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I walked into the coffee shop at noon and was greeted by the lady I saw at the coffee shop the other day. "Hello Carly, I've been expecting you" she smiled at me. "Hi uh... I didn't really catch your name" I scratched my head. "Oh yeah, I'm Elizabeth" she laughed. "So is Lucas here?" I asked. "He's getting ready. Don't tell him I told you this but he's nervous" she whispered to me. I chuckled a bit. "He doesn't need to be nervous" I tried to hide my smile. This guy's intereted in me. That's a good start. I feel beautiful here. Why don't I feel like that in the real world? Because guys who actually thinks I'm beautiful are way too creepy. The guys here are not half bad. 

Elizabeth instructed me to wait for several minutes for Lucas to come out. I waited for about five until Lucas came out with a nice blue collared shirt and jeans. He looked good. I have to say that. "Hey" I smiled at him, waving. He smiled back and chuckled nervously. "Don't be nervous. I'm just a normal person" I grinned. "You look great" he looked at my apparel consisting of a dressy red top and white skinny jeans. "Thanks, I have to say the same for you" I complimented back. "Thank you as well" Elizabeth began taking our order. After she left, Lucas turned to me and started asking questions. "So what do you enjoy doing?" I contemplated on the right words to say. Should I tell him I play music? Or maybe tell him I like sketching. I'll tell him what I honestly enjoy doing even if he thinks it's weird or abnormal.

"I play guitar and hope to pursue a music career one day. I can sing well hopefully. And I also like to sketch images in my head" I'm not telling him about the darn nightmares. It's too weird to tell someone on a first date. "That's great. I play guitar too but I fail" he laughs. "It's okay, practice makes perfect" I said. "Yeah I heard that several times" he smirked. "But you got to know it's true" I shrugged. Then Elizabeth came over with our food. I thanked her and she smiled at me as she retreated. "So Lucas, tell me about yourself. I hardly know anything about you" I admitted. "I'm turning eighteen this year. I started to work here as my summer job when I was fifteen but then I started working here full time because they needed someone and I was broke. This is where I met Christopher and Rikki. I met Nathan several times since you've mentioned him" he explained. "Wow fifteen. Do you know what I was doing when I was fifteen?" I asked. "What?" "I was at home, lying on my bed with the sir conditioner on so high watching TV all day. You can tell I'm a spoiled kid"
I laughed, sharing my memory of last year to him. 

"It's okay. I was a spoiled kid until my mother made me work. I graduated high school last month and I'm really scared to go into college" he said, biting his lips. "What college are you going to?" I asked. I actually like talking to adults about college in the real world. I believe that college is a really important part of life. I guess my father and Uncle Matt never really finished college before pursuing their music career. They both got a college scholarship to Italy. I'm glad that they enjoyed their career but shouldn't they have graduated college first? "I'm going to NYU" he announced. 

"Damn, that's a good college. I've always wanted to go there" I was amazed. This guy could easily be stereotyped as a dumb blonde pretty boy but he must be smart to be able to get into NYU or the people gets dumber as time goes by. "It's not really that hard to get into" he took a sip of the capachino. We laughed and we ate. Lucas is kind of funny. I didn't expect him to be the comedian type. He wasn't like all the way funny but he can easily make me laugh with his goofy face expressions even if what he said wasn't really funny in reality. I didn't know if there was a purpose in meeting Lucas but I kind of like it. I mean I really like it. 

He's a good guy and there should be more people like him back in the real world. I would have been attracted by now. "No, you just have to listen to that fish sing. The waiter got mad at me for putting my ear near that tank. He said the tank and fish itself cost about 5 million dollars. I mean that's really stupid to spend that much money on fish and tank" he told me about this time he went to a fancy restaurant and heard a fish sing. This guy is so random but that's one of the many things I love about this guy already. "I have to go back go work now. I can't believe we've been here for three hours already. Time flies when your having fun huh?" he laughed, getting up. "Oh yeah, see you then Lucas. Call me if you want any more plans" I was hoping he'd like to see me again. "I'll gladly call you when I need to make more plans. Watch your phone, it'll be ringing every two minutes and you'll get tired of me by then" we both smirked and said goodbye. 

Christopher picked me up and drove me back to his apartment. "Chris?" "Carly?" "How long do I have to stay here?" I asked. "Why do you want to know? Do you want to go back already?" he sat down beside me. "I actually don't. I like it here" I smiled at the good times this past few days. "You know that you'll have to leave eventually right?" I frowned at the talk of leaving.
Of course I loved my old life but I love it here. I can still see everyone I loved and I get to live a life that I appreciate more. I feel more loved and wanted here. There's no more scary stuffs going on in my sleep. Things are getting better. Wounds are healing. I don't exactly know what my wounds are but somethings been bothering me and that's probably the missing mommy part and it stopped when I met Rikki. 

"Do I have other plans today?" I asked. He thought hard about it. "Rikki or Nate might call you soon" he bit his lips. "Oh okay" I shrugged. Took a book from a shelf and opened it. "Twilight? really?" I glared at him. He only shrugged at me innocently. I heard that this book was very good. "Is this the one with the vampires?" I asked. He nodded. I sat down and started reading the book to kill time. "Carly I don't know why you're wasting your time with Lucas" Chris spoke up. "I'm not wasting my time on him. Why do you think so? He's a nice guy" I defended. "Carly, he's not for you. How many times do I have to tell you that?" he practically yelled. "Chris, I'm not even going out with him. It's only a date" I sighed. He huffed, walking back to his bedroom. Did I piss him off or what?

I sat there and read the book for about an hour before Nathan called me to go over to his house. I agreed and we both hung up. I wonder what's supposed to happen today. Whatever it is, I need to go along with it. I have to. It's probably a good thing for I'll prevent the two from arguing and breaking up. Christopher finally came out of his room and told me to get ready. At least he wasn't mad at me anymore. It was like a one hour calming process. The whole car ride was filled with silence. What is there to talk about anyways? Why was he mad that I went on a date with Lucas? It's nothing to be angry about. That's just bullshit. When we got there, I dashed in immediately. The tension in the car was just too much to handle. I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown if I stayed in there any longer.

I walked into the unlocked house and the crew was already in there. Rikki was curled up against Nathan and the other guys were throwing a soccer ball around. Matthew turned away from the game and waved at me. I smiled hesistantly and waved back. "Hello guys" I greeted. They all grumbed their responses back. "Thought you might just want to chill with us" Nathan said. "Yeah, I needed this anyways" I sighed at my problems. "Is there something wrong?" Rikki asked, examining me. "Christopher's being a bitch just because I went on one date with Lucas. It's not even his business" I groaned. Why did I just tell everyone my business?

"You went on a date with the coffee shop guy?" Matthew asked. "Yes. That's not the problem here" I yelled. "It actually is" was his reply. "No Christopher is the problem" I said. "I think he's jealous" Rikki suggested. "I really don't want to get in your business" Nathan said honestly, holding his hands up. "Neither do we" Mateo spoke up from behind us. "Thanks guys. So helpful" I passed the sarcastic remark. They snickered in response. "Why's Matthew all up in your business?" Nathan asked, smirking. "You tell me" I shrugged. I turned to him. The poor guy's blushing. Oh god, no. Please don't let this happen. I don't like him like that. He's my uncle god damn it.

"Anyways Carly, does your parents let you drink?" Nathan asked, changing the subject. I'm glad he changed it. I didn't want to talk about Matthew right now. "Uh... If you were a dad and had a sixteen year old daughter, would you?" I questioned. I mean I wanted to know his response as an young childless man not as a father. "Hell yeah! Alchohol is the key to the heart!" he shouted. Yeah right. I almost smirked. Dad would never let me drink. But in this world, he probably wouldn't care if I drank. "So are we going to party?" Dan asked. "Hell yeah" Nathan got up and walked to the fridge. 

"Do you guys really love partying?" I turned to Rikki. "Yeah we do. Especially Nathan. But yeah we normally do. If that's too much for you, you can go if you like. Call Chris or let Matt or Dan take you home" Rikki suggested. "No it's fine. I just want to hang here and watch you guys get drunk" I laughed. I heard some smirks behind me. "We're going to invite some other people as well because this is going to be a big party. Chris might come later if he agrees" Rikki took out her phone and Nathan came back with the alchohol. "Let's drink!" he yelled. "Nathan, Rikki's turning this into a big party. She's going to invite people okay?" Mateo clarified. "Sure, the more the better. Matthew you go get some alcohol" Nathan instructed. "Okay"

"Carly, go with him" Rikki said. "Why?" "Just go with him. We're going to set up the party" she said. "I don't want to go" I frowned. But then I do. Something inside of me made me walk to Matthew and follow him out the door. Is this basic instinct? Whatever, it won't kill me to leave Nathan and Rikki alone for an hour. They'll be fine I hope. I'm actually kind of scared to see Christopher again. What if he hates me now? Was Rikki actually right? Was Christopher actually jealous? Probably. I'll use that against him next time he bitches about it. I turned to Matthew. He is a really handsome sexy person bur it feels so weird to look at him that way. And it also feels weird to know that he looks at me that way as well. 

"So I still can't believe your sixteen" he said as he pulled away from the driveway. "I am so there's nothing you can really do about it" I shrugged. "No I'm not saying you have to. You are just so matured. You act older than most of us. We're like a group of immature baby that needed baby sitting and your the baby sitter" he said and I couldn't help but laugh. Uncle Matt has always been funny. He would always say something funny and make my day. "So Matthew, are you excited to be an uncle?" I asked. "Yeah of course I am. I'm going to spoil her. That's all I can tell you now" 

"So are you going to use some of your humor on the baby?" "I have humor? Wow" I pushed him lightly. We got to the liquor shop and Matthew led me in. The cashior guy looked at me like I was some kind of indiciplined kid. I mean he thinks I'm going to actually drink the alcohol. Drinking is something I'll never do in my life until I'm thirty, I don't really like getting drunk because I'll most likely do something foolish that I'll immediately regret. Matthew picked out what he wanted and thought was party drinking material. We got what we wanted and left the store. I tried to ignore the dirty glances I was recieving from the middle aged cashior man. "Okay he thinks I'm a alcoholic" was the first thing I said when we got in his car. "So what?" Matt smirked. "I feel bad" "Scree that guy! Who cares what he thinks?" 

We both sang along to random songs on the radio on our way back to Nathan's. I missed the times where uncle Matt and I would turn to radiostations in his car. We'd just sit in his car and sing random tunes. But now everythings different. We were both young. When we got back to Nathan's house, so many cars were parked in the driveway. "How many people got invited to this thing?" I asked out loud. Matthew only shrugged and we both walked into the house. "Dude, the alcohol is here!" Nathan shouted when we both walked in. I looked around. There's a lot of people I didn't know but I didn't care. I was only here for a reason. "Carly!" I turned around and was pulled into a hug by Lucas.

"Hey, good to see you again" I grinned" "I didn't expect to see you here, especially bringing back alcohol" he pointed at the bag I was holding. "Oh, i'm not going to drink" I promised him and myself. "Try not to, I won't feel left out. I thought I would be the only one underage around here" he laughed. "Same, now I feel better" I grinned at him. I turned back to Matthew to give him the bag I was holding. He bit his lips and looked at me and Lucas. I tried to ignore him as he took the bag out of my hands. He then stormed to the kitchen.

"This guy never really liked me" Lucas shrugged. "Why not?" I questioned. "I don't know. I was once trying to flirt with his girlfriend just for the hell of it" Lucas smirked. "He has a girlfriend?" thank god. "Well he had. The girl dumped him because she found someone better" Lucas continued. "Was that guy better?" I asked. "I guess he's better. Matthew's a control freak and he's so attached. He's everything a girl might not want" Lucas explained. "Wow, you really don't like him either" I commented. Why am I with him? I'm not going to stick with a guy that talks shit about my uncle behind his back. 

"Well he didn't like me first so I'm just like fuck it, I won't like him either. But his brother's pretty nice to me. Even if Rikki bitches about issues involving him often, I know he's a nice guy. Recently she didn't have problems. I heard that they're engaged" Lucas commented. I was proud of myself at this moment. Since I came, Rikki and Nathan were getting better. When I turned around, I saw Christopher walk through the door. I tried to ignore him. It was making me nervous to see me talk to Lucas at an overage party. I'll just pretend I didn't notice him. Maybe things will be better that way. 

Within one hour of the party, people got totally wasted. Lucas and I were seated on the sofa just talking. We were probably the only ones that stayed away from booze or any other kinds of alcohol. We continued talking. "My sister is such a drama queen. She freaked out on me when I dropped her off at her prom. She wanted her date to drop her off and she didn't get what she wanted" Lucas rolled his eyes. "I don't have any siblings to talk about which is really sad. I can't bitch about any siblings because I don't have one" we continued talking but then someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned back revealing Christopher. He pointed at something and I attempted to look.

Rikki was giving Matthew a lapdance and they're both nowhere near sober. I went to look for Nathan. He was still sober talking to some friends, still unaware of the fact that his fiancé is only one step away to fucking his twin brother. I turned back to Lucas. He gave me a questionable glare. "I'll be right back" I got up from the sofa and walked over to Rikki and Matthew. Matthew's lips were against Rikki's neck. Oh shit. I pulled Rikki off of Matthew. "Dude what are you doing?" Rikki slurred, slapping me across the face. I endured her pain and dragged her over to Nathan and his friends. 

"Dude, go take care of your girlfriend. She needs to go to bed" I commented. Nathan gasped, holding onto Rikki. "Guys I have to go okay?" he turned to his friends. They just nodded solenmy at him. "Thanks Carly" Nathan thanked me before he dragged Rikki upstairs to their bedroom or somewhere. I need to go take care of Matthew. He's probably puking somewhere right now. I walked back to where Matthew was. "Rikki, where the hell did you go?" Matthew shouted. "Shh Matthew be quiet" I whispered to him. 

"Why should I? She left me she promised me that she was going to fuck me. Where the hell are you Rikki?" Matthew yelled. I looked around. Everyone was looking, including Lucas and Christopher. How the hell am I going to fix this? I looked at Christopher. He gave me a reassuring smile telling me I can do this. "Matthew, Rikki didn't promise she was going to fuck you. I did. Remember when we went to get booze?" I shouted loudly, making sure everyone could hear me. 

I attempted at not looking back at Lucas. I know that this is going to get really ugly for him to see. I guess I'll have to risk my soon to be relationship with him for Rikki and Nathan. "You did?" Matthew glared at me sincerly. "Yes I did" I didn't know what to do now. Was I suppose to fuck him to shut him up? How do I fuck my uncle? That would be really awkward. I've never fucking anyone in my life. I started hyperventiling, looking around the room. I grabbed a cup of alcohol from Matthew's hand and drank it down quickly. I was still sober but I tried to act like I was drunk or high or something. 

I sat on Matthew's lap and he wrapped his arms around me. I feel kind of disgusted with myself. If I left would he shut up about Rikki? I looked over at Christopher. He looked a bit uneasy but he nodded, telling me I was supposed to do that. Lucas was glaring. He had a frown on his face and he looked so heartbroken. What the hell did I do? I guess I'll have to sacrifice my likeness for Lucas for my own parents. Matthew continued to slur Rikki's name but luckily no one seems to notice. I quickly pressed my lips against his and he immediately pushed me down on the sofa, laying on top of me. This was slightly uncomfortable but I kind of like it. The taste of alcohol against my tongue brings thrills down my body. Should I be surprised at myself? 

Then Matthew got off of me and stood up. He pulled me up and started leading me up the stairs. "Wait Carly!" we both turned around and Lucas stood there with his arms crossed. Matthew only smirked and attempted to pull me on the stairs. "Lucas I have to go" I said. "What are you, drunk or high? What are you doing Carly? I thought we were something" Lucas commented. "Look Lucas, I have to go. I don't want to listen to your shit" I tried to roll my eyes. "Carly, just fucking listen to me. I really liked you before all this. I thought you were a nice innocent sixteen year old girl. I didn't know you were a party girl, looking around for free fucks. I can't believe this. I thought you liked me. I wanted us to be something" 

My heart ached. I liked Lucas too but I also kind of wanted to fuck Matthew right now as he's tugging at my wrists impatiently. "Go to hell Lucas" I mumbled as Matthew lured me up to the guestroom or somewhere. When we got there, he locked the doors. I have a feeling that he's sober but I tried to ignore it. I was kind of excited since it's my first time. I tried to ignore the fact that he's my uncle. I also tried to remind myself that I was doing this for my own good. I'm doing something good to prevent Rikki and Nathan from breaking up. 

"Matthew?" my voice was shaky as we both fell onto the bed. "Carly, are you scared?" he asked. Now I know that he's sobering up. "This is my first time, should I be scared?" I bit my lips. "Don't worry" he slurred, stripping down my clothes. I covered my mouth to prevent a nervous giggle. I feel like such a whore and yet I'm enjoying this. My mind began wondering freely. Then my thoughts got interupted by his lips. He kissed me passionately like he was in love with me. How could this even be possible? Whatever, I'll just go along with it. I could go back and change anything anyways. I stuck my tongue into his mouth and wrapped my legs around him. I knew that this was going to be a night I'll never forget.
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