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What Is Love, Exactly?

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Christopher led me to the room that I will be staying in. It wasn't the biggest room I've been in but it will do. I'm usually not that picky for rooms so it didn't matter that much anyways. "Hey, thanks for getting some things for me" I said, looking around the room. There were some clothes in there. I just hope I can fit in them. A pink laptop was on the desk. The bed was already made. Christopher had everything ready for me. "Yep, while you were gone I had these things taken care of" he smirked at me. I wandered around the room then turned back to him. "Thanks again" 

"No problem Carly" he winked at me. A smile appeared on my face as he turned to leave the room. When he's out, I opened the closet and flipped through the clothing. I took a nightgown from the top drawers and walked into the bathroom. "Oops sorry" Christopher was in there, washing his hands. Luckily he wasn't doing anything else. "It's fine. Are you going to shower now?" he asked. "Yeah when your done" I left the door opened and wandered into the living room. Just when I sat down on the loveseat, Christopher walked over to me. "You can shower later if you want. Let's watch something on TV" he suggested. "Oh what an idea" I wondered what was on TV back then. 

"What kind of shows do you like watching?" he asked. I thought about it. What did I watch anyways? "Hey, is American Idol on right now?" I asked. "What time is it? 8:21? Yeah it should be on Fox now" he changed the channel and it showed a guy holding a mic singing. "What season is this?" I asked. He shrugged. I wasn't around when American Idol was playing but I loved the singers that came out from it. Adam Lambert's a huge success now with so many hit albums out. "Was this the season with Jordan Sparks?" I asked. "How the hell would I know?"

"Dude, I was just curious" I smirked. "This show is kind of boring can we change the channel?" he almost looked like he was begging. "This is your house, the remote is yours" I shrugged. He almost did a little dance as he changed the channel. "Christopher, I still have a lot of things to ask you. I don't know why but I feel like I have so much to ask. I'm also kind of worried. What if I messed it up for them and ruined my future? And also theirs?" I sighed. Why was I so worried all of a sudden? But this is a serious matter. "Carly, Carly, Carly" he shook his head. "You need to stop worrying. You are just like your mom" he laughed at the last part. "Isn't that a good thing?" I smirked with him. 

We both sat in silence for a few minutes before I spoke up. "So tell me about the magic box" I stared at him. He smiled at me and then rubbed his chin. "Well only I have it. I use it when I'm in a time of need. I can set it up to whenever time I want and I can go there by touching the light inside the box. No one can know about it okay?" he asked. "I won't say anything" I promised. "Good" "So is this the only box in the world?" I continued asking questions. "This is the Pandora box. You heard of the Greek mythology right?" I nodded. 

"One day I was just walking down the street to go meet your mom at the coffee shop but I saw a man. He was sitting in the corner, looking homeless and coughing out blood. The others who saw him looked away in disgust. So I felt bad for him and went over to help him. I patted his back and he turned to look at me. His eyes were so demanding. They were screaming at me to help him desperately. I took off my hoodie and waited till he was finished throwing up. After he was done, I wiped blood off his face and his body. He thanked me and told me I was a nice young lad. Then he asked if there was anywhere he could stay. I let him stay here. After the third day, he said he has to leave. I told him he could stay as long as he want and he said he didn't need to anymore. So he told me to keep this box. He told me all about it and that's how I got it"

I was so mesmorized by this story. How could magic exist like that? I couldn't believe it. I was never a super sticious person so I wouldn't know if anything existed. "But what you did for the guy was nice" I added. "I wanted to help him because he looked like he needed somebody. No one was there for him. You know how you should treat others like you want to be treated? I want someone to have my back when I need them. I want someone to always be there for me no matter what. Especialy during my down side of life. And this man was at his downside of life at that time so I wanted to help him" Chris explained. 

"Christopher, you're a very nice guy. I want to be that person who has your back. Because you deserve to have your back covered. I'm sure Rikki's already there for you but you know, just in case" I shrugged. "Hey thanks" he pulled me into a hug. It felt a bit awkward. Why are free hugs so awkward? Or was just hugging guys in general awkward? I wonder what's happening in the real world right now. We talked about a lot of things before I had to take a shower. After I was done, I lay on my bed just thinking about the events of today. How much longer would I have to stay here? I was actually liking this first day here. I wonder if I'll ever get bored and want to go back. Would Christopher let me? But as I thought about it, I wouldn't want to. I didn't want to go back to the life of my depressed dad. I can't stand watching him feeling so blue every single day. He wouldn't even look at other women. I didn't want to live a life without a mother. I wanted to live the life I've always wanted and Christopher is going to help me get it back. 

This is the only chance I'll ever get so I have to cherish it well. I guess Christopher is going through this for my mother. He told me that my mother regret leaving us. But why didn't she come back? Did she knew where dad and I lived? I wonder how my life would have been like if she came back for us. I hate the fact that she worries too much. Of course my dad would easily let her back in his arms within seconds. It depends on what they were fighting about. And I'm going to find out. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep slowly, hoping what I just experienced wouldn't be gone by tomorrow. This is too good to be true.

I woke up and looked around the room. It was still the room I fell asleep in. The room that Christipher let me stay in. "Morning!" Christopher yelled from outside my door. "How did you know I was awake?" I yelled back. "I heard you move" he answered. "Stalker!" I joked. "At least I didn't peak through the door crack. Wouldn't it be creepy if I watched you sleep?" he knocked on the door and then came in. "No I'd love to have you watch me sleep" I replied sarcastically. He only snickered. That reminded me of the dreams. "Christopher, did you hear me have some sort of nightmare last night? Because I don't remember me having any dreams last night. I usually have dreams or nightmares everynight and I always wake up in the middle of the night" I explained. 

"I didn't hear anything but if you have nightmares or if your ever feeling scared then don't be afraid to call me. Your dad's not really here so I have to make sure I take care of you. I'm pretty sure your parents would want that even if they still have no idea. You know that wherever they are, they want you to be okay. I'm here to do that. I'm basically your legal guardian. I'm 18 so that's a legal adult age" he laughed. "I'm only two years younger than you" I pouted. "Too bad is it?" he smirked. "It kind of is" I took another shower and cleaned up. As I got out, my phone rang. I picked up. "Carly?" "Hello Rikki, so what's up?" "You left last night. And we didn't even know" she said. "I didn't want to ruin your beautiful moment so I called Chris to pick me up" I explained. 

"Do you want to hang out today?" she asked. "Sure definitely" I agreed. I'll get to spend more time with her and get to know her more. "I'll ask Chris to drop you off to my house. Nathan and his brother's here. I'd like you to meet his brother and his bandmate's. Did you knoe that Nathan was in a band?" she squeaked excitedly. "Not until now" I lied. "Well you get to see them later" I was super excited. I get to see uncle Matt as well as Mateo and Dan. It's been a while back in the real world as well. I gave Chris the phone and they talked. After Chris finished talking, he gave the phone back to me. "I'll drop you off in a few minutes" he said. "Okay and Chris?" "Yeah?" "How come you remember me now but no one else does. Not even my own dad. I'm guessing Matthew, Dan, and Mateo won't remember me either" I said. "Do you see this?" he held out his necklace. It's shaped like a cresent, the one similar to the box. "When I'm wearing this, I'll always know the past, present, and future no matter who time traveled. So I'm basically multitasking. "That's cool. What's going on in the real world now?" I asked. "I can't really tell you but, it's still developing since your improving the relationship between your parents. It depends on how well you do it. I'll bring you back when your mother permanetly shows up in your future life" "Really? That's amazing!" 

I was absolutely amazed with the ability of the box and the necklace. "Now, I have to drop you off at Rikki's house. You will meet Matthew, Dan, and Mateo. Act like you don't know them" he reminded me. "Yeah I know" I rolled my eyes. "Get ready" he left my room to let me get ready. When I was finished, I met him in the living room. He was sitting on the loveseat. "You have to be careful, look around for anything unusual going on between Nathan and Rikki" he instructed. "Yeah yeah" I shrugged. "Okay, now go on ahead" he opened the door for me to go. I got out the door and desended from the stairs. He followed closely behind. We got in the parking lot and into his car. 

When we got there, Christopher escorted me out the car. "Thanks, are you coming?" I asked. "Yeah" we both walked up to the huge house and rang the doorbell. Rikki answered the door. "Hello guys" she greeted. "Hi" Chris and I said simutaneously. "Come on in" she let us into her house. I heard laughter in the living room. "Guys, Carly and Christopher's here!" Rikki yelled to them. Before we made it into the living room, the boys nearly tackled us. "What's up Christopher?" Mateo said to him. "Nothing much, this is my friend Carly" he introduced. Nathan coughed and I blushed a bit. "And this is my twin brother Matthew, Mateo and Dan" Nathan introduced. I examined each and every one of them.

Matthew had a black streak in his hair and it's developed in a little hawk. Of course he was good looking as well. Mateo's hair isn't combed in a very organzied way like his was in 2026. Dan didn't have the long hair. They were just all young looking. It was very hard to imagine them like they are in the real world. Their style and image was so different it's so hard to believe that they even looked that way before. "Hey Rikki, your new friend's hot" Matthew winked at me. I tried to hold back a groan. Uncle Matthew think's I'm hot? What the hell?

"Oh goody Matthew! She also happens to be sixteen so that's like rape!" Rikki yelled in a humorous way. "Your only sixteen?" Matthew's eyes wandered to mine. I nodded. "Damn, you look hot for a sixteen year old" "Err thanks" I said stiffly. Christopher patted my shoulders, signaling for me to relax. It's just first stage flirting. But my own uncle? That is kind of creepy, he just doesn't know it. "Chris, aren't you going to rehursal now?" Rikki questioned, turning the subject away from me. "I'll stay here for a few more minutes before I actually go" he walked to the living room and sat down on the loveseat like it's his house. 

"Goody then let's talk" Rikki sat down. "I have news to tell you guys" Nathan shouted. Everyone sat down and turned their attention to Nathan and Rikki. "So yesterday we found out about something and we have to tell you. Carly already knows but you guys don't" Rikki winked at me. I beamed back at her. The guys stared at them with anticipation. They couldn't keep the smile off their face. I turned to face Christopher. He already knew. He knew way before anyone else. "I'm pregnant!" Rikki squealed. "And I'm going to be a father!" Nathan yelled excitedly. The guys aplauded. I took my cue to clap my hands as well. "I'm going to be an uncle!" yes uncle Matthew. Your going to be my uncle. I only smiled at him. Everyone was so happy as they got up and congratulated the couple. Christopher acted like he didn't know.

I somehow feel like I don't belong here. "I'm happy for you Rik" Chris said to her as he pulled her into a hug. "Thanks and you'll have your chance to get married and have kids as well" she smirked and turned to me. I quickly looked away. Definitely not me if that's whst her and Nathan were thinking. It feels weird to always refer to my dad as Nathan but it helps a lot. I wouldn't be calling him dad accidently every two days. He would get suspicious or think i'm weird. "So are you guys going to get married?" Dan asked. "I was thinking about it. Rik, we haven't really talked about that have we?" Nathan turned to his girlfriend. "We should" she grinned at him. "We should get married or we should talk about that?"

"I want both" Rikki chuckled. "Fine then I'll get a ring and we'll get married then!" Nathan announced loudly for everyone to hear. We started cheering for the couple. They were going to get married then break up again if I don't fix anything. Christopher gave me this look. He wad proud of what I've done for so far. Because in the real past at this time, Rikki would be at home mourning over the fact that she'd pregnant. Nathan would still be oblivious and so will everyone else besides Christopher. "Congrats guys" I hugged Rikki and then Nathan. "Thanks Carly, thanks for helping me out so far" Rikki said in my ear. "I didn't do anything Rikki, I don't deserve your thank you's"

Christopher left shortly for his rehursal. Rikki and I spend the rest of the day watching the guys practice some of their songs. They played some of my personal favorites. I already knew every single song from them. Looks like they only made From Them, Through Us, To You and Attics To Eden so far here. But I know they'll keep making amazing music and inspiring others as well. Sadly, they are going on tour in the next few months. Rikki's going to be without him sadly. Or she'll end up going on tour with them. Do I have to tag along as well? But what about Christopher? He's my guide. I can't get my information from anyone else but him. "Good job today guys!" Rikki said to the guys. "You guys are amazing!" I complimented them. "Thanks" they all mumbled their responses. 

They began packing their instruments and heading for the door. "Rikki, should we go to Chicago to tell my dad the news?" Nathan asked her. "Yeah, I'll go anytime" she answered. "How about the week after next week?" "That sounds fine" Rikki hugged her now fiancé and then pulled him in for a kiss. Seeing them so cute together makes me want to be in love. I shook my head. Fix this situation, go back to the real world and then fall in love with modern time people. Not dudes from 2009. They're too old for my taste. "Carly, do you want to come?" Nathan asked. "Sure" I took up his offer. I do need to be with them at all times. It's like I have to stay with them to make sure nothings wrong. 

Christopher picked me up and we went home. "Second night here in the 2009's!" I said loudly. "Do you enjoy it here so far?" he asked. "I freaking love this place. It's like i don't have to go to school. I got to meet my mom. I also get to see how hot my dad looked in his twenties. Oh wait, I also get to experiene my own uncle flirting with me" I said the last part sarcastically. "Come on, he can't help it. Your beautiful, he likes it. He wants it. He doesn't know your his niece. I have a feeling this is going to get interesting" Chris scratched his chin. "So my uncle Matt had the hots for me?" I stammered. "Yes he does, Carly" oh dear.  

The next morning I woke up and took a walk outside. It was beautiful in the Californian sun in the summer. I'm so lucky that everyone was relocated here. I get to experience what life is like here. If I get tanned and went back to the real world, would people wonder where the hell am I? I absolutely think so. I was beginning to like this place even more than my real life. This whole 2009 thing seems so illusional. This is the third day here and I still can't believe I'm here. I'm still trying to make myself believe that this isn't just one big dream about time traveling. Christopher assured me so many times for the last two days that this is not an illusion, it's real. Everything is real here.

My phone buzzed and I pulled it out to read my text message. "Meet you and Chris at the coffee shop in twenty minutes" Rikki's text read. "Be right there" I replied back. I walked back to Christopher's appartment to find him getting ready. "We have to meet Rikki in twenty minutes" he announced. "Yeah she texted me too" I went to get ready myself. I wonder what's in store for me today. Basically my days already planned out by others. I'll just go along with anything. This is mysterious yet so fun. I let myself wander as I put a blue tanktop along with black booty shorts.

When we got to the coffee shop, Chistopher dropped me off there and he went parking. I was greeted by the same blue eyed blonde guy that was at the front desk the other day. "Hello" I smiled at him. He smiled back and waved. I found Rikki at one of the tables at the front and sat down across from her. "Rikki!" I shouted excitedly. "Hello Carly, where's Chistopher?" she asked. "Parking" I answered. Then the guy at the counter walked over to us. "Hey Lucas!" Rikki greeted. "Hey Rik, would you like to introduce me to your new friend?" he smiled at me as he said this. I grinned back.

"Her name's Carly but she's taken" Rikki smirked. I glared at her confused, "I am?" she gave me a questionable glare for a second and turned to the guy at the counter whose name I now know as Lucas. Then the door to the shop opened and Christopher walked in. "Christopher!" I ran right into his arms. I didn't know why I did that but something was making me do that. "Hello" he said awkwardly. "Hey Chris, what's up?" Rikki walked over to us and patted his shoulders. It took a while until Chris and I let go of each other. "You guys are so cute" Rikki cooed. I could feel myself flush red as I could sense that the same thing's happening to Christopher. 

I turned around to see Lucas glancing at us sadly. Something inside of me urged myself to go talk to him. He's a nice guy and I should get to know him better. If he's interested then he'll take the time to get to know me. Because Christopher and I can never be possible. We live in two different worlds. No we basically live in the same world but the time and age is so different. By the way, he wouldn't find me attractive anyways. Not that I wanted him to. I did what my heart told me to do and walked over to Lucas. "Hey your Lucas right?" I started. He nodded sadly, "Did you want to order anything?" I shook my head. "I was wondering if you'd like to meet me here when your shift is over" he looked at me like I just pulled a rabbit out of a hat. 

"Sure, sounds perfect" the smile that was lost in him before came back. "When does your shift end?" I asked him. "Five" he answered. "Then I'll meet you here then" I said. "But aren't you going out with Christopher?" "No I'm not, where did you hear that from?" I almost smirked. It's not like I haven't thought about it because I have. It's just that it's not even possible. "You guys were like hugging and Rikki just said you were taken" he clarified. "Well I'm not" I winked at him. "Good for me then" he snickered and I walked back to the table. Christopher and Rikki gazed at me angrily. What the hell is going on here?               
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