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"Guys, what's up?" I was still confused. They just shook their head at me and ordered some food from Lucas. He kept giving me flirtatious glances. I just smiled back most of the time. But Christopher was tapping his foot impatiently. Something was bothering him. He looked like there was ants in his pants. I just want to get the freaking ants out. His unstableness is bothering me as well. "Chris, is something wrong?" I decided to ask him straight out. "I'll tell you later" his nose flared. "Okay" I was a bit scared now. "Rikki, what's up?" I turned to her. She hasn't spoken a word to me yet. "Nothing much" was her weak response. 

Great, I already got her mad at me. "Here's your coffee" Lucas brought the coffee and gave them to Christopher. He winked at me before walking back to the counter. "Carly, can I talk to you for a minute privately?" she asked. "Sure" I followed her to the ladies bathroom. "What's bothering you?" I asked. "Carly, I'm going to be just straight out honest with you. I know your my friend and you helped me a lot for making me tell Nathan about the pregnancy but I have to talk to you about this serious issue" she said sternly. What the hell is going on here? How was Lucas a problem to her? Maybe she doesn't like him. 

"Lucas and Christopher are both my good friends. I've known Christopher for almost all my life. I even know him longer than my own fiancé. He means the world to me. Lucas is always there when I have problems or daily issues. He's the person I always chill with when I came to the coffee shop which is pretty often. He's always able to listen to what I have to say. Now you see how these two people are so important to me?" I nodded, still confused. "I do not want you to hurt any of them. I love them both. Please don't play around with their heart. I'm not too happy with what you just did right there" she frowned. "What did I do?" I didn't do anything yet. Why was she lecturing me? Haha, I get it. I'm being lectured by my mom. Wow, lame joke. 

"I know that you were flirting with Lucas before. I heard about an after shift meeting" she huffed. "Yeah? So what? It's not like I'm playing with his feelings yet. Maybe I actually like him a bit" I said. "But what about Christopher? Your just going to throw him away like that?" she almost shouted. "Whoa, Rikki. Back up there" I held my hands out. "I'm not dating Christopher" I stated. She did a double take and stared at me to see if I was joking. "But I believe you guys are" she mumbled. "Why does everyone think we're together all of a sudden?" I questioned. "It's because you guys are so cute together and you live together" she pointed out.

We came back out from the bathroom and our food was on the table. "Hey guys" Chris smiled at us. "Hello" I sat down and started attacking my food. Lucas grinned at me several times more before Rikki paid the bills and handed them to him. "Thanks" he smiled and walked back to the counter past another female who just started her shift. She looked over at me and grinned. I was confused. What was that? I turned back to Chris and Rikki and they were in a conversation about music. "Where are we going next?" I asked. "Nathan wants to take you shopping" Rikki said. "What?" I gazed at them both confused. "He's going to take you CD shopping" Chris gave me a look. "Okay" he knew what I was doing. If Christopher approves, everything should be alright. I guess my life here should always be approved by Christopher Drew Ingle before the actions are taken. 

"Hey" the girl at the counter was by my side as I turned around. "Hello" I smiled at her to show friendliness. "You know that Lucas can't stop looking at you right?" she asked. "Yeah, good guy right there" Rikki smiled at me in encouragement. Before she was pissed because she thought I was playing around between Christopher and Lucas. I really wasn't. "I think he fancies you" she winked at me before walking away. Christopher already got up to leave. "Who's going to drop me off at Nathan's house?" I asked out loud when we were outside. "I'll drop you off" Christopher volunteered. "Okay" I followed him into the car.

The first five minutes was filled with silence and it's really bothering me. "Can you tell me what's wrong?" I found the courage to ask him. "Lucas is going to be a distraction for your mission" was his first sentence. "No he's not trust me" I sighed. "This is what you say now but what the hell will you say later? You'll definitely be with him all the time and forget about your purpose here. Don't you get it? You can't be with people here. They are at least twenty years older than you. Carly you can't see Lucas" he gave me this whole long speech about it. "But he seems like a really nice guy" I defended.

"Well good for him. He can find some other chick that's good for him. Your not his girl. You can never be because you are not from here. Do you understand that?" the more I thought about it, the more everything made sense to me. Christopher was absolutely right. But I started to think for myself. There was this thing inside of me that told me to go talk to Lucas and that's my mindset. Maybe it was meant to be like that because it's not my brain telling me to do it. It's my conscience. I didn't tell Christopher any of that. I didn't really want to piss him off yet. I already did enough of that and I seriously feel bad. But if it works out in the end, everything is good. 

We got to Nathan's house and Chris said goodbye to me. I rung Nathan's doorbell and he answered. "Carly!" he hugged me. "Nathan, what's up? I heard you wanted to take me shopping. What's that all about?" I asked. "Okay here's what I was thinking. You ran away from home and now you're here. I don't know how much experience you have with music but i'm a musician and I'd like to take you shopping for music. It seems like a good idea. I was about to go on my own but I thought about you and I developed this really great idea" he explained the whole concept to me. 

I waited till he was ready to go. We got in his car and he started driving. I just feel like I'm not here for myself anymore. I'm here for everyone else needing me there. "Nathan, I have to tell you something" I decided that he's really my father so I'll tell him about Lucas and see what he thinks about this before he grows older with me as a child. "Go on ahead" he was all ears. "At five, I'm going to see this guy that works at the coffee shop. What's your advice for me?" I asked. He looked at me somewhat shocked and then turned his attention back to the road. "The coffee shop guy as in Lucas?" he asked, clarifying. "Yeah"

"Oh" he looked like he was about to say something. I have a feeling he wanted to tell me because I could feel his trust in me. He was just afraid of what I'd probably think. Why do I feel so powerful and understanding today? "Nathan, did you want to say something?" I asked. "I was pretty worried of what happens between Rikki and Lucas. She would always talk to him when she's there and she is quite often. I sighed. "Nathan, you know you have nothing to worry about. Rikki's happy for me about Lucas"

"But aren't you dating Christopher?" he took a second to peek at me from to road. "How many times do I have to repeat this? I'm not dating Chris!" I groaned loudly. He smirked. "I actually did believe that you guys were. Because you guys looked so close to each other and you live together. How sweet" he almost whispered. "Hey, he's my friend. Nothing more. He takes care of me. Like he's my legal guardian. He takes care of me better than my parents" i lied. Dad took care of me really well. But I wasn't going to tell him that. 

"Wow it's nice of him to take care of you then" he added. "Yeah Christopher is an amazing guy. I just wish there was this perfect girl for him. He needs something or someone. He deserve all the respect. He would do anything to help anyone he cares about" I pointed out all the things I've learned about him from the past few days. "There will be one special girl for him no matter what" Nathan gave me a look. It kind of feel like we're having a father-daughter bonding time. But I also feel like wishing for him to know. I just want to hug him and call him daddy without him being clueless.

We got to the mall and he brought me to a CD shop. Nathan had to put on disguise so fans wouldn't easily spot him. He told me we'd both be busted I'd people found out who he is. Being a celebrity isn't easy. Your private life will always be invaded if people know you. "Have you heard of Smashing Pumpkins?" he asked, taking a CD out for me to hear. I still remembered that band. Dad would always play that band all the time. I sort of grew up to that music. "I like their song Today" I announced. "So do I. And our band covered that song. It's amazing but not as good as the original of course. "I'd love to hear it" I said openly to him. "Okay, now let's look for some more. What type on music do you like?" he began asking. "I like Jazz, Blues, Indie, Rock, Classic rock, post grunge. I love so many types it's not even funny" 

"You dig Amy Winehouse?" he asked. "Yes very much. I regret never buying that Back to Black CD. I never really had a chance to buy it and I can't find it again" "I'll find it for you" he offered. He ran over to this rack and I willingly followed him. How did he find CD's so fast? He must have come here often. Or was it easier to find CDs than 2026. That's what I think. He flipped through other albums and then finally took out the one I've been looking for. "Here you go" he handed the album to me. "Thanks" I'm seriously amazed. I just wish I could bring it back to the real world. Maybe I'll hold it and it'll let me pass. When we walked to the counter the lady smirked. I was confused until I realized what's happening here.

My phone buzzed and I got a text from Christopher. "Rikki's coming soon. Make sure Nathan's not flirting with the cashior girl" my head shot up immediately. Nathan smiled at the girl. What was he doing? "Hey Nathan?" I spoke up. He turned to me. "Rikki's coming soon" I announced. "I just want discount from this lady" he whispered in my ear. "That's not the way to do it" I took the CD and appeared in front of the lady. Her smile vanished. "Yo, lady give me a discount?" I asked. She looked at me like I was crazy, shaking her head. "Fine have it your way, Nathan let's just pay for this and leave" I took out my wallet but then he took out his money first and gave me the money. 

I paid the lady and she unwillingly gave me a bag and reciept. Rikki showed up as we were leaving. I sighed in relief. "Mission accomplished" I texted Christopher. "Hello guys, I came by because I have no where else to go" she laughed. "That's cool, I bought an Amy Winehouse CD!" I held my bag up as we left the store. Nathan was smiling at Rikki when I looked up. I mean why would he even try and flirt with the cashior lady just for discount?That's so messed up in so many ways. But what Rikki doesn't know won't kill her right? I'll have to teach them a lesson. 

When I got home at night, Christopher was sitting in from of the television with his guitar on his lap. He must be writing a song or something. "So how was today?" he asked. "Pretty good. Thanks for the warning at FYE" I thanked him. "Welcome. That day Rikki got so pissed at Nathan when he caught him flirting with the lady. She didn't talk to him for days" Christopher said. "Wow then I did something right. Tonight they both got wasted and they just like made out. And then they went to bedroom and you know what happens after that" I smirked as I was explaining. 

"That's good. Nobody's getting hurt. But you have to keep an eye at what happens" he warned. "I know" "So if they both got wasted, who dropped you home?" "Matthew did. Damn I swear the god he's hitting on me. What do I do? He's my uncle" I sat down beside him. "Just let it be. It's going to be helpful in the future" he winked. Okay good. "So how was the date with Lucas today?" Christopher asked. My eyes grew wide. "Oh shit, I forgot" I took out my phone and dialed his number. "Carly, where are you?" he asked. "Lucas shit I'm sorry I forgot. I went somewhere with Nathan and then Rikki brought me to her house. I'm so sorry. How can I make it up to you?" I was panicked. I could see Chris roll his eyes. He probably didn't like Lucas that much. 

"It's fine. I had to leave early anyways. My mom wanted me to bring my sister to her prom since her date's car broke down" he smirked. I sighed in relief. "So when would be a good time?" I basically directed that question to Christopher. He wrote something down on paper and showed it to me. It says 'how about never?' I rolled my eyes at him. "Tomorrow at noon?" he suggested. "Tomorrow at noon um..." I looked over at Chris. He groaned but nodded. "Okay, tomorrow at noon" we hung up. "You really like this guy don't you?" Chris said when I hung up. "I don't know. He's hot though" I shrugged. "Just make sure nothing happens okay? You are just wasting time with him. He's not in the same world as you. He's at least thirty years older than you" he pointed out. 

When I thought about it, I shuddered. But whatever, he's sexy so i'm just going to go with it. And it was my basic instinct to go talk to him and ask him out so it must have result in something good. I didn't tell Chris about it. It's just unessacary go tell him that. But after we had a random conversation about Mohawks, I went to sleep. I can't help but be excited for the date tomorrow. I just wish something good will happen.
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