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My LiFe Would Suck Without You

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Pete and Patrick have known each other for six year. How does Pete react when Patrick starts acting weird?

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Patrick and Pete were always together. They were inseparable. They had known each other for 6 years. Pete was now 19 and Patrick was now 15.

Pete's pov

Pet was waiting for Patrick after school when he noticed o kid getting his ass kicked.when Pete looked closer he noticed that the kid looked a lot like Patrick. When he looked even closer he noticed HOLY SHIT IT WAS PATRICK! Pete got out of his car and ran over too help him.
"Hey, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" all the boys just stared at him even Patrick.
"Get the fuck away from him!" Pete yelled. The boys looked back at Patrick then said
"Whatever, later fag." when the boys had left Pete rushed over to help Patrick.
"Are you okay trick?" Patrick didn't say anything he just walked over to Pete's car and got in. neither of them spoke the whole was to Pete's house. It only took them 5 minuets to get there but for Pete it felt like 5 hours. Pete being easily irritated couldn't stand the silence any longer.
"Okay, trick what's wrong?" Pete was really worried about him.
"Nothings wrong I just don't feel like talking." That was all he said then plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. Okay Pete knew something was wrong. He always felt like talking. So Pete tried again.
"Trick you know you're my best friend and that you can tell me anything don't you."
Patrick's mouth opened and then closed again. Finally he spoke.
"Yeah Pete I know." Then he turned to face the TV again and said" but some things need to stay a secret." that confused the hell out of Pete. What was that suppose to mean? Pete shook his head as if trying to shake the thought from his mind. He turned back at Patrick who was watching the TV with a sad look on his face. Pete wanted nothing more than to hold him in his arms. To comfort him. Tell him that things would be all right. To tell him that he loved him but he would never love someone like me. He wasn't even gay…or was he. I never saw him with any girls. Then again I never saw him with anyone. The sound of Patrick moving brought Pete out of his thoughts.
"Pete I think I should go home now." he said bleakly.
"Yeah okay, do you need a ride?' Pete asked hoping he would say yes.
"No. I'm gonna walk. I could use he fresh air."
He got his coat and left without saying goodbye.
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