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Go For It

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A phone call threatens to ruin Bob and Claire's date.

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As Bob looked across the table he smiled when he saw the look on Claire’s face. He knew she’d been nervous when they had arrived at the restaurant but now it was apparent she was relaxed and enjoying herself. He hoped it wasn’t just the mojito.

Claire took another sip of her drink then gave a small happy sigh. She rarely drank but she had convinced herself that tonight was a special occasion and therefore it was acceptable. She was on her first actual real date with a man she was terrible attracted to so she planned on enjoying the evening. Glancing over she saw that his beautiful blue eyes were trained on her and she blushed.

Bob laughed, “You know when you do that it makes you even more beautiful?”

Claire gave him a surprised look, “When I do what?”

“Blush” Bob said softly.

A giggle escaped her lips, “I am not blushing.” She said knowing full well it was a lie.

Bob reached across the table and put his hand over hers, “Oh yeah you are. I’m just not sure why.”

Claire took another sip, “Because you were staring at me.”

“I was.” Bob confirmed, “As I was staring I was thinking to myself damn I am so lucky to be out with such a beautiful woman.”

He couldn’t help but laugh when she rolled her eyes.

“Claire, you are beautiful and don’t you dare try to tell me you’re not.”

She was about to answer when the waitress served their shrimp cocktail appetizers.

“Oh that looks so good.” Claire said gazing at the dish.

Bob was surprised, “You’ve had shrimp cocktail before haven’t you?”

She shook her head still studying the appetizer. “No. We rarely eat out.”

“Really? “

Claire reached for her drink and took another sip, “No. I can not even remember the last time we went to a nice restaurant.” When she realized Bob looked surprised she knew she needed to make the statement seem less strange. “Anna prefers to eat at home.”

“Well just because that is what she prefers doesn’t mean you have to agree.” Bob said softly.

Again Claire heard something in his tone that bothered her. He was judging Anna and it was unfair. “I do not want to talk about Anna.” She blurted out surprising herself.

Bob nodded, “Fair enough.” He was afraid his words had upset her. “So take a bite and tell me what you think.”

Claire smiled and did as he suggested. The first bite was delicious. “This is wonderful.”

Bob smiled, “I’m glad you like it. And your drink?”

“It is heavenly.” Claire answered quickly. “But I rarely drink so it is a treat.”

He had been sure that was the case.

They each ate in silence a few minutes before Bob spoke again. “Not sure if I told you yet but that dress looks great.”

Claire looked into his eyes, “Thank you for sending Alicia and Christa over with it.”

“Hey loaning you a dress was their idea. Alicia had several she showed me but when I saw that one I knew it would look great on you.”

“My scars do not ruin it?” She looked away.

Once again he reached across the table for her hand, “You need to stop being self conscious about them.”

“Easier said than done.” Claire admitted sadly.

He squeezed her hand, “Look at me.”

Claire raised her gaze to meet his.

“You are beautiful, everything about you. From your head to your toes which are painted pink is beautiful.”

Once again Claire blushed, “You noticed my toes?”

“Yeah, I see everything about you. I see a woman who is so much more than she gives herself credit for. I see a woman who is ready to live life but is afraid. I don’t completely understand why but that’s okay. I want to understand and I’m willing to give it the time it takes to learn all there is about you.”

His words made her incredible happy and yet sad at the same time. She knew for his own safely there was no way he could ever completely understand. “Bob…” she struggled to say what she felt in her heart. “Thank you for asking me out and thank you for trying to be so understanding.”

He looked deeply into her eyes, “I’m doing it for totally selfish reasons.”

Claire titled her head, “Selfish reasons?”

“Yeah, I’m not gonna lie. There is something about you that just fuckin’ attracts me. I don’t know why, I don’t understand. But that doesn’t matter. All I know is I want to..” He paused a moment then laid his feelings on the line, “I just want to protect you. I want to be there for you.”

Claire was speechless.

“Okay this is gonna sound crazy but I just think you need me.” He hated that his words didn’t seem to be coming out right. “I think you need me as much as I need you.” There, he’d said it.

Claire wondered briefly it was the alcohol coursing through her system that made her understand what he was saying but deep down she knew that wasn’t the case. “I do need you.” She whispered. Then looking down she added. “And that feeling scares me and excites me all at the same time.”

Anna and Gerard were in bed enjoying the dinner that had been delivered by room service. Neither had wanted to go out after what had happened earlier. As Gerard lifted another chocolate covered strawberry to her lips he smiled, “You didn’t eat much for dinner but you seem to be enjoying desert.”

“Oh yes.” Anna said before parting her lips and letting him slip the ripe berry between them.

Gerard moaned as he watched her suck the chocolate first before she devoured the fruit.

Anna smiled coyly. “I crave sweet things,”

“As do I.” Gerard said before leaning over and kissing her lips which still had a trace of chocolate coating.

When he leaned back Anna sighed, “I wish it could be like this forever.” Those words were spoken from deep within her heart.

“Why can’t it?” Gerard answered. “Why can’t it be like this all the time?”

Anna knew the truth but the moment wasn’t right to tell him “You know we can not stay in bed forever.” She teased.

He was lost in the moment, “Why not?”

Anna smiled “Your life would not allow it. You are part of a very successful band. Music is you life.”

“Music is only a part of my life.” Gerard said lifting another strawberry from the bowl. “It is not my entire life.”

Anna opened her lips as he raised the strawberry.

Slowly he inserted the berry feeling his body respond to the sight of her partly open waiting lips, “It is only part of my life.”

Anna sucked on the berry before pulling it into her mouth. She saw the desire in his eyes and she fed on it. Once she’d slowly devoured the fruit she whispered, “Tell me about another part of your life.”

He couldn’t take anymore. Lifting the tray he scooted out of bed and placed it on the nightstand but not before grabbing a spoon of whipped cream. Returning to the bed her gave Anna a devilish grin then touched the spoon to her lips leaving a trace of the frothy topping. He lowered his face to hers.

Anna closed her eyes as his tongue darted out to brush her lips.

Gerard then pulled down the sheet, which was covering her nude body and touched the spoon first to her right nipple and then to her left. He saw her nipples harden and smiled, “Let me show you what is important to me.” He said in a deep tone.

Anna leaned back against the pillows and let out a sigh of pleasure as his lips sucked the whip cream from her breasts. Her fingernails grazed his back as he continued to suckle. “Oh, Gee.’ She moaned.

He paused and looked up into her eyes, “Yes?” There was that devilish grin again.

“That feels wonderful.”

“You taste wonderful” He dipped his head to her nipple again.

Anna closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the feeling. However a moment later when she felt him move she opened her eyes.

“Close your eyes.” He warned.

She smiled and did as he commanded.

Reaching for the spoon he moved down her body and gently parted her legs. When he touched the cold spoon to her swollen nub he saw her whole body writhe in pleasure.

The entrees had just been served when Claire’s received a call. Quickly she searched her small bag and glanced down at the screen. Bob saw what he thought was a look of fear on her face.

“I have to answer this.” She said swiftly slipping out of her seat and heading towards the foyer of the restaurant.

Bob watched her wondering who was calling and why she’d looked so upset. Several minutes passed and still she had not returned.

“Damn” Anna ground out as he cell began ringing again. The first time she had ignored it and had urged Gerard, who was doing wonderful things to her body, to do the same. Now however it was ringing again.

Gerard looked up from between her legs. “Sugar, it’s okay.” He slid the rest of the way off the bed and grabbed her phone. As he handed it to her he smiled, “I’ll remember where we were.”

Anna sat up, “I hope so.” She answered.

As she had expected the call was from Claire. “Hello?"

“Jacob just called and he is very upset.” There was no need for a greeting.

Anna felt her spirits fall. “And?”

“And?” Claire repeated her voice raising a notch, “And? Anna have you lost your mind? Jacob is very upset. He said he is fully aware that you know he has summoned you. Why is it you have not at least called him?”

“What did you just say to me?” Anna could not believe this was Claire.

Claire took a deep breath but did not back down. “You heard me, Anna. You can not ignore Jacob. You know that.”

“I can do whatever I choose to do.” Anna retorted. She saw the puzzled look on Gerard’s face as he sat waiting for her to finish the call.

Anger coursed through Claire. She was angry and scared for Anna so she did not let Anna’s words stop her. “No, that is not true and you know that full well. He told me that he wished for you to call him now.”

“I am busy.” Anna answered.

Claire leaned against the wall full of despair. “He knows what you are doing Anna. He knows about Gerard.”

“Of course he does.” Anna whispered. “It does not matter, Claire. I will deal with this later.”

“Anna.” Claire had been afraid of this. “You know you must deal with this now.”

“No.” Anna would not let anything ruin this night. “Tell him I will call him tomorrow.”

“I will not.” Claire said shaking her head. “I will not be the one to deliver the news to Jacob that you are defying him.”

Anna sighed, “Fine. Then do nothing.”

“But he will call back.” Claire said nervously.

“Then do not answer. Turn off your phone.”

“I can not do that.” Claire cried, “What if you try to call me?” Fear made her grip the phone tightly.

Anna heard the fear in her voice. “Listen to me Claire. I am telling you to do this. Turn off your phone and enjoy the evening. Where are you now?”

“I am on a date with Bob.” Claire whispered.

Anna smiled slightly. “Excellent. Then do as I say and enjoy the rest of the evening. I will deal with this tomorrow.”

Claire knew how dangerous this course of action could be. “Anna…”

Anna cut her off. “Claire I will handle this.” There was no mistaking that Anna was demanding Claire follow her instructions.

Bob, who had been standing a few feet away blocked from view by a ficus tree moved back towards their table. He hadn’t meant to listen to Claire’s conversation but he’d been worried when she hadn’t returned to the table.

A few minutes later he saw Claire nearing the table his heart sank. Her whole demeanor had changed and she looked almost defeated. He waited until she sat down to ask, “Everything okay?”

Claire’s fingers shook as she turned off her phone and returned it to her bag. “Yes.” She answered softly.

Bob watched her closely hoping she’d tell him what had happened that had obviously upset her so badly.

Claire looked at the table and wanted to cry. A few minutes ago everything had seemed so perfect and now it was ruined. Then suddenly from deep within she felt strength. She would not let this night be ruined for her. She reached across the table lifted her drink and drained it.

“Would you like another?” Bob asked a smile playing at the corner of his lips.

“Yes, very much, thank you.”

Bob signaled the waitress and placed the order. “Now, tell me what’s wrong.” He asked kindly.

Claire sat up and smiled, “Nothing is wrong. Jacob called wanting to speak to Anna.”

Bob had heard her speaking to Anna but didn’t question her about that. “Jacob? That’s her uncle right?”

Claire blinked once in confusion helped along by the alcohol, “Oh yes.” She responded a moment later. “So I had to call Anna and tell her.”

“Why didn’t he just call her himself?” Bob asked.

“I do not know, damn it.” Claire’s hand flew to her mouth when she realized what she’d said.

Bob threw his head back and laughed, “Uh Claire, saying damn it really ain’t that bad.”

Her second drink arrived and she took several sips before responding. “You are right it is not that bad. Matter of fact I deserve to say it.” She giggled, “I just may say the F word soon.”

“I say go for it Hun.” Bob reached across the table for her hand. “Tonight you can say and do anything you want.”

Claire still had enough presence of mind to know she couldn’t say everything she wanted but doing what she wanted seemed possible. “You do not want a tipsy date.” She said looking away.

“I want my date to let go. I want her to stop worry about what other’s think and do what she wants.” His thumb stroked the soft skin of her hand, “I want her to be happy.”

“I am happy.” Claire met his gaze. “And I know what I want.”


Claire squared her shoulders, “I want to go back to the RV and make out.” As the words left her mouth she prayed he wouldn’t think she sounded stupid.

Bob smiled, “Wow we want the same thing.”

When Gerard returned to the bed after replacing Anna’s cell in her purse he saw that she had laid back and closed her eyes. He wondered if he should ask about the call.

“Mr. Way I hope you were serious when you said you would not forget what you were doing.” Anna’s voice was husky.

Gerard smiled as he settled himself down between her legs. “Nope. I believe I was right here.” His tongue licked her slit.

“Oh yes.” Anna’s voice trembled as she forced all thoughts from her mind. “That is exactly were you were.”
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