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Pawns of a twisted game

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Tohru and Kyo's blossoming relationship is sullied by a cunning mastermind of manipulation. Are the Sohma's all just playing a cruel game without their own knowledge?

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Akito, Hatori, Kyo, Shigure, Tohru - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-04-26 - Updated: 2006-04-27 - 775 words

The sky was slowly getting darker. A gentle breeze whistled through the trees surrounding the Sohma House. A lone figure could be seen standing at the window...
"Hatori! Get away from there! What is outside that attracts your attention so? Hatori?" Moving away from the open window, Hatori moved to sit beside the man that lay relaxed on the divan.
"Nothing... nothing Akito..."
"Then tell me what you have learned from Shigure..." Akito's fingers began to toy with Hatori's hair, if he hadn't known better, he would have thought it to be a gesture of affection. However after years of experience, he recognised it as just an act. A show of tenderness from Akito? Impossible. Besides, they were all just pawns in his twisted game... "Hatori! that wasn't a request."
Hatori remained emotionless. "'Gure tells me that Tohru Honda is becoming even closer to the young boys. Kyo especially..."
"Hatori... Why, you sound almost whimsical when you talk of that ugly little Tohru Honda.." Akito spat "Ugh.. even her name leaves a horrid taste in my mouth."
"I beg to differ, Akito. She means nothing to me..."

When snow melts what does it become? The answers Spring, right?

"She means nothing to me..."

Just like Kana...

"You say that this Tohru character is becoming closer to the Cat?"
Hatori closed his eyes, recalling the look in Kyo's eyes. For once there was no hate. For once there was something burning there that was the complete opposite.
"Hah! A monster in love with a monster... It is too good to be true. I'll let those two be together for a while... It will just make it all the sweeter when I rip them apart..."

In the darkness, Akito did not see the tears rolling down Hatori's face. Just like Kana...


"Why have you brought me up here?" Tohru laughed as Kyo hauled her up onto the roof.
"I was hoping to cheer you up..." Kyo glanced at Tohru who was smiling with a dazed expression. "BUT I DON'T MEAN ANYTHING BY IT! IT'S NOT LIKE THAT-" Cutting off abruptly he lay down to watch the stars.
"Not like what Kyo?" Tohru leaned over him watch his expression.
"NOTHING ALRIGHT!" He turned on his side away from Tohru.
"It's a beautiful night... All the stars..."
"I wouldn't know..." Kyo frowned. "Stop talking about all this sissy crap..."
Tohru laughed "Would it make you feel better if I brought Yuki up here to join us?"
"I was just kidding. Tohru giggled as she stood up. "I was ju- AAAAiiii!"
Tohru slipped on a loose roof tile and began to slide down. Kyo jumped up attempting to clutch her arm, but slipped as well, throwing them both off the roof. Kyo grabbed blindly for Tohru pulling her to him.


Plummetting down, they readied themselves to hit the hard ground. It was a happy surprise that their landing was unimaginably soft. Well, soft enough anyway...
"Oh my god! Shigure!"
Shigure lay on the ground, flat as a pancake. "Kyo? Tohru? What am I-? Where am I-? What happened?"
"Well.. um... We kinda landed on you. It was my fault... I am so so so sorry!" Tohru hauled Shigure up off the ground, and with tears in her eyes apologised several times over.

Kyo, in cat form, gathered his clothes and after a few minutes had transformed back into human form. "Tohru, are you hurt?"
"No I don't th- Ow!" Tohru held her elbow tightly.
"Oh man, YOU ARE HURT!" Reaching for her arm, he tested it for breaks. "Don't worry it only seems to be jarred a little... We'll fix it inside."
Tohru blushed as Kyo pushed her hair out of her face. "I-i just want to s-say thank you... for trying to save my life... you could have just let me fall, but you jumped off the roof to save me..."
Kyo blushed to the roots of his hair "Not much good it did...You are still hurt..."
"Yes, but no one has ever done that for me..."
Kyo looked distant What did she expect me to do? Let her fall...? I am not a monster-... well, not in the way she would ever believe... I love her too much to let her fall... Wait- Love? I am in so deep... and am falling further...
"Look Tohru, forget it would you... I was nothing... I would have done it for anyone..." liar...
"Oh..." And here I thought it was because he felt something for me. I am such a fool... A fool in love... Love?

If only they knew...>
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