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This world after the story. . . .

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Chapter X

You knew I don’t own the Potterverse, and make no money from it, right?


With Snape, Malfoy, and a few others dead, and without a Dumbledore to excuse bigotry, over time Hogwarts became a (somewhat) less-biased institution. That did not mean it became egalitarian in any real way, but it was at least more open. With the N.E.W.T. fees made fair for the first time in over forty years, N.E.W.T. students from the regional schools started coming to Hogwarts, albeit in small numbers. Still, after 2010 more N.E.W.T. students were coming to Hogwarts than were leaving to attend other schools after the O.W.L.s, the first time that had happened in nearly 100 years.

The first elections for the open seats on the Wizengamot, and the only time all 20 seats were open at the same time, were a disappointment to all the factions. The more vociferous Purebloods only won two seats, while the ‘Wizengamot families’ only managed to get four of their number elected. The largest faction elected came from the business faction which operated in both the magical and Muggle world, with nine members. Once elected, however, they failed to form a solid voting block, as they were nearly as competitive with each other as they were with the two main Pureblood factions.

The other five members elected were true independents, although none really favored greater interactions with the Muggle world. Still, with those five and the business interests at least not overly paranoid about Muggle society, and willing to at least entertain the possibility of somewhat equal relations with other sentient races, some of the more restrictive Ministry practices would slowly be modified.

That would, slowly, include changes in Ministry hiring practices. While there had long been official guidelines against hiring too many of the Muggleborn-and-raised into the general Ministry positions, nothing had been official against hiring magically-raised people from ‘new’ families (no connections to the Ministry) who had not attended Hogwarts. Over the next fifty years, the number of Hogwarts and ‘Ministry’ and traditional Wizengamot families hired by the Ministry slowly dropped to fifty percent – still out of touch with the general population, but at least far less than the nearly one hundred percent it had been.

Meanwhile, Harry and Hermione made their way through their O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s. In terms of application, of course, no one could touch Harry – the combination of his extra power and maturity made certain of that. Historically, only a few could match Hermione’s intellectual talent – for Hogwarts, only Dumbledore and Riddle were measurably ahead of her, and perhaps a dozen or so others over the previous 120 years (when the scoring system was established) matched her. Still, while Harry was excellent on theory, especially in Defense and Charms, so were many other students, and Hermione was only well above average in terms of raw power. Therefore, while Hermione’s O.W.L. scores placed her first in their year at Hogwarts and Harry second, they were second and fifth in the United Kingdom and Ireland standings, and twelfth and twenty-seventh across the standings of all the schools which used compatible scoring systems. No one, however, seeing the all-time records set by Harry on both his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s in spell casting, felt like challenging him to a duel.

Hermione’s parents had convinced her to keep up with her more mundane studies, and she would enter a Cambridge college after Hogwarts, earning degrees in Philosophy and Mathematics, and she eventually earned her doctorate in pure mathematics at MIT in the United States. While she was earning her doctorate, Hermione also earned her Mastery in Arithmancy. Combining her knowledge made Hermione one of the most sought-after Arithmancers of her time, partially revolutionizing the field and becoming honored over time as one of the founders of advanced techno-magic.

When Harry left Hogwarts, he was not as well prepared as Hermione. However, the Department of Mysteries did have some influence in one Cambridge college, which admitted Harry to study Criminology. Afterwards, while Hermione was studying in Massachusetts, Harry was also in the area, gaining his Masteries in Defense and Charms. While his name would always be widely known, since he was not linked to Voldemort’s demise he was not nearly the person of interest he would otherwise have been. So, while many people would at times wonder what Harry did as a member of the International’s Bureau of Mysteries, few really paid much attention to the question other than moments of idle curiosity. Harry was glad few of the assignments he drew in this world were assassinations, although he was called upon to act as a ‘final solution problem solver’ on occasions. Mostly, he was called into situations where the magical and mundane worlds overlapped with surprising consequences – usually situations involving rogue ‘monsters’ (vampires, zombies, werewolves, demons) or the odd rogue warlock trying to move towards becoming a true ‘dark lord’ type wizard.

Harry and Hermione married while they were in North America, and would eventually have a son and a daughter, both of whom would attend Hogwarts, although neither of their parents were enthused about their children’s living full-time in Britain (they spent most of their time split between New England and Switzerland). Their close acquaintances from Hogwarts would stay in Britain, for the most part following paths they had forged at Hogwarts. By the time they left Hogwarts, although friendly with a large number of students from all the Houses, Harry and Hermione really had no close friends other than Neville and Luna. Neville would marry Susan Bones and take up running the family estate, adding to the magical plants on it and becoming a minor economic power in the country because of the amount of potion materials he supplied. With some behind-the-scenes pushing, Neville was named a permanent member of the Wizengamot at 40, and also become a political power in the country.

Luna drifted away from most of her older friends as well as Ginny, as she traveled around the world in search of her creatures. She always seemed to know where Hermione and Harry were, however. To the surprise of many, she would eventually discover or prove the existence of a dozen new or mythological (if small in size) magical creatures over the course of fifteen years, although the Snorkack was not one of them. When she came back to live in England and take over The Quibbler, she had two green-eyed daughters with her, although she never would say who Rose and Violet’s father was.

The Weasley twin’s prank shop was enormously successful, and would within thirty years have branches in over thirty different locations around the world. The twins also entered politics in their late thirties. For 12 terms, they alternated as members of the Wizengamot, usually pushing an agenda which was both business-oriented and socially moderate to liberal.

Ron Weasley had not been happy when Harry had announced that since he had grown to over five foot eight and had put on a fair amount of muscle, he could not play Seeker in his last two years at Hogwarts. Ron had (just barely) made Keeper, while Ginny had played Seeker instead. While not the natural talent Harry was, Ginny was an excellent Seeker, and went on to play nine seasons professionally, four of them as a starter. She would eventually marry the head of her fan club, a Quidditch fanatic who had gone to the Scottish school and earned his N.E.W.T.s in Canada. They also had two children (sons), and Ginny dominated her family far more than her mother ever had. The two boys never really left home, married meek women, and Ginny continued as matriarch until she died, well into her nineties, when fox glove was ‘accidentally’ mixed into her salad. No one ever questioned how all the fox glove had gotten into just her salad bowl.

Ron had also played professionally, although only for seven years in his case, and never as a starter. Still, the final two years as a reserve he had at least played for his favorite team. His team spirit, at least, was never lacking, and he took over the publicity for the team as he moved out of active playing. With a little help and advice taken every once in a while from the twins, Ron built the fan base of the Cannons to the best in the League, no mean feat for a team which would throughout his lifetime never finish better than third from the bottom. In his sixties, still unmarried and eligible for a tiny pension, Ron took those skills and turned to politics. He would manage to be elected to five straight terms as a Wizengamot representative. Ron did not stand for any position in particular, and so many in the electorate took him to represent their own views. Neville, the twins, and even Harry campaigned for him a little, as being a member of the Wizengamot made Ron happy, and while he did only a little good there, at least he did no harm.

Overall, the Powers of Higher Magic and Light, while hoping that Harry would have been both Lighter and a bit more active, were satisfied that the magical situations in this dimension were under control.
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