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Attics To Eden

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I followed Christopher back to the auditorium. He sat down on one of the folding chairs. "Am I in trouble?" I chuckled a little at this. "No you are not" "What did you want to tall about?" I asked. "Your mom" he says. "You knew my mom" "Yes I did" he crossed his legs. "Can you tell me about her?" I begged. "That's why I called you here" "Then tell me" I demanded. "Your mom is from Missouri, so am I" he shrugged. Wow, after all these years, I found out where my mom came from. I guess I'll be finding out a lot more about her than just where she came from. "Her name's Rikki Arejay" he grinned. "Rikki" I get to know my mom's name now. So maybe I can find her and talk to her. 

"Why did she leave us?" I asked. It was the question I've wanted to know throughout my childhood. I always wondered why I didn't have a mother. "I can't tell you that. Unless you promise me something" "Anything" I simply offered. "No, you have to know what your doing. This is serious. You've never done this in your life before. Most people's never done that before. It's really easy to change people's lives that way. It's really dangerous and risky" he warned. "I'd do anything to learn more about my mother. No one tells me these things. I've been having nightmares just about every night. Somethings bothering me. I need to know about my mother. How do you know her?" 

"She's eight years older than I am and your father's a year older than your mom. My parents and your grandparents were great friends. So when I was younger, your mother would babysit me. I'd use to have these fantasies of your mother. She was a very beautiful girl at sixteen. She was the beautiful tanned skin blonde girl that every guy wanted. But when she took a vacation to Chicago one summer, she came back in love with your dad. She'd sit there and tell me all about him. Oh he was the perfect guy for her and I'd sit there and be jealous of her mystery Chicago guy" he kept telling me these stories of my mother and father. It was nice to finally know something. We talked for what seem like hours. He told me all about his childhood in Missouri with my mom. I'm glad I met him. 

I was already seated next to Christopher talking a bit about my childhood. He seems to be interested in what I have to say. He listened to every single thing and asked questions or made comments about them. I told him about the dreams, my insecurities, and my trust issues. We were still talking when we were interupted. "Carly, I've been looking all over for you. Why are you here? Mrs. Horgan sent me to look for you, let's go to class" I looked over at Gary. "Gary, I got some business to take care of" I said. "No, your coming with me" he walked over to me. "Gary don't" I warned. "Carly, why are you being like this?"

"Being like what?" "Since we broke up, you've been ignoring me" he said sadly. "Gary, can we not talk about this now?" I begged. "Oh so you don't want to talk about our past relationship in front of this young man here?" he refered to Christopher. "I'm 34 kid" Christopher said. "Oh but isn't that like rape?" Gary said disrespectfully. I call it jealousy. "Gary, can you get out of here? We have things to take care of. My whole futures being planned out. Oh my musical career. I'd like you to leave so I can talk about my future" I told him harshly. He just left. 

"I'm sorry" I apologized. "He's your ex?" "Yeah" "Anyways I want to talk about the promise" he continued on. "Alright" "So do you believe in time traveling?" he asked. "Not really. I've seen stupid movies and stuff but no" I responded honestly. "Well this is going to be harder than I thought" he sighed. "I can believe it if you want me to. I'll go and do whatever I can to find out about my mother" I said. "Alright, be right back" he went backstage to get something. He came back out with a box and key in hand. "This is a box" he announced. "No shit" I mumbled. "No this is a special one" he handed the box and key to me. 

"Do not open it until you think the time is right" he warned. "When is the right time?" I asked. "Whenever your ready to go on a journey to meet your mother" he answered. "So now?" "Nope, when you get home, think about it" he said, packing his things. "Go back to class now" then the bell rang. "What time is it?" I looked at the clock. It's already 2:30. "School ended" I squealed. "Need a ride home?" he asked. "Nope Matthew's going to pick me up" I answered. "Alright, have a nice day. I'm looking forward to seeing you again" "Yeah same" then I left the auditorium. When I got outside, my cell phone rang.

"Uncle Matt?" "Carly sweetie, I have a issue with my car. It broke down two minutes ago" he said apologetically. "It's fine, I'll take the school bus" I said. "Alright but I still apologize" "See you later" "Yeah see you" when I hung up, Gary appeared beside me. "I'll drop you home" he offered. "Nope thanks, I'll take the bus" I shrugged. "Carly please just let me drop you home" he begged. Why can't Gary get over me already? I knew that I shouldn't have gotten into a relationship with Gary. This is the result. Him basically stalking me. "I'm taking the bus" I repeated. "I don't want you to take the bus" he said. "It's none of your business what automobile I want to ride on" 

"I just don't want you on the bus" Gary pouted. "Then I'll drop her home then" we both turned to Christopher Drew standing there with his arms folded. "Yeah" I walked to his side. "But I don't trust you with this stranger" Gary protested. "Compared to him, your the stranger Gary. I know who he is. He's closer to me than you are" I followed Christopher to his car, ignoring Gary. "Your boyfriend's such a pain in the ass" Chris said when we got inside his car. "Since we broke up, he's been like this"

"Your a beautiful woman, it's hard for anyone to let you go" he said. I guess that's a compliment. Do I say thanks? If I did, would he think I'm hitting on him? There's no way I'm hitting on a man in his 30's. But he makes a good friend and a easy person to talk to. "Don't tell your father that I was here" he said when we got to my house. "Sure thing" I got out, clutching the box close to me. "Bye" he waved. I waved back and walked back to my house. "Hey dad" I walked pass my dad. "Hello Carly, how was school today?" he asked. "Really good" "Where's your bookbag? Why are you holding a box?" he refered to the magic box in my hand. "My music teacher gave it to me" I answered. "How's the audition. Matthew told me about it" "It's good"

"That's great" he beamed at me. Even in his forties, my dad's a gorgeous man. I wonder if he was a chick magnet when he was younger. He probably was. But he chose my mom out of all the chicks. "Hey dad?" I started. "Carly?" "Were you from Chicago?" "Of course I was. I still am?" he laughs. "Okay then um... Was mom from Chicago?" he bit his lips and looked away. "She's from Missouri" he answered. At least he's not pushing me away. "Was she beautiful?" "Yes she was. You look just like her, beautiful" he looked really uncomfortable but I appreciate him for talking about this. "So how did you guys meet?" 

"Carly is this really the right time?" "Dad, I've always wanted to know about my own mother. Can't you just tell me a little about her. I just want the general idea" I begged. "Okay fine. I guess it's about time we talk about this" he said. "Tell me" "So I was seventeen and your mom was sixteen. I was stuck in Chicago for the summer vacation. I wasn't very happy since everyone was going somewhere else for vacation. But that day I was playing soccer at the beach with some of my friends. I kicked a ball so far that my friends made me go get the ball myself"

"I complained but I went to get the ball anyways. I was looking all over for it until your mom spoke up. She said 'looking for this?' and I told her I was. She said the ball hit her head really hard and I laughed. She said it wasn't funny and I apologized. I then asked her what she was doing here which was a really stupid question. She said she's tanning" my dad laughed. "And then?" "Then I asked her out because she was beautiful. I wanted to get to know her. She was here for her summer break but we made the best out of the summer vacation together. Then after that, either I come over to visit her or she comes to visit me in the summer or during break sometimes"

"That's the best love story I ever heard" I cooed. "No it's not" "Yeah it is" "Anyways, are you happy now?" he crossed his arms. "Yeah I am. But what happened?" my dad gulped and looked at me seriously. "I did something bad" was all he said. I didn't ask him any further because he looked like he was about to cry. "Okay thanks for talking to me dad, I'll be upstairs" I said. He just nodded. I walked to my room and lay on my bed. I was thinking about the new found discovery that I found today. How could this one day change my life? I kept thinking about the box that Christopher gave me. I wonder what it was. Why was it so magical? I guess there's only one way to find out. 

I walked up to my attic with the box and key. I held my breath as I unlocked the box with the key. I opened it and something purple and shiny was inside. I felt the urge to touch it. When I touched it, everything blanked out and I was somewhere else.
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