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Mama, perhaps it's love?

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How do we know that something is meant to be? Kyo and Tohru find out in this romantic fan fic. NOTE* I am a parody writer, not a romance writer... I suppose there has always got to be a first time ...

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DISCLAIMER: No, as much as I wish so, I do not own Fruits Basket. -GAH! I LOVE IT TO DEATH!- The characters are not mine... KYO..


I'd always been so angry. So filled with dread that one day... one day... someone... she... would find out who I really was inside. That beast, which rattles at it's cage, deep within my very soul. I'd always believed that I had no right to live, to have any desires, to meet people.... to feel happy. The Cat... the stupid, foolish cat. Tricked unmercifully by the cunning rat. I never thought I could be accepted. Especially by ... her... That slip of a girl... Tohru... I owe you my life, my dreams... my heart...

"Nobody remembered...But what did I expect? They wouldn't know. It is not like I have told any of them...-" Tohru sighed, as she hung up the remaining laundry. "Kyo...? Yuki...? Shigure...?"
Tohru picked up her basket and slowly meandered back through the Sohma house. "Oh well," Smiling to herself she placed the basket on top of the washing machine. She glanced through the adjoining window. "The sky is blue, and I have no reason to feel this way..."
Despite her formerly calm demeanor, Tohru dropped to the floor, burying her head in her hands, sobbing with unabashed grief. She cried for so long, or so it felt for her... Her grief so potent, it was a poison.

September 21... Mama's birthday...The first one since her death. Tohru shot upright as she heard the front door open. Swiping her tears from her face, she rushed towards the kitchen.

I must not let them see my sorrow, I'd be asking for i... "AAAAi...!"
"What the hell?" Tohru had run headlong into Kyo, who grabbed at her...


"Oh God, I am so sorry! I didn't mean it... I really didn't!" Tohru hastily began to gather Kyo's clothes.
"Tohru you klutz... wait a min-.. have you been crying?" Kyo leapt closer to face Tohru. " Oh no, not the damn waterworks..."
With these sentiments, Tohru began to cry gently.
"Oh crap..." Kyo then softened his tone. "What's wrong? Was it that damn Yuki? If so I'll kick his ass..."
"Oh, no no! Of course not. All the Sohma's have been so kind to me!"
"Then what is it Princess?"
Tohru looked up in shock. /Princess?/An endearment from the otherwise tough Kyo Sohma? Tohru gifted him with a small smile. "It was Mama's birthday today... I used to make her a big cake and... well... It must sound silly to you..."
Kyo looked horrified. We left you hear to cry on your mother's birthday... This is just like that last time, isnt it? Like on New Years, when we nearly left you to cry... It's just that this time, I was too late.
"Tohru, why didn't you tell us? ... Tell me?"
"Well.. I didn't want to-"


"AAAAi! Here are your clothes!" Tohru shoved the bundle at the naked Kyo. As he reached over, he kissed her on the temple. Tohru's hand moved over the vulnerable spot, as he gently wiped away her tears.
"Kyo- I..." Kyo placed a single finger over her lips, in a gesture of silence.
"Quiet Princess. No need to say anything... The only thing I ask is that in the future you tell us about your problems... Don't cry.... You know I can't stand it...."

As Kyo replaced his clothing, he took Tohru by the hand, and lead her upstairs to go sit on the roof.

Tohru sighed... My prince... Wait-? My PRINCE? Kyo and I are just friends right? Then why can't I see him that way anymore?

Kyo frowned... What am I doing, could I be any more obvious? ... It is as if I can not control my own emotions...

Maybe it was meant to be...
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