind her from the entrance.
“Nah, I was fine…”
“It was cold again; I knew I shouldn’t have been there… I just hadn’t seen her… she’s my drug… and I couldn’t be with her right now… So I needed to find a way next to her…” Gerard’s hands were tied together and he was looking at the ceiling.
“Mhm, what’s the next thing you remember?” Gerard looked at Ted then back. “After that feeling?” he watched Gerard while pushing his glasses back up.
“What I’d normally do, get drunk.” Gerard could hear Ted’s sigh and the feeling of very much dislike came upon him.
“Where did you go is what I meant,” He folded his arms and leaned back, “don’t be smart with me.” Since this wasn’t actual therapy and just a favor from Gerard’s mother Ted didn’t really have to care.
“I wasn’t…” he had wanted to say a bit more than just that but he bit the bottom of his lip. Ted looked so bored and annoyed.
“Whatever,” Ted said pushing up his glassed and started sighing.
“You know what? Fuck this shit man, I don’t need this,” Gerard got up and headed for the door.
“Oh stop this Gerard… and just sit back down,” Ted said rolling his eyes and as if he didn’t care, which he didn’t.
“If I wanted for somebody to listen I’d go to my friends, and if I needed some sort of help I’d go to you, but what the fuck are you doing, besides looking all bored? Nothing. You’re not curing me.”
“Because there’s nothing wrong with you, just teenage stuff that anyone could handle. Just suck it up.” he said still sitting down with his legs crossed still bored.
“Oh really? Is that so? Then why did my mother send me here? And why do I drink so much? Huh?” he opened the door and leaved angry. “Fuck this shit,” Gerard yelled before leaving completely and slamming the door.
Gerard spent a couple of nights drinking and just locked in his room drawing and ignoring the world. Some of his best work comes from when he’s psycho so he thought…
Gerard looked so happy to see her it wasn’t funny. “Ok get this, my mom meet somebody!” Ellen nearly squirmed, “and well I think she’s finally going on a real date…” she smiled.
“Yeah,” she said taking his hand and walking with him to her locker completely dismissing Riley and Samantha, which really didn’t matter much because they’d spend hours on the phone talking to each other daily. “It’s crazy,” she said letting go of Gerard and using hand motion, “I mean she’s all like ‘kids… how do you feel about me dating again?’ and we were all like so excited, finally moving on you know?”
Gerard nodded his head, “yeah that’s great,” she stopped walking and frowned.
“Ok, what’s wrong?”
“Mhm,” Ellen said opening her locker.
“What makes you think something’s wrong?” she didn’t answer.
“Have you notice Jesse’s been hanging around Frank a lot lately…” she quickly changed the subject.
“Oh…” he said as she closed her locker.
“Oh as in ‘oh no’ or as in…?” she watched.
“As in oh no…” he interrupted.
“Oh no…” Ellen repeated.
“He’s not really interested anymore…”
“Oh god,” she pushed her bag to her shoulder and continue walking, “but they were real friendly during the break, so Jesse’s been saying. She was running on about her little make out session she had too…” Ellen sighed while walking. Gerard laughed softly, “what?” she asked.
“So that’s all she wanted...”
“No, wait what? Wait you mean he wanted, what? I’m lost,”
“I think you have it all wrong…” He looked over. “When was the last time she talked about Frank? What I mean is when did she brag about her make out session?”
“Like a day or two after New Years, why?”
“And the last time you talked to her?”
“Day or two after New Year’s… Well I mean we talked after that it’s just after that I was brief since we were both pretty busy.”
“Well Frank talked to me and he told me they’d slept together but after that she stop picking up calls and all—“
“Whoa, Jesse wouldn’t do that. I mean there has to be a back-story no?” Gerard surged leaving Ellen alone to her first class.
“Got to hit history,” he waved goodbye.
“Hey,” Jamia smiled at Frank. Even thought Frank thought she was cute even though they were only friends.
“Hey Jamia, what’s up?” Frank said looking down at his textbook so use to having her next to him.
“Fucking pissed,” He found himself looking up to her.
“Why,” He looked at her really trying to listen, but couldn’t due to the lack of sleep he got.
“Never mind,” she pushed him away.
“No,” Frank said yarning. “Tell me,” he said looking back at her.
“You partied last night didn’t you? A drink or two?” she smiled. “Don’t worry about me it’s not a big deal.” That’s what he loved about her. A good friend, who knew him well and didn’t bother question him, his best friend.
Jamia then went back to the first time they meet. It was at this party he went and just saw her sit there. The music wasn’t what Frank would have chosen and neither would Jamia. “The party’s pretty lame isn’t it?” Frank approached her with a cup in his hand.
“Yeah, I guess…” She looked down. The beginning of the 9th grade and the first impression of a party wasn’t so impressive. “I really hope not all parties are like this.”
“Hm. How can I make it fun for you,” He flirted.
Jamia smiled, “Um, how about you try to get to know me before anything we will regret begins?” She joked while he smiled along. He liked her already.
He made his way next to her by her side and looking into her eyes. He smiled and she saw what he wanted. Frank reached for her lips but she stopped him.
“So about that getting to know each other…” she pushed back while he finally leaned back know she wasn’t going to give in.
“Fine, what do you want to know?”
“Hm. What about your name?” He chuckled.
“Yeah I guess that’s pretty important. It’s Frank. Frank Iero.”
“It’s Jamia. Jamia Nestor.” She laughed.
“Weirdest thing you do?” He silently started to laugh.
“I don’t know if it’s the weirdest thing I do but take walks…”
“What’s so weird about that…?”
“The weird part to that is that it’s in the night in cemeteries.” He smiled as if he was proud, which made Jamia laugh out loud and hard. “What’s so funny?”
“I think that’s adorable.” By then Frank was closer than she thought he was.
“Really,” He came closer.
She shook her head and kissed him. Frank moved his hand up to her face while she reached for the waist. She then pulled away slowly to breathe while his lips were now on her check moving down to her neck. It made her smile.
Somebody called his name once… then a seconded time. Until Frank stud up and she did too. A guy with black hair came up to them. “Hey Frank.” It was Gerard. “Ready to go?”
“Leaving so soon?” Frank frowned and gave her a kiss longer before while Gerard just stud there in silence.
“I’ll see you again,” he said leaving with the guy with jet black hair and the lightest skin.
From that day on they began to talk more. Frank and Jamia never really led too anything but a bigger and stronger friendship.
“You ok?” Frank asked packing his books, “You were really zoned out today.”
“Yeah, fine,” she said ignoring the papers she received from their English teacher. “What’s wrong with you… what’s on your mind?” Jamia finally said.
“It’s complicated.”
“Try me.” Jamia insisted.
“Jesse,” he said half smiling, “Stupid me.”
“Oh,” Jamia said knowing that’s not what she wanted to hear. He didn’t really pay attention to Billy, a fellow classmate who was now calling him, and focused on Jamia’s expression. It wasn’t anything he’d want to see on her face.
“Like I said, I’m stupid. And shutting up now,” he looked at his feet when he walked and refused to look up at her.
“Really, it’s fine Frank. If you like her and she likes you and it makes you happy—“
“That’s the thing. She doesn’t make me happy. And I’m not into her anymore… And she doesn’t like me.”
“Hm. It does sound pretty complicated,” She agreed.

***Authors note***
- I’m now changing this second person to first person due to the fact that it’s been harder to write and way too much to handle… besides I want to write about what’s in their head more detailed.
***Back to story***

I’ve heard them talking. So the news spread already huh? Doesn’t anyone have anything better to talk about…? It’s only a matter of time Ellen or Sam finds out, only a matter of time. I tried to think of something different, but every time I look back at my reflection all I see weakness and of course stupidity.
I opened my make up back, even though it was against school policy all the girls would do it, and covered up the running make up on my cheek to hide the bruises. Why was I putting up with this? Don’t know. All I know is nobody who cares about me wouldn’t find out about the stuff I’ve been putting up with. I hear the door open as somebody was rushing in, Samantha, oh no.
“I’ve been looking all over for you!” She says out of breath and starts softly laughing, “Where have you been hiding, you weren’t at snack and also Ellen’s been looking everywhere for you to. She said it was urgent….”
“Sam, can you shut up right now?” Now I need quite.
Samantha came walking over to me looking at the little bit of bruise I was going to cover, “what happened to your face.” She said trying to touch it until I flinched way.
“It’s nothing,” knowing that it wasn’t exactly nothing and Sam rubbing some makeup she caught before flinching.
“Oh really,” she asked lifting her eyebrows while I nodded surly, “then what’s that black and blue on your face from?”
“…I I” I couldn’t think of anything else to say so I just stud there while she narrowed her eyes. Her giggly self wasn’t so giggly anymore.
“What?” I said trying to act disinterested.
“Where did you get this from?”
“I hit my face on table… in my house...” The worst part of all this is we could hear me stutter uncontrollably and she’s not buying any of this crap I’m giving her.
“Now that we both know I know your lying, can you tell me the truth,” she fold her arms and leaned back on the counter. “As you know what I’m capable of, I’m not leaving until’ you tell me the truth.”
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