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Should I stay or should I go now?

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Out to dinner! Jeff has a surprise and Bethany has a big decision to make.

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When we were leaving the hospital Mrs.Bouvier decided to invite everyone out for dinner, on her. I tried to deny, but she insisted. After she forced Pierre to join us, I really didn't want to go. I told her it didn't feel right, us all going out while Jay slept in a hospital bed. Everyone assured me Jay would want us to go out and have fun. He didn't want everyone living at the hospital and being miserable. Plus Jeff said he had a suprise for me that would make the night worth it.

The restuarant was a nice, upscale resturant and I wasn't at all dressed for the part. But then again, no one was. We'd just come from the hospital and didn't expect to have to dress up. We had a waiter push three four person tables togather to create one long table for everyone. I made sure to sit at the opposite side as Pierre. One one side was Myself, Seb, Louise, Real and Jonathan. Across from me there was an empty chair, Than Jeff, Chuck, David and Pierre.

After the food was ordered I leaned over the table towards Jeff, and jokingly asked, "Where's my suprise."

"It's comming." Was all he said, not looking up at me. Finally he got a text message and smiled. He looked over at me and simply said, "Turn around."

I turned around and scanned the entire restuarant for what might be my suprise until I saw a familiar face walking towards me.

"Oh my goodness!" I almost screamed, jumping up from my chair. It was Rachel, an old friend from high school, and my only girlfriend. We'd lost touch after high school when she went to B.C. to study Graphic Design. "Rachel!" I smiled hugging her.

"Beth!" She shreiked. We both started laughing at the scene we were making in front of everyone.

"Oh my god! It's been so long! You moved back? How're you!" I examined her from head to toe, and thought to my self, she looks exactly the same. Until my eyes landed on her stomach. "Pregnant?!"

As she nodded and smiled, Jeff walked over and slipped his arm around her waist.

My jaw dropped. "No! Really? How and when?" I started laughing again because I was so happy for the two of them. I hugged them both as best I could without hurting my arm. "How did this happen?" I asked when we were seated back at the table.

"They guys played a show in BC and I couldn't believe it. So I went, and hooked up with them all afterwards and-"

"And two years later we're in love, pregnant and getting married." Jeff smiled. "I couldn't be happier." He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"Me too." She smiled at him then turned back to me, "But what about you! Miss reporter for the New York Times. I read all your articles."

I tried to 'shh' Rachel, but it was too late. The whole table was looking at me with a confused look on their faces.

"What?" Seb starred at me. I didn't know what to say.

"You're a reporter for the New York Times?" David asked.

"Beth... That's your dream job! How could you not tell us?" Chuck asked, clearly very happy for me.

"Well, I was a reporter for the New York Times... but, I quit." I responded.

"Why would you quit!?" Rachel blurted out. "and when? I read your article on the homeless not even a month ago!"

"Less than a week ago." I sighed, "They wouldn't let me have a week or two off to come here."

The whole table went quiet and looked away from me, except for Pierre. For the first time since I got here Pierre was looking at me without glaring and with no hate in his eyes, but I couldn't read his face. I turned to Seb who looked a little upset. I knew he'd be pissed I didn't tell him. Seb emailed me almost every month that I lived in New York and I replied twice, without talking about myself.

The rest of the night went smoothly. We all told stories and jokes, we laughed and Pierre even smiled a few times.

"Hey, David." I said as we got out of the car with Seb and headed towards the apartment building. I grabbed the sleeve of his jacket and walked slower so Seb couldn't hear us. "So- uhm, now that everyone knows I don't have a job, I was thinking... if things go well here and I get a decent job and save up some money... do you possibly, maybe think I could move in with you?" I asked nervously.

David smiled brightly. "You're gonna stay?"

"I'm thinking about it." I shrugged, "There's nothing left for me in New York now."

"Well yeah! Ofcourse you can move in with me!" He smiled and pulled me in to a hug.

"I wont be able to pay you until I get a job-"

"Don't worry about it! Take your time."

"What's the hold up?" Seb asked, turning and walking back towards us.

"Beth's staying!" David cheered. "She's staying in Montreal!"

"Really?" Seb smiled.

"I'm thinking about it. It's an option now that I don't have a job in New York. I just wanna see how things go here."

"Pierre, right?" Seb asked.

"Well yeah..."

"You can't leave just cause of Pierre." David announced.

"But, if I'll be living with you and hanging out with you guys, Pierre and I need to be civil towards eachother." I sighed, "I'm already the reason you and Pierre aren't talking." I said, reffering to Sebastien.

"we'll work it out." Seb assured, wrapping his arm around my waste. "We're all gonna have a talk with him, with Jay. He'll start to see there's no reason to be so unpleasent towards you."

"Yeah, and besides, " David added, "He loves you. He can't go on using all his energy just to look like he hates you."

"We'll all work this out, I promise." Seb smiled.

"Yeah, we'll see." I sighed.
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