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mom is it okay to like boys?

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Patrick starts to realize his feelings.

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Patrick's pov

As Patrick stepped outside he thought about how going home was the last thing he wanted to do but tomorrow was Saturday which meant that he could spend the whole day at pet's house. He thought of all the fun things they would do and maybe just maybe this time he would tell Pete how he really felt. NO! Never could I tell Pete. He wouldn't like someone like me. I'm ugly and fat. I should just give up on Pete. He will never return my feelings. I should just marry a nice girl and have a family. If can even stand to make one. Could I even do that? Do I even like girls anymore or is it just guys that I like? Even if I don't ill just have to bare it if it means getting over Pete. I mean were both guys. Wasent it wrong for me a guy to like another guy?
Before long Patrick had arrived at his house. No one was home. He fumbled with his key. He wanted to get to his room as fast as possible. As so as the door was open he ran to his room. He slammed the door and turned on his stero. I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance was playing. That song was just how he was feeling. He wished Pete would come over and comfort him tell him everything will be fine. NO! I said I was going to get over Pete and I will even if it kills me. He decided to go get coffee to get his mind off things.
When he got there hardly anybody was there. He looked around and thought to himself at least this will be quick. He ordered his coffee and paid. When he got his coffee he looked at the recipe and noticed it had a phone number and a name on it. He looked back at the cashier and she mouthed 'call me' .she was good looking nice hair and she was thin and had a beautiful smile. Maybe she could help me get over Pete. He looked back at the recipe and read her name it was Cindy. Maybe I will call Cindy.
When got he noticed that his mother and father still weren't home. He didn't mind. He walked into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. He noticed a note on the fridge it read
Dear Patrick
Your father and I are going to be out late tonight don't wait up for us
Love mom
Out late meant that they weren't coming home and were crashing at a hotel for the next 2 days. Patrick decided to take a shower. He turned on the water to the right temperature before stepping in. the water hitting his back felt like a much-needed massage. He started thinking about how hot Pete looked today. About how good he looked all sweaty in the hot June air. Patrick could feel himself start to get he slowly slipped his hand down and started to pump himself.
When he was done in the shower he got dressed and went down stairs to watch TV. After about 2 hours of mindless TV Patrick went back up stairs to his room. Not having turned off his stereo the whole day turned it up even louder and climbed into bed.
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