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The New World

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I opened my eyes and I was in a coffee shop. What the hell was going on here? There were chatters everywhere and I was lost. The guy at the counter grinned at me. I walked over to him. "How may I help you?" he asked. "What day is it today?" I said. "Today's June 26th" the grin never disapeared from his face. "What year is it?" I wonder how stupid I sounded. "Are you okay?" his blue eyes scanned down my body. I was feeling rather uncomfortable. "Yeah i'm just a little lost here" where am I? "It's 2009 kitten" 

2009? So Christopher was right. Time traveling is real. I looked down at my hands. The box was still in my hands. I feel so lost. Where do I go now? Do I look for my mom? Where would I go? I don't have money on me. "Where is this place?" I asked the guy at the counter. "California" "Why?" "You tell me" he smirked. "Thanks" I thanked him for delivering information. He looked confused but I ignored him and entered the back section of the coffee shop. There were a crowd of screaming girls. I rolled my eyes but I was curious to see what the commotion was about. I stood on my toes to see who was up on the stage. When I looked closer I almost gasped. 

His bangs were almost covering his eyes. It bothers me so much that I want to take a pin and clip his hair together. The beautiful brown locks mesmorized me so much. I didn't know he was so handsome and amazingly beautiful when he was younger. His brown eyes looked so warm and welcoming as he sang some tunes to the screaming girls watching. Back in 2026, Christopher Drew had shorter hair and it wasn't styled in any type of fashion. Age can really change a person's image. After he was done singing, he got off the stage and girls started asking for his autograph.

He started signing and I was deep into thoughts. What if he didn't know who I am? How does his magic box work anyways? Was he supposed to know who I am? There's only one way to find out and it is to confront him. I stood in line and waited for about twenty minutes till it was my turn. "Christopher here's your box" I put the box on the table. He gazed at me with confusion. "Dude, don't tell me you don't know" he shook his head. "Remember, in 2026. You met me in my school and you told me you were friends with my mom. Then you gave me a box and I opened it in my attic and I ended up here. Do you remember now?" I pleaded. Please tell me he knows. I'd be stuck here alone if he didn't. "I'm sorry? 2026? Sounds interesting" he chuckled. 

Shit, looks like I'm here on my own. "Damn it, never mind. I think I'm on a mental breakdown" as I was about to walk away with the box, he pulled me back here. "I was just kidding, of course I do. Carly come here" we both walked to the back corner of the coffee shop. "This is a very important setting for your parents' life. I chose this location for you to start this journey. I'm going to stick around to help you out. Here's a cell phone. My number's in it so whenever you need me, holler at me" 

I took the cell phone from his hand and stuffed it in my pocket. "Now I have a apartment here in Cali. You can live there with me until you find your own place. I'll give you money to buy clothes or whatever the hell you need" he gave me a wallet and I just stared at it in shock. "What am..." he stopped me from talking. "You go do your thing, I have other things to take care of. When you need to go home or anything just call me" then he walked out of the shop. I just stared after him helplessly. When I got to the front, the guy continued to grin at me. "Buying anything?" "What do you recommend for first comers?" I asked. He opened his mouth to speak but I turned my attention to a woman who was weeping. She sat in the right hand corner with her head on the table. 

Something inside of me urged to help her so I walked over to her. Her beautiful silky blonde hair covered her features like curtains. "Hey, are you okay?" I tapped on her shoulders. She looked up at me. My eyes grew wide and hers did a little. Then it went back to misery. I knew that it was my mother, Rikki Arejay. "I just have the usual women issues" she sniffed. "You can talk to me" I comforted her. "I don't think you'd like to hear about my stupid life story" she rubbed her eyes. I took the time to study her features. Her eyes were blue, just like mine. Her beautiful blonde bangs almost covered her eyes. But sadly, her makeup was smudged. She shouldn't have put on heavy eyeliner this morning. 

"I'd love to hear your story" I said. "I... I just found out that I'm pregnant" she sobbed. I wrapped my arms around her and she just cried. "My boyfriend is going to leave me" she continued. Her boyfriend? Dad? Oh god, I'd love to meet him. "No he won't" I promised. "He said he's not ready for a child yet. But if he finds out, he's going to leave me" "Your boyfriend won't leave you if he really loved you" I assured. "I'm afraid to tell him" she sniffed. "You're gonna have to. Look, I'll help you out if you need me to" I offered. I'd do anything to help my mom, now that she'd so weak and helpless. Even though she left me helpless when I was a baby. 

"You would?" "Yeah, I'll talk sense in your boyfriend just in case he doesn't like it. But I'm sure he will. I'll be there just in case you need me. I'm sure I'm a stranger to you now but I have a feeling that we're going to get along pretty well. I sense that" I rambled. "Okay let's go" we ran out of the coffee shop and got in her car. "So first things first, what's your name?" she asked me. "Oh I'm Carly Leon..." I blanked out, "Carly Leona Drew" I said quickly to kill off suspicion. It was the first thing that popped in my head. "But you can just call me Carly. My name's just Carly Drew" I said. 

"Carly Drew huh? Wow that's perfect. I've always wanted to name a child Carly. I'm just in love with that name. And your last name's Drew? That's my friend's middle name. Funny" she cracked a smile. "Christopher Drew?" I asked. She nodded, "Yeah most fans only know him as Christopher Drew but as a childhood friend and babysitter of him, I know him as Christopher Drew Ingle" she smiled. "Well that's nice. He seems like a nice guy" "He is" her phone rang in the middle of our conversation. "Nathan?" I turned to look at her. She's talking to my dad! Oh my god! I'm going to meet him. I don't know if he's going to recognize me or not. I hope he does. But it would ruin everything so let's just hope he doesn't. 

"I'm coming over now okay? I'm bringing a friend with me. Yeah I have something very important to tell you. Yep absolutely, okay bye love you!" then I realized something. She's pregnant with me! Then she hung up. "So Carly, tell me about yourself" she said. "I'm sixteen and I came from Chicago" "Chicago? Wow... My boyfriend came from Chicago as well" she laughed. "That's wonderful. I can't wait to meet him" I said. "And your only sixteen? Where's your parents?" your my mother. I wanted to tell her that. "I ran away from home. I decided to spend some time here and go on a journey" I explained. Wow, i'm such a good liar. I wonder where that came from. "Then I guess you can stick around here for as long as you need to"

"It's okay, I'm staying at a friend's house" I said. "Well you can stay with us if you'd like" "But you just met me, how could you trust me so much to stay with you?" I questioned. "Because I have that feeling inside of me that made me feel like I've known you for all my life even if you're only sixteen and I don't know you" Rikki said. "I don't even know your name" I lied. "Rikki Arejay" she smiled. "That's a nice name" I complimented. "Thanks Carly" then she pulled over at a nice looking house. "We're here" Rikki pointed at the house. Then I followed Rikki into the house. "Nathan, we're here!" she yelled. "In the living room!" I heard a masculine voice call out. "Come on" Rikki dragged me to the living room.

I gasped at the sight of my dad. He looked so young and handsome. Not that he wasn't in his forties but... "Nathan, this is Carly" Rikki introduced. My dad ran his hands down his messy blonde hair and smiled at me. "What's up Carly?" I just stared at him in shock. "Hi dad..." I said. "Excuse me?" he raised his eyebrows. I immediately snapped out of my trance. "I'm sorry, you just look like my dad and I was thinking how much you look like him so I was just like wow" I chuckled nervously. Rikki and dad both laughed with me. "Carly this is my boyfriend, Nathan" Rikki continued introducing. "Nathan, that's a nice name" I grinned. "Carly told me that she's from Chicago" Rikki added. "That's so cool!" Nathan pulled me into a hug. It feels kind of awkward since he didn't know he was my dad. 

"So what are you doing here in Cali?" he asked. "Well, I ran away from home" I went with my white lie. "Really? Well you can stay here for as long as you like" Nathan offered. "No it's fine, I'm staying at a friend's" I said. "Okay, but if you need anything then call us" he took his hands out to take my cell phone. I gave them to him and he put his number in. "You know Christopher Drew Ingle?" Nathan asked, scrolling down my contacts. Rikki's head shot up. "Yeah he's the friend that I'm staying with" I answered. "Heyy" Nathan shoved me lightly, making me blush. "It's nothing like that" 

"Sure" he winked. "I don't get it, is your family name Drew or are you like associated with Chris?" Rikki asked. I mentally rolled my eyes. Why the hell did I say Drew? Now I'm stuck in my lies. "Oh my family name's Drew and I met Christopher when I was in Chicago. It's such a coincidence that his middle name's Drew" I can't believe I have the ability to make up lies so fast. "That's cool. Carly, I can't believe we met" Rikki smiled. That reminded me something. "Rikki, remember?" I gave her a look. Her grin immediately vanished. "It's okay" I promised. "Nathan?" "Yes honey?"

Rikki looked over at me for support. "You can do this" I mouthed to her. She bit her lips but nodded nervously. "I have something important to tell you" she sat down on the sofa beside Nathan. He wrapped his arms around her. They were so cute. I wonder what happened. Is the pregnant thing the reason why they broke up? No this can't be. If it was then why did dad take care of me instead of mom. Daddy loved me. He didn't show any signs of regret. I was his number one priority, nothing else. I knew that he didn't mind me. The baby would only make him happier. Rikki didn't know that. She was nearly into tears as she opened her mouth. I knew that dad would never leave her because of this reason.

"You can tell me anything Rikki, you should know that by now" Nathan kissed her cheek. "I know but I'm really scared, I need you so much right now. I just hope that you'll be there" she started crying again. Is crying a thing she does often or do pregnant women just cry so much in general. I haven't experienced the feeling of being pregnant and I really don't want to. I shuddered at a memory. When I was with Gary, I thought I was going to grow up and have kids with him. That thought disgusts me so much now. I averted my attention back to the couple. "Hey Carly, would you mind staying somewhere else? I think Rikki and I need to be alone now" Nathan asked me politely. "Sure" as I walked to another room Rikki stopped me. 

"No Nathan, if I'm going to tell you anything, I need Carly. She's here to make sure everything's fine" she said through her tears. Nathan nodded for me to come back. "Rikki, I'll be here for you anytime. Just tell me what's wrong" Nathan said to her with so much love. I could tell that he really loves her. What went wrong exactly? I need to ask Christopher about that later. Let's just hope he tells me. "Please don't leave me" Rikki was worried. Was she usually a worried person? Is that a part of me I got from her? People constantly tell me that I worry too much. Maybe I got that from my mom. I finally got to meet her. Even though it's not exactly the way I wanted to meet her, it still counts. 

"Rikki I won't ever leave you, I promise" he reassured her. "I'm..." Rikki looked at me. I gave her a look of hope. I think I have the power to make her say it to him. There's something about me that ties the bond between Nathan and Rikki. I'm their daughter after all. This is the past time but the blood and connection is still there. Rikki looked at me with so much trust in her eyes. I'm really sure that dad would never leave her over this issue. I guess Christopher knew that I had the power of preventing them to leave each other. That's probably why he brought me here to change their lives around. 

"Tell him" I mouthed. "Nathan, I'm pregnant" her voice was shaky but that managed to come out. Nathan's eyes went really wide and I gave him a look. He examined me and nodded. He turned back to the really nervous Rikki and grinned at her. Rikki exchanged a smile back. "We're going to have a baby" with that, he kissed her. They both fell onto the sofa and I took my cue to leave. I snuck out of the house and decided to call Christopher. He picked up on the third ring.

"How are you doing?" he asked. "I helped Rikki deliver the pregnancy news to Nathan" I announced. "You did it today? No wonder I didn't get any calls from Rikki" "What do you mean?" I asked. "I'll tell you later. I'm going to pick you up. Give me about five minutes" he said and hung up. I took the time to think about where I am now. Is this actually a dream or am I actually here? I didn't believe in magic until now. Time traveling wasn't even possible. How did Christopher know about it? Where did he get the magic box from? Everything was just happening in a flash. 

Christopher's car pulled over and I got in the passenger seat. "Chris, can I ask you a few questions?" I asked. "Go ahead" "First things first, how old are you?" "Eighteen" "Wow sexy" "Why, thank you" he chuckled. "Why am I here exactly?" I shot my second question. "You are here to change the fate of your parents" "Why did I have to do it? You could easily go back in time and fix everything since you already knew what happened" I looked out the window then back at him. "I can't because I don't have the power you have. I've been trying to figure this out for so many years. Your mom was so upset. She'd call me every night and cry. She regrets ever leaving you and your dad. But she couldn't come back. She promised your dad that she wouldn't. There was nothing anyone could do about it. I've tried to go back and study how I could change the past. I was about to give up until I had an idea. You were the solution"

"How was I the solution?" I questioned. "You are the person that ties the bond between Nathan and Rikki. You are their daughter and you're the only thing they ever had really shared together. You have the power to bring them back together and take away their mistakes" he explained. "So what do I have to do?" I asked. "Rikki is going to want to spend a lot of time with you. Nathan wants to spend time with you too so you are to pretend your not their child and act like a sixteen year old girl who's lost in this place"

"I told them that I ran away from home. I did tell them that my name was Carly Leona Drew and I'm from Chicago" I pointed out. "The first part was great but the second part was ridiculous" he commented. "Well, I was so freaking close to giving my identity away" I excused. "Okay they didn't suspect anything so it's all good" he sighed. "Well what did you mean when you said Rikki didn't call you?" I asked. "In the past, like before. Your mother was so scared that she was pregnant with you. So supposedly tonight, she called me and told me all her problems and worries. In reality before this, she never told your dad until it started to show. He got pretty angry over that. It's not the fact that she's pregnant but it's the fact that she didn't trust him enough to tell him. So you did a good job" he grinned at me. I smiled back.

"By the way, Carly Drew? How the hell did you get that?" he asked with some kind of smirk on his face. "I almost told her my name was Leone so I quickly covered it up with some random name and Drew came out. Oops I stole your name" I stuck my tongue at him. "Your so childish" he shook his head. "I'm still sixteen dude" I scoffed. "Well it feels good to be nineteen again" he said, pulling over at a parking lot. I suppose this is the apartment building that he lives in. 
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