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Hurt Me

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Alicia and Christa help Claire get ready for her date. Gerard is confused by Anna's actions.

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Claire sat alone in the RV trying to calm her nerves. Bob was back over on the tour bus and would be returning in an hour to take her out on a date. All day she had tried to put this out of her mind. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go out with him but she had such a limited amount of experience where dating was concerned she couldn’t help but be nervous. He had told her that he was taking her to one of Dallas’s most famous restaurants. She understood that meant she was expected to dress accordingly. Claire sighed thinking about the clothing she had packed for this trip. While she had several dresses none of them were what would be considered fancy, as a matter of fact, they were rather plain.

“Knock, knock.” Alicia opened the RV door and stuck her head in. “Can we come in?”

Claire smiled seeing Alicia and Christa standing in the doorway. “Of course.”

Alicia entered first. “So we heard you have a big date tonight.”

“Yes.” Claire nodded then sighed again.

Christa took a seat across from her, “Don’t you want to go?”

“Very much.” Claire admitted. “I was just pondering what to wear.” She stood and a moment later returned with a mid-length black dress with a high a neck and long sleeves. “I was thinking I would wear this.”

Alicia and Christa exchanged a look. “Uh, well…” Christa tried to be diplomatic, “It’s nice.”

“No, it is not nice.” Claire sat down next to Alicia. “It is boring. I know it is the truth.”

Alicia laughed, “Okay. Claire that dress is boring.” She reached down and pulled something out of the tote bag she’d brought with her. “But this dress isn’t.”

Claire’s eyes grew wide. In her hand Alicia held one of the most beautiful dresses she’d ever seen. It was a short, sleeveless red satin gown with a scoop neck. “That is lovely.” She whispered.

Alicia nodded happily, “Yep, so try it on.”

Suddenly Claire’s smile faded, “No, I could not wear it.”

Alicia gave her a surprised look, “Why not?”

Claire looked away blinking back tears. “I am sorry.” She mumbled.

Alicia was confused; “I want to loan it to you.” She believed that Claire was resisting the idea of borrowing the dress.

Christa was watching Claire’s face closely and could tell there was more to it then that. “Claire, what’s wrong?” She asked softly.

Claire had never found herself in this position before. Should she tell them the truth?

Alicia looked over at Christa wondering what was going on.

Finally Claire spoke, “It is a beautiful dress but it would not look good on me.”

“You haven’t even tried it on.” Alicia reminded her. “How do you know?”

“I just know.” Claire whispered wishing Anna was here. She would know what to do in this situation. She would understand.

Christa moved over to the sofa and took a seat on the other side of Claire. “Tell us what’s wrong.” She urged.

Tears welled up in Claire’s eyes. “Please do not think I am ungrateful. It is a beautiful dress.”

“And it will look beautiful on you.” Alicia reached out and touched Claire’s arm.

A single tear rolled down Claire’s cheek. “I can not wear it.”

“Will you at least try it on?” Alicia asked gently.

Claire felt trapped. If she didn’t try on the dress they wouldn’t understand but if she did…. Slowly she stood and took the dress from Alicia. Moving to the bedroom she closed the door.

“What’s going on?” Alicia whispered looking over at Christa.

“I don’t know for sure.” Christa answered.

They both sat in silence until a few minutes later when the bedroom door opened and Claire emerged wearing the dress.

“You look stunning.” Alicia said.

Claire saw both women’s eyes grow wide as she walked nearer and they could see the scars on her shoulders and chest.

“Now do you understand?” Claire whispered.

It was Christa who regained her composure first. “What I see is a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful dress.”

Claire was staring at the ground.

“What happened?” Alicia asked without thinking. Christa shot her a silencing look.

Claire took a seat at the table across from them. “When I was young I was attacked.” She said softly. “That is why I always wear sleeves and high collars.” She added in a whisper, “To hide the scars.”

“Has Bob seen them?” Christa asked hoping the answer would be yes.

Claire nodded.

A smile lit Christa’s face. “Well then let me tell you something. Alicia showed him this dress before we came over here. He looked at it closely and said that he knew you would look beautiful in it.”

Claire looked up, “He said that?”

“He did.” Alicia nodded. “He said he hoped you’d wear it.”

Christa spoke softly, “When he looks at you all he sees is a beautiful woman. You need to see that too.”

Claire was overwhelmed with emotion. “But I am not.”

Alicia laughed, “Bullshit. You are beautiful and those scars can’t change that.”

Tears filled Claire’s eyes again, “Thank you.” She whispered not knowing how to explain how much their words meant to her.

Alicia jumped to her feet. “Okay then. I’m gonna run back to the bus and grab some shoes for you.” She frowned, “Crap, what size do you wear?”

Claire told her.

“Excellent. They will fit.” She turned to the door. “Be right back.”

Once she was gone Christa spoke, “I have an idea for your hair I’d like to try if you’ll let me.”

Brushing away her tears Claire nodded, “Of course.”

Alicia had just grabbed the shoes when Bob saw her. “Well?”

“She’s gonna wear it. But you could have warned us. You knew she would baulk at the idea, didn’t you?”

Bob sighed, “Yeah I was afraid she would but I was hoping that you would tell her I wanted her to wear the dress. I was hoping it would make her understand that her scars don’t matter to me.”

Alicia looked at him closely, “You’re falling for her, aren’t you?”

Bob looked uncomfortable, “I already have.”

“Do you know the whole story about what happened?” Alicia asked. “Those are some wicked scars.”

“Yeah but if she wants you to know she’ll tell you.” He smiled, “Just let her know how happy I am she’s wearing the dress and that I’ll be over there soon to get her.”

Alicia laughed, “Not too soon, dude. We gotta fix her up.”

Bob frowned, “She doesn’t need fixing up. She’s already beautiful.”

“Oh man.” Alicia started for the door, “You got it bad.”

“This day has been perfect.” Anna whispered into Gerard’s ear as they sat on the balcony of their suite looking out into the fading daylight.

Gerard tightened his arm around her. “Yeah, perfect.” The words came straight from his heart. He and Anna had driven to Dallas, checked into the hotel and had spent the day sightseeing. He’d shared with her some of his favorite art galleries and bookstores. Hand in hand they had explored the city, talking, laughing and sharing unplanned kisses. As the sun had begun to set they had settled on one chair, Anna sitting on Gerard’s lap, and were enjoying the view.

“So would you like to go out of dinner?” He asked before gently placing a kiss on her neck. He was shocked when he felt her whole body tense but before he could give it any thought she turned and her lips crashed down on his. The kiss was urgent and almost wild. Anna’s lips then left his and traveled to his neck where she continued to kiss his skin.

Gerard tightened his arms around her as her tongue darted out to lick the soft skin of his neck. He groaned as he felt his body responding to her. This wild side of Anna was exciting the hell out of him. When her teeth nipped at his neck he groaned louder.

Anna was lost in the feeling. The scent of his skin was intoxicating. Her open mouth pressed against his skin sent shock waves through her body and she wanted more. She let her hand drop to his chest where her fingers clawed at the material of his shirt. The sound of buttons flying broke the silence as she tore apart the material.

Gerard’s mind was in a daze as he felt her hand run over his chest. His arm traveled slowly down her back to the swell of her ass. His fingers pulled at the material of her skirt freeing it from under her. Now his fingertips felt the lace of her panties and he began to caress her soft skin. He smiled as he heard her moan his name.

He moved his other hand and was rewarded when he felt her shift her body, spreading her legs just enough to allow his fingers access to the warm, wet center of her womanhood. The lace barrier of her panties was pushed aside and he gently stroked her swollen nub. She was so hot and wet and ready. When he slowly inserted one finger her whole body trembling rewarded him and he smiled. He felt the pressure of her lips against his neck increase and he flinched.

Anna knew she had to stop but her need proved stronger. When her teeth grazed his skin he moaned loudly, “Oh Sugar, yeah.” She dropped her arm to reach between her legs to the bulge in his pants. She stroked through the material but it wasn’t enough. She waned to feel him in her hands; she wanted to feel him inside her. That thought pushed her over the edge forcing her mouth to open. A million thoughts and emotions flooded her mind as she fought for control.

Gerard leaned his head back feeling an onslaught of emotions he didn’t understand. His finger thrust into her again and he felt her body rock against his hand while her lips sucked the skin of his neck. He was so lost in the feeling when, without warning, she painfully pushed against his chest. He was shocked as he felt her body slip off of his. Opening his eyes he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His sweet Anna had a wild look on her face, her hands clasped over her mouth. He absently raised his hand to his neck where she had brutalized his skin.

Anna was breathing heavily as she backed away from him.

“Anna?” Gerard wasn’t sure what was happening.

“I am sorry.” She turned and ran back into the suite.

Confusion showed on Gerard’s face. What the fuck had just happened?

Anna ran into the bedroom, grabbed her overnight bag and headed for the bathroom. It wasn’t until the door was locked that she allowed herself to cry.

Gerard stood, and as he walked towards the bathroom he went over in his mind again what had happened. He tried to make sense of the look he’d seen in her eyes. It had to be a trick of the fading light.

“Anna, open the door.”

Anna pushed away from the door and with trembling fingers opened the black bag.

“Anna.” His voice was louder this time.

“Just a minute, please.” She begged as she pulled out the syringe.

Gerard ran a shaky hand over his face and took a few steps back. He moved to the bed and took a seat facing the bathroom door.

As the liquid surged through her veins Anna sank to the ground. Her mind was a blur of thoughts and emotions. How could she have been so careless, so stupid?

Ten minutes later when she slowly opened the bathroom door, Gerard stood and moved towards her.

“Sugar, what the hell is going on?” His voice begged for an explanation.

Anna knew she had to do damage control. “I am sorry. I was afraid I had hurt you.”

“What?” Gerard moved to take her into his arms. “Hurt me?”

Anna’s arms encircled his body and she hugged him.

“You mean my neck?” He was struggling to understand.

He felt her nod.

A small laugh escaped his lips, “Oh Sugar. You didn’t hurt me. Fuck, you excited the hell out of me. Uh, it’s not like I haven’t had a hickey on my neck before.”

Anna remained silent.

Slowly, he moved out of her embrace, took her hand, and led her over to the bed. Once they were seated his fingers reached out and he gently lifted her face to his. “Anna, you didn’t hurt me.”

Tears appeared in her eyes. “I acted so wantonly.”

His laugh filled the room. “Sugar, wanton is good.” He couldn’t remember the last time he’d actually heard anyone use that word. The woman was continuously surprising him.

Her bottom lip trembled, “You think me silly.”

God, he loved the way she spoke, “I do not think you silly. It’s sweet you were worried about that but you’re way off. You excited the hell out of me.” He looked deeply into her eyes, “I was just fuckin’ scared I did something to frighten you.”

“There is nothing you could ever do that would frighten me.” Anna told him honestly.

“And there is nothing you could ever do that would hurt me.” Gerard answered. “Not physically.” He added from his heart.

Anna knew this wasn’t the truth. She looked away.

Gerard wanted her to understand. “You can’t hurt me physically but mentally…” He opened his heart to add, “Mentally I’m afraid you could devastate me.”

Confusion showed on her face. “I do not understand.”

“I’ve fallen in love with you, Anna. You have to know that.” He held his breath waiting for her answer.

“I love you, Gee.” She whispered wishing he could understand that she had loved him for a very long time.
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